Seated Hammer Curl: Exercise Guide & Tips in 2021

Doing an exercise that can affect your way of life is either good or bad.

Goodin the sense that if you are doing it in a proper way then you might gain a healthier and more active lifestyle.

But if you do it wrong then it might run the fitness you already have. 

There are various exercises that can help you with that and one of them is Hammer Curl.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best tips and guidelines that you can follow to perform the perfect hammer curl.

Now: there are different variations of this workout routine and when you come to know it then it might be useful for you.

First, let me tell you what exactly is hammer curl, and then we will proceed to the variations of hammer curl and then some tips and guidelines to do seated hammer curls.

But you must know that Seated hammer Curls are one of the variations to do a Hammer Curl workout. 

So, without further ado let’s get started with the routine tips and all the information that you might need to do the perfect hammer curl and get your lifestyle more sorted and active. 

Hammer Curl: What it is And Variations of it:

Hammer Curl Variations

What is Hammer Curl:

In simple and understandable words hammer Curl is basically is an exercise that is used to pump up your biceps.

If you are looking for an easy alternative to enhance your biceps muscles then this can be the perfect workout routine that you can follow to make sure that your biceps have perfect curves.

The best thing about this workout is that this can be performed either by beginners who just have started doing the workout and this also is done by some experienced weight lifters.

This is what makes this workout routine the best and easy way to pump up your biceps. 

But the thing this routine is that it allows you to do other exercises with it and that can be advantageous for some beginner level lifters but for those who are experienced might feel fatigued as they know their workout and they know that should they do for the day. 

This is why it is recommended for the binners to perform all-rounder workout routines so that their body won’t look and feel out of shape. 

Hammer Curl Variations:

Hammer Curl What it is And Variations of it

Here are some variations of Hammer Curl I will not explain all of them but the initial ones that will help you get going with this workout routine. 

In this guide we have:

  • Seated Hammer Curl
  • Alternating Hammer Curl
  • Synchronized Hammer Curl
  • Crossbody Hammer Curl
  • Preacher Hammer Curl
  • Incline Hammer Curl

How to do Hammer Curls:

To do the perfect Hammer Curl or the perfect Seated hammer Curl you should follow the steps that I have mentioned below. 

  1. You should first get in the position and the correct position is to stand upright. And then take two dumbbells to adjust them at the side of your arm and keep your arm straight. Be sure that your palms are facing your torso. 
  2. Then starting with the exercise you should raise one dumbbell at a time and keep it stretching until your arm is vertical and your thumb is aligned and faced towards your shoulder. Then hold that position for a moment and then make sure that you squeeze your bicep as much as you can.
  3. Repeat the same process with the other arm and make sure that you slowly return to the initial position from where you began.


  • This is the basic concept of doing Hammer Curls either you are doing Seated Hammer curls or alternative or simple Hammer Curls. You can do hammer curls either Seated hammer Curls or normal Hammer Curls with both arms working side by side. 
  • Make sure that your upper arm movement is restricted. What I mean is that you should keep the upper arm section still and stationary.

Seated Hammer Curl Instructions:

Seated Hammer Curl Instructions

Here are some Seated Hammer Curls instructions that you can follow.

I know it is a bit different than I explained above that’s why I’m explaining it in another heading. So let’s get started. 

  1. To prepare for the Seated Hammer Curls grab a flat-lined bench or a table either one should do the job. Then place the dumbbell at one side of the bench or table. If you are using an adjustable bench then adjust that bench to a 90-degrees angle just to make sure that your back is straight.
  2. Then sit at the far end of the bench and make sure that your feet are out in the open and your knees are stuck up together. 
  3. Choose a neutral grip. In this, you will pick the dumbbells and hold them for a moment with the palms facing your body.
  4. Then you have to bend the arm to build up the tension in the bicep section of the arm. Now you are coming to the starting position of the Steated Hammer Curl. 
  5. The main thing is that you should keep your back straight at all cost and your elbows should be tucked into the side pressing your torso. Coming towards the exercise itself now you have to curl the dumbbells slowly upward and stretch it as much as you can.
  6. Now it is time for you to return to the original position. Give tension on your bicep by squeezing it as much hard as you can and slowly bring the dumbbells down. 
  7. Now: you are ready you can repeat this process for the desired set of rep you want.

Seated ​Hammer Curl Tips:

  1. Keep your elbows tucked in at your sides.
  2. Keep the tension on the biceps throughout the movement.
  3. You should know that you have to keep the rep timing slow as much as you can to give rest to your arms and you should be able to control yourself when you are putting it down and returning to your initial position.
  4. And the final tip is that if you are using a flat bench then be sure not to swing with the dumbbells in your hand and when you are pressing them up. Focus on only allowing your forearms to move.

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