15 Best Xbox 360 Headset In 2021 – Buying Guides & Reviews

The gaming industry has gone through the biggest technological revolutions you’ll ever witness around the past two decades.

And with a vast variety of gaming consoles being produced each year, Microsoft jumped into the competition, to step up the competition to another level by launching Xbox. 

However, for a game enthusiast, graphics has never been enough for him, and he’s always asked for something more that can make his gaming experience to advance to a professional level. 

That’s why, besides working on to provide great graphics within the XBOX, a great sound experience was necessary as well. 

The list of the viable headsets that were explicitly designed for Xbox users is given below, to help you choose your best Xbox 360 headset out, and enjoy a better sound quality while enjoying the thrill of your game.

Best Xbox 360 Headset Reviews:

1. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium Gaming Headset

Designed specifically for the console, this Xbox 360 headset comes wireless with a white texture and a reminiscent that usually pilots wear.  

By featuring the latest iteration and comprising of breathable materials, these headsets ensure to keep your ear moisture-free while gaming for prolonged hours. 

This headset is made up of quality material to ensure users of its long durability, and won’t break off even if it gets stretched.

This headset features 50 mm speakers that are powerful enough to produce crisps high thundering sound with ease. 


  • This headset offers a premium sound quality to the users. 
  • Comes at an affordable price. 
  • Provide users with good battery health. 


  • Their structure isn’t admired by people. 
  • Sometimes, the audio they produce can be muffed. 

2. Razer Nari Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

azer Nari Wireless 71 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Whether you want to compete in an online platform, or you’re looking to step up your gaming experience, these can be the Xbox 360 headset you’ve been looking for.  

These headset features cooling gel cushions to avoid these headset gets overheated. Moreover, this headset has its own bass control, Mic control, and volume control, so you can adjust the sound just the way you like. 

Coming with an ergonomic design, this Xbox 360 headset is ultra-durable and can prove to enhance your gaming experience. 


  • Features a retractable noise-canceling technology within the microphone. 
  • Being durable and light in weight, this headset provides ultimate portability.
  • Has cooling gel-infused cushions, that enable you to enjoy comfort during extensive gaming for a prolonged hour. 


  • Surround sound can be an issue sometimes. 
  • Its USB controller is considered to be useless. 

3. Turtle Beach Programmable Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Programmable Wireless Gaming Headset

This Xbox 360 headset is ultra compatible and offers users to use this on other consoles as well.

With offering a programmable chat function, this headset includes 18 interchangeable audio presets that can be adjusted by the user according to his need. 

These headsets are ultra-durable, that even if you stretch these headsets, they won’t break. 

The sound quality of this headset is exceptional and enables the user to experience crystal clear precise sound. 


  • It’s easy to program its presets according to your personnel preference. 
  • Our ultimately compatible with PS3, MAC, and PC too. 
  • Comes within a fixed price range. 
  • Consist of a rechargeable battery. 


  • Users feel a slight distortion when this headset is taken from silent to loud sound. 

4. Sades Stereo Gaming Headset

Sades Stereo Gaming Headset

If you’re hunting for a device that’s extremely portable and provides users with great pleasure, then this Xbox 360 headset can be your pick. 

Coming with an ergonomic design, this headset can be worn for a prolonged time. Featuring a flexible ear cup would keep the user safe from any type of pain in the head. 

Talking about this headset’s audio quality, this headset provides clear and strong bass sound with acoustic precision to provide users with a premium experience. 


  • Consist of a metal structure. 
  • With featuring an adjustable headband, you’ll witness how lightweight and ergonomically designed this headset is. 
  • With having great customer support, if you ever had any issue regarding the product, it will be solved within no time. 


  • Some customers have a problem that this headphone gets broken after a few months of use. 

5. Mpow Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset

Mpow Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset

Featuring a sleek and comfortable design, this Mpow EG3 can prove to a viable pick for Xbox 360 headset.  

Consisting of an Aluminium frame, this headset is lightweight and incredibly durable. 

Being built with an ergonomic design, this headset can be worn while extensive gaming sessions without worrying about headaches or any type of Pain. 

Consisting of breathable materials, this headset will keep your ears moisture-free, and hence can prove to be a viable pick for you. 


  • Besides being comfortable, they’re lighter in weight. 
  • Consist of a sturdy design. 
  • Consist of crystal clean mic sounds. 
  • With these headsets, you don’t have to worry about quality sounds. 


  • This headset doesn’t consist of an extra Mic pop filter.  

6. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 White Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

urtle Beach Stealth 600 White Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Featuring an ergonomic design, this Xbox 360 headset can be worn while extensive gaming sessions for prolonged hours.

Consisting of breathable inner ear cushions, this headset keeps your ear moisture-free. 

Moreover, they consist of adjustable headbands, that can be adjusted to the user needs.

By offering integrated volume control, you can listen to audio according to the noise level you want.  

If you’re looking for a headset that comes within your range, this can be the solution for you. 


  • They deliver the best sound quality you can ever have. 
  • Being light in weight, these headsets are comfortable to wear. 
  • These headsets are compatible with other console or PC too. 


  • They don’t come in any other color besides white. 
  • They consist of a plastic build. 

7. Winkona Wireless Optical USB Gaming Headset

Winkona Wireless Optical USB Gaming Headset

If you’re in search of a compatible Xbox 360 headset that can be used with other consoles too, then this can be your viable pick. 

Being constructed to provide users with convenience, this headset comes with soft cushioned ear cups so that these headsets can be worn for a prolonged time. 

Consisting of an ergonomic design, this headset will prevent users from any kind of headache, and lets user enjoy their prolonged gaming sessions with ease. 


  • As these headsets don’t consist of a wireless function, you can enjoy the sound even when you’re far away from the device. 
  • They feature a high volume battery, that can support extensive gaming for up to 13 hours.
  • From these headsets, you’ll be able to receive realistic sound 
  • Strong enough to provide you with the best-ever sound. 


  • Can prove to be difficult while supporting other consoles. 
  • Some user faces mic problems in this headset. 

8. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Being stylish, comfortable, and eye-catching, all in one place, this headset can be your viable pick for Xbox 360 headset.

Featuring an independent volume control option, you can adjust the noise of the sound according to your personnel preference. 

Consisting of an ergonomic design, these headsets can be productive while long gaming sessions, and consisting of breathable inner ear cushions.

These headset keeps your ears safe from moisture. 

Comprising of an ultimate bass sound, these headset offers users with realistic results. 


  • Comes fitted with the volume control option. 
  • Features bass boost to provide quality sound. 
  • They allow you to re-listen what you’re saying to other users. 
  • Are powered by a USB cable. 


  • Users feel that they clip when operating at louder noise. 
  • They don’t work if you use them with an HDMI cable. 
  • Featuring USB and A/V cords, that means that you have to prepare your self for a lot of wires lying around. 

9. RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox

RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox

If you’re considering stepping up your gaming experience with something that comes within your budget, then this Xbox 360 headset can do the work for you. 

These headsets are designed in a way that they can be easily adjusted to any size of the head, and is ergonomically constructed, this headset will prevent users from facing headaches. 

Consisting of a 50 mm driver, ensures the user to provide high-quality audio and sound.

This headset comes with a 12 months warranty, so if anything goes wrong, this headset can be returned at any moment.


  • Comes at an affordable price. 
  • Comes in a long braided cable. 


  • They can appear to be too large on small heads. 

10. NUBWO Gaming headsets

NUBWO Gaming headsets

For most gamers, the sound is everything they’ve dreamed of. And to full fill their dream and to provide them with an extensive gaming experience, this Xbox 360 headset is an essential solution. 

Coming with a long connection cable, this headset allows users extreme portability and ensures that users don’t remain stick to their gaming console only. 

If you’re looking for something that comes within your budget, then this headset can be a good pick for you. 


  • Their sound quality can sometimes have audible gaps. 


  • User’s experience certain types of faults in them after some time of use. 

11. Polk Audio Melee Headphone

Polk Audio Melee Headphone

Gaming on Xbox 360, isn’t fun when you don’t have a quality headset with you. This Pol Audio Xbox 360 headset can be of real help. 

This headset’s ear cups are lined with sufficient padding, to enable you to keep gaming for prolonged hours. 

A portion of this headband is made with quality material that enables the user to wear this headset for prolonged hours. 

Having an ergonomic design and extreme sound quality, this headset can be the thing you’ve always dreamt of! 


  • Produces fine quality output sound. 
  • Compatible with other consoles 


  • User’s experience certain types of faults in them after some time of use. 

12. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

Coming with an over-the-ear texture, this Xbox 360 headset can be the thing you were looking for. 

Consisting of a discreet microphone, this headset enables you to chat with friends while in-game, without catching the background noises. 

With its ergonomic design, users will remain safe from any type of headache. 


  • Produces fine quality sound. 
  • Compatible with other consoles 


  • Doesn’t carry a helpful noise reduction feature 

13. BENGOO V-4 Gaming Headset

BENGOO V-4 Gaming Headset

The Bengoo  V-4 headset features a metal frame that acts as a bulk of the headband.

Moreover the v-4 shiny LED lights make a perfect atmosphere while gaming and hence can be the viable pick for the Xbox 360 headset. 

Consisting of soft ear cups, this headset can be worn for a prolonged time. The sound quality of this headset is exceptional that you haven’t witnessed anything like this before. 


  • Consist of an impressive design 
  • Offers a decent sound quality 


  • Not a durable headset. 

14. NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

If compared to the other Xbox 360 headset, this product is way too good.

From its extremely well noise cutting quality, this headset ensures to provide users with ultimate in-game chatting with other users. 

Consisting of a high-quality sturdy design, this product is sure to stick around with you for a prolonged time.

With its exceptional bass sound, you’ll simply fall in love with this headset. 


  • Consist of good quality audio. 
  • Features lesser attachments


  • Not very comfortable to be used for prolonged hours.  

15. Insten Gaming Headset

Insten Gaming Headset

If you’re looking for something that is attractive and eye-catching, and besides provides users with extreme bass sound quality, then this device is for you. 

Consisting of a sturdy design, this headset is ergonomically perfect for users that often find trouble adjusting to the sizes of the headset.

This headset is light in weight and offers extreme portability options. 

Coming within a budget, this headset can prove to be your best viable pick. 


  • Attractive and Eye-catching design
  • Light in weight and supports portability. 


  • Doesn’t provide realistic sound

Best Xbox 360 Headset – Buyer’s Guide

Best Xbox 360 Headset1

It doesn’t matter that the headset that’s eye-catching and attractive in design will offer you the ultimate set of specifications and would be compatible with your Xbox. 

Hence, while hunting for the best Xbox 360 headset, it’s recommended to review the buyer guide being provided below to ensure that your pick provides.

You with the best gaming experience you have always dreamed of. 

Wire or Wireless

This set of detail is the first that comes into the mind of gamer’s while choosing their best Xbox 360 headset. 

As wire and wireless headset offer different functionality options, you should consider an Xbox 360 headset that suits your personnel preference. 

With a wireless headset, you won’t have stuck around your gaming table all day long, but with a wired connection, you don’t have to worry about weak signals ruining your gaming experience. 

Both of the connections have their own pros and cons, so it’s advised to opt for one that you loved the most. 

Design and Looks

As Xbox 360 headset comes in a wide range of styles and designs, each manufacturer is trying their level best to make their headset stand out of the crowd. 

It’s recommended going for a headset that fulfills your aesthetic taste and keeps up with the modern designs and trends that most professional gamers use. 

Ensure that the headset you’re choosing should consist of a sturdy design so that it sticks with you for a prolonged period. 


The material that’s used to manufacture the product is known to influence the performance of your Xbox 360 headset and the greater the quality of material your headset comprises, the greater the price it will come with. 

It’s recommended to go for a product manual beforehand to know what material you’re opting for in your headset so that you can witness a professional gaming experience. 


Comfort is the basic necessity you should look for while gaming for extensive hours. Without comfort, there will always a risk of headache or any type of pain in the neck.  

So it’s recommended to go for an Xbox 360 headset that it’s comfortable for the ears and the head, to avoid stress, pain, and sweat from hindering your gaming experience. 

If possible, you should try your headset for a while beforehand to ensure that the headset would be productive for your gaming experience. 


The weight isn’t considered to influence the performance of the headphone much, but it sure would have an effect on you.

The larger the weight of the headset, the more frustrating it can be.

If you want to witness a good gaming experience, without having even the slightest stress or pain, then it’s recommended to go for a headset that much lighter in weight. 

A lighter Xbox 360 headset makes it easier for you to take your headset along with you in the competitions and provide you with a fruitful gaming experience.


A driver is considered to be the most essential piece of the set while gaming.

The job of the driver is to convert the electrical signals received to produce a high-quality sound. 

The larger the driver your Xbox 360 headset has, the better the bass and sound quality it will produce.

So it’s recommended to research the driver of the headset you’re optioning for, to enjoy an ultimate gaming experience. 

Noise-Canceling Ability 

While talking to your friend in-game, you don’t want that your headset should capture the background noises and hinder your voice quality. 

So keeping this fact in your mind, you should go for a headset that has a built-in noise-canceling technology-enabled in it.

So that it avoids catching any background noise and provide you to enjoy in-game chats with your friends. 

Battery life 

If you’re opting for a headset that’s wireless then, then you may need to consider.

How much average time your Xbox 360 headset consumes to be charged fully and how much battery health it can support. 

The longer the life your headset would have, the longer the premium experience you can avail from it.

It’s better to exceed your budget and get yourself an Xbox 360 headset that flashes a great battery life and enables this headset to be used for prolonged hours. 

Cable length 

In case you’re optioning for a wired headset, you should consider how long does the cable of the wire be.

The Lenght of the cable determines the portability you’ll be witnessing while enjoying your game.

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to your gaming table. 

It’s recommended to go with a headset that provides you with a long and stretchable cable that you can be used freely and with ease.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Xbox One headsets work on 360?

Many of the items listed above are highly compatible and do support Xbox One quite nicely. 

But it’s recommended to ensure what type of headset works with your console best, before opting for a headset. 

A buyer’s guide is being provided above to help you in choosing your best pick out.  

What is the best headset for Xbox 360?

You can choose your best Xbox 360 headset, from the option provided above.

These headsets have been listed down carefully so that nothing can stop the gamers from witnessing an extreme and ultimate gaming experience. 

How do I connect my headphones to my Xbox 360?

By following the steps mentioned below, you can have your Xbox 360 headset connected to your console in no time! 

  1. Turn your Xbox 360 on, and press the power button provided on the headset. 
  2. Connect the headset to the Xbox 360 by pressing the connect button on the Xbox window. 
  3. Then press and hold the connect button on the headset for two seconds. 
  4. Enjoy your game!


Gaming has been benefiting thousands of people for a decade. Providing people with a chance to escape from their practical life, to get lost in the game, gaming has its own perks. 

With gaming, you’ll be able to interact with thousands of people or a regular basis. So besides making a lot of in-game friends. you’ll be able to spend quality time.

Hence the products listed above can prove to be viable options, that can not only enhance your audio quality but will provide you with an ultimate gaming experience for sure! 

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