Technical Cutting Tips For Every Haircut

We know that haircutting is a skill. It takes time to learn, Experience matters a lot.

Haircutting skills required focus and teacher, Education of cutting hair is important and mandatory, many barbers learn this skill just by viewing videos, in this field the internet helps a lot.

We all cut haircuts for different reasons. Haircutting is a tough job, sometimes the client doesn’t like the way you cut their hair. 

Client satisfaction is very important. Sometimes clients fail to explain what they want, and in case you have a hairstyle in your head you should need to be upfront and detailed about your expectations so that the customer can make up their mind and approve your idea. 

Also, a good hairstyle and a cut depends on your tools too, use branded clean and simple tools. 

It also looks professional, and clients like that you have good clean tools. Good communication between client and barber is necessary, Do open conversation about the haircut with the barber. 

Showing your barber a picture is not that good because in the picture he measures the faded hairs, also everyone has a different face cut, so it might look good on the picture but not on you in person so this thing can happen.

If you are one of those people who never get satisfaction from barber’s cutting then you can learn how to cut your own hair by reading articles, blogs and by taking classes and can do hair cutting by your own.



Every hairdresser has a method to cut your hair. They start cutting hair from top to bottom. 

Let’s talk about some basic Methods that every good hairdresser follows. 

Observing and viewing the hair type is mandatory, Some people have thin hairs and some have thick hairs, the Basic rule is you can’t use hot tools on thin hair they damage the scalp and shaft. 

So firstly they build a strong foundation, and they already capture the image of how your hair looks after cutting. They start with the side first. 

And end on the bottom. Different hair cuts required different methods. So let’s talk in detail.


Many people love this style especially from 16 to 24 years of age, Fade hairstyle requires determination and focus. If you make a mistake, there is no way to hide it.

So the focus is the key. In fades what you have to do is to decide how many hairs you need to leave for the volume, once you made your decision stay on it.

The ideal and exemplary fade is made up of 0.5 inches on the sides and 4 inches on the top of the head. The shaft gradually increases from the bottom to the top.


The split end always needs to be cut on time, if not you might see your hair start curling, and change color in some cases.

Eliminating the split ends also required a skill, That how much hair you need to cut from ends.

Are they equal from everywhere? Make sure that the split ends from ear sides are much less than other sides.

The correct way of holding the scissor is from the up way motion, not the side motion.

It depends on the barber whether he is left-handed or right-handed. Both are acceptable if they know the actual posture of holding scissors.


Many barbers forget about the process of after haircut, or they completely ignored this, but this After haircut process is mandatory.

A good professional barber always massages your head with essential oils. Such as coconut oil, Fish oil, avocado oil, etc.

The message your head in anti-clockwise motion lets you feel light, it feels so good to the client.

In some salons, they use handheld massagers to give comfort to the client. And clients love this, they do not stop here.

After a good massage, they wash your hair with shampoo. This makes your head clean so you can also view your final result now, if something is missing you can tell them. Revisions are accepted by all professional barbers.


We are concluding here, by recommending that you don’t change your barber so many times, pick a good barber and stick with him. A good barber has all these characteristics.

He always gives good comfort, suggests things, does good open conversations about haircuts, and never disowns you.

When picking the correct barber make sure you see tools first, expensive is not good at all.

The thing you need to notice is the cleanness of the tools and the cleanness of the surroundings.

Professional barbers always carry first aid, Because they are humans and of course, they will make mistakes.

So ask them to give first if required.

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