What Are The Odds Of Winning At Solitaire?

Solitaire is a one-person game. It is an interesting and simplest card game that can keep the user engaged for a long time.

People love to play it when they have nothing to do. They also said that Solitaire is an addiction once you start to play it you can not stop yourself playing it.

This is because of the amazing twists and turns that game has. People can play Solitaire on PC and Laptop in old times.

But now it is available on mobile phones too. You can download the game app from mobilityware.com and enjoy.

The question here is do you know how to play Solitaire? and how you can win it? If you do not know the answer then this article is right for you.

Here we will discuss how you can play Solitaire and how many chances you have to win the game. So let’s begin the discussion.

How You Can Play Solitaire – Rules?

Solitaire has multiple variants therefore before starting the game you should read the guide.

The main goal of all the variants is the same as players have to make a sequence of cards to win the game.

But the rules are different. By reading the guide you will know about the game rules and easily play the game.

Here we will discuss the rules of Basic solitaire that people play these days. So let’s see. You can move red and black cards in the rows.

The player can pick the card from the discard pile when the cards end and make a new stockpile from this card

When you reveal the ace you can begin the suit pile. The reason is that each suit pile of cards begins with an Ace according to Solitaire.

After making a suit pile you can place the same colored cards in ascending order on the ace

You can win the game by completing all the suit piles. But if somehow you get stuck in the game or can not move further cards then you will lose the game.

Solitaire Deal:

In the game, you can make piles of 4 different kinds. These piles are

  • Tableau: To make the tableau pile you need to create the 7 piles. These 7 piles then make the main table
  • Foundation: On the foundation pile who sequence of the game is built up. You can make the 4 foundation piles in the game with the Aces as a base. These 4 foundation piles are hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades
  • Stock: All the extra cards of the game are placed in the stock. When the player ran out of the cards he can pick a card from the pile and continue to play
  • Talon: In the game, it is also known as the waste pile. Here all the extra cards are placed that have no place in the Tableau or Foundation pile

The tableau piles are made from left to right. To make the tableau pile place the first card face up and deal one card face down for the remaining 6 piles.

Now place the card face up in the second pile and place the card face down in remaining piles 3 to 7.

Repeat this process from left to right and complete the tableau piles.

What are the Odds of Winning Solitaire?


As compared to the other card games the odds of winning Solitaire are high. You can win almost 80% of the games in Solitaire.

But knowing game rules is an important factor. If you are an experienced player then this winning ratio is accurate for you.

If you just started playing the Solitair and do not know about the rules much then your ratio will be less than 80%. This is because a single wrong movement of the card can make you lose the game.

In this way, your winnability ratio decreases. So first master all the game rules and practice all the tips to make sure you have a high winnability ratio.

The best part is that if you learn the rules then the odds of winning solitaire increase from 80% to 92%. It means you can easily win the solitaire game by making the right moves.

How You Can Win the Solitaire Game?

It is easy to play and win solitaire if you follow the master techniques. This is because by using efficient tips you can avoid making wrong moves and making the game difficult.

To help you here we have mentioned some of the best tips to win solitaire that you should follow for a high winnability ratio.

So let’s review these tips.

1. Practice the Rules:

Learn the rules to play Solitaire and practice them as much as you can.

The more you practice the game the more your winnability ratio will increase.

2. First Move Aces and Duces:

Aces and Duces can create a problem for you if you do not move them first from the Tableau pile.

The worst problem they create is to not allow you to make the card sequences.

3. Follow the Right Order:

Foundations are made from Aces to Kings while Sequences are made from Kings to Aces. Do not mix this rule and keep the order right.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

The odds of winning solitaire are high if you know the game rules and follow the right tips.

With 82% to 92% winnability, you can win all the games by making the right moves. So if you want to win more games improve your strategy.

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