The Ultimate Bro Split: 12 Weeks to MASS

It can be challenging for you to do splits with so many possibilities and options available.

It is common that people get confused in terms of deciding which split is effective for them and which are not beneficial.

However, you don’t need to struggle now. In this guide, we are going to provide you with everything you need to know about the bro split.

We have made a complete guide for you which includes:

  • Bro Split
  • Are Bro Split Actually Beneficial For Muscles Building? 
  • When You Should Consider Doing Bro Split? Ideal Time
  • Workout Summary
  • Workout Description
  • The Ultimate Bro Split Workout Overview
  • Workout Schedules (Table)
  • Factors That Determine Training Frequency
  • Pros And Cons

Thus, all you need to do is to go through our guide carefully and take notes, so that you don’t miss some important information. 

Let’s First take a look at what bro split is and if it’s worth doing or not. 

Bro Split:

Bro Split

In general, bro split is all about hitting each muscle over the course of 4-6 workouts once per week. That you can find in the plan we have created for you below. 

As compared to the normal routine of the full-body, the upper and lower split muscles, or the legs/push/pull split, bro-splits include only 1 or 2 muscle groups per exercise and the average training duration for those muscles is only 1 or 2 days a week.

Is Bro Split Actually Beneficial For Muscles Building?

Muscles Building

As of recent circumstances, bro Splits have been criticized as a “waste of time and energy” by natural trainees in the bodybuilding community for striving to maximize their profits.

It is said that this style of training is only appropriate for ‘experienced’ bodybuilders and that a natural lifter can advance more rapidly and effectively with a plan that reaches a higher frequency at each individual level. 

Overall, this is probably true. It’s not the best strategy for the average natural trainee who needs to proceed as quickly as possible to reach each individual muscle group just once a week.

It is because a given muscle actually needs a full week of rest to fully heal from the previous exercise, ensuring that appropriate diet and recovery protocols are in place. 

In most cases, probably 3-4 days is suitable for complete recovery and growth, at which stage muscle can be retrained.

By using the bro-split workout once a week, you basically leave your recovered muscles for several days out of each week where they can be trained again and stimulated by a new growth period but instead remain at rest.

For example, when you have worked your chest with a simple upper / lower split twice a week, you will get 104 individual “development times” for that muscle over 1 year, rather than the 52 growth time you would only get once a week by training it. 

We specifically do not mean that this will literally double the growth, but the greater frequency of training for most lifters would certainly be a more effective way of training.

For this reason, we generally recommend the average beginner/novice lifter to get an upper / lower portion of the body performed 3-4 days a week. 

Reading all this, thought of opposing bro split can come to your mind.

However, we would advise you to get through the article so you get a better idea about this. Let’s move to the section that will probably clear the cloud of confusion in your mind.

When You Should Consider Doing Bro Split? Ideal Time:

bro split

As mentioned above, it is common among many builders that they do not think traditional “bro split”  an ideal approach for those who want to build muscle as fast as possible because it trains each individual muscle from a weekly point of view. 

But all these things do not really mean that bro split is not an effective approach or it does not benefit. So, when everything comes down to this.

Any bodybuilding program or approach that lets you train the muscle with enough intensity and amount, and let progressive resistance increase over time, leads to a constant increase in both size and strength. 

The traditional bro split makes a major and constant benefit from week to week and several lifters (including some of our team members) have experienced it through this exact strategy.

A regular beginner or intermediate who uses the bro split will probably not build up muscle at the same pace as they would in a higher-frequency routine. However, they can still expect amazing results.

A 4-6 week bro split training is actually a more friendly and inspiring way for many lifters to exercise, and one that gives them an enthusiastic feeling of training. 

There’s actually something exciting about getting into a gym and get your 1 or 2 muscles “pump up’ with a broader range of exercises and overall sets, or if you want to pump it up in full,  we see nothing wrong with it, even if it is for occasional training times. 

We must highlight that while in the initial stages of the training plan there are equal differences in general improvement from lifter with bro split to the lifter with higher frequency routine, they appear to be balanced over time. 

The explanation is that there are significant decreasing returns in muscle development, the longer you have exercised, and since a natural trainee can only pack up a limited amount of muscle.

You’ll have different numbers tossed around you, but an acceptable general rule is, for each year that you’ve been exercising you should expect the rate of muscle growth to drop by around 50 percent.

When you get closer to your genetic potential, the gains will naturally drop to the point that a pound or two of the real lean tissue is proven to be completely acceptable over the course of a year. 

Although something like a leg/push/pull or upper/lower routine would almost certainly produce faster gains, the differences between this and a traditional split would be very small after 5 + years of hard training and proper nutrition since the two approaches still let you gain in the long term

Workout Summary:

Let’s structure this whole training process.

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Workout Description:

There was a time when bodybuilding bro splits were one of the most famous types of workout splits. There was no one who was not doing bro splits.

Ohh, the days of hustle, where everyone’s routine in the gym was: chest day, leg days, and back days.

You can imagine!!

Apart from these, some even used to have arm days. For years, you would run to newsstands to shop the newest muscle magic only to see the new bro split that month.

And while we know at this stage that they aren’t necessarily suitable for everyone, they’re always fun to do every now and then. 

But there’s something going to the gym that creates a strong connection between your mind and muscle and any part of your body which you train that day and pretty much destroys it.

So be relaxed as this guide will take you back to gold days. You must try it if you are looking for something interesting to do. This is a 12-month plant and worth trying.

The Ultimate Bro Split Workout Overview:

Bro Split Workout Overview

 As you already have got an overview of what this workout is from the above summary and is exactly what it sounds like. It’s exactly what this workout looks like.

The workout schedule is five days a week and each day is a group of its own muscles. It takes between 40-70 minutes to complete each workout.

You could also finish faster, depending on your rest times. 

We will make a special recommendation while thinking about rest periods: don’t plan things. Just rest and then switch to your next set.

And rest only when necessary When it comes to performance, try to raise the weight because you know it is not always linear.

You will see some good results as long as you go up over the course of the plan.

Before we provide you with a weekly schedule, note that this bro split is not recommended for everyone.

Moreover, most statistics show that they are not even ideal.  Execute this plan to focus on your nostalgia and return to something that you think is more beneficial for you. 

Workout Schedules: (Table)

Here’s a weekly schedule that our team has prepared for you and we are hopeful you will get optimal results if you properly follow this plan.

So, here’s your plan:

Monday: (Chest Day)

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Tuesday: (Leg Day)

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Wednesday: (Shoulder Day)

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Thursday: (Back Day)

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Friday: (Arm Day)

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Factors That Determine Training Frequency:

The muscle pain and the potential of the muscle to heal are not the only factors involved in determining how often a muscle group should be exercised.

The stress on your joints, CNS (central nervous system), relative tissue (ligaments and tendons),  etc. must also be considered. 

You should not rush to this approach with a heavyweight if you have never exercised a group of muscle more than once a week and want to pursue a more regular approach.

It takes several weeks for your body to adapt to the requirements of this new style of training.

Remember that the heavier you lift, the less likely the higher-frequency training will benefit you.

Heavyweight burdens to much higher degree joints, relative tissues, and CNS.

This isn’t that a higher training level won’t work, but more so that the body will take a long time to adjust to this form of training. 

Furthermore, many developed lifters, who use a more frequent training approach, often use the intensity of the workout.

Many parts of training may concentrate on low reps on heavyweight and others on moderate or relatively lightweight for 10-15 

Pros And Cons of Bro Split:


  • In bro split, your muscle would take around 4 to 6 days to recover, if you already got strong and huge.
  • For this reason, you can easily train each individual muscle group every week and it is an ideal approach. Moreover, you get 5 complete days to train.


  • In bro split, your muscle would take around 1 to 3 days to recover, if you are not that huge or strong.
  • For this reason, it might not be possible to train each individual muscle group every week. And this can hinder your progress and consistency.


So, this was our ultimate bro split guide in which we provided you with a complete 12 weeks plan.

We can assure you that if you follow this plan properly, you can see some great results. 

While taking our plan, you need to keep one thing in mind that you should not take a break day. Follow the plan consistently for 12 weeks.

Having said that, we come to an end. We are hopeful this was helpful for you. Thank you for taking out time and reading our guide. 

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