Does QuickBooks Pro 2017 Include Payroll?

There is no hidden that Intuit simply extracts a version of QuickBooks every year.

Therefore, all the business owners, and individuals who are accessing QuickBooks in their daily life and using it for their financial handlings, must keep an update.

QuickBooks provides a versatile list of features, each very useful for businesses to handle every day as well as advanced tasks. 

But with that, it also depends upon the version of QuickBooks one is using, as there are chances you can be outdated and cannot enjoy some latest and updated features present in the newer version.

If you are a QuickBooks 2017 pro user, you must be wondering whether the payroll feature is present in this version or no? Or if you are planning to opt for this version.

You wish to know if you can make use of payroll features or the new version should be considered?

Here is everything you should know.

QuickBooks Pro 2017 and Payroll:

QuickBooks Pro 2017 and Payroll

People wonder if they are using QuickBooks Pro 2017 will they be able to get their hands-on payroll management?

Yes! The older version does support enhanced payroll and you will be happy to use this feature for managing the payments of your employees with this software.

However, you will be requiring to upgrade to a newer QuickBooks version. Because you use an Intuit payroll service, you will be required to upgrade to a new version. 

The reason is, Intuit only allows the services to be used on a version that is up to 3 years old.

This means you will be needing a 2021 version to still continue using the payroll management going forward.

QuickBooks have discontinued the QuickBooks 2017 Pro version after May 31, 2020.

The users won’t be able to use any of the add-on services of the version and post this deadline you are no longer able to use support or add-on services.

After this, access to payroll services, live support, online banking, backup as well as other services has been discontinued.

Since June 1, users are no longer able to get security updates as well. It is better to update the version in order to make great use of the payroll feature of QB software.

The Features in QuickBooks Services: Pro 2017

  1. Reporting: Users can automate the emails to their accountants and choose from a wide range of options like reports, recipients, time of the email delivery, etc. It is one very good and time-saving feature to make use of. 
  2. Smart search: The ease and speed of searching with this feature become quite possible.
  3. Vendor and Customer Filter: The version flaunts with better filters for users on customers and the vendor center list display.
  4. Credit Card status: One can receive higher reconciliation of the credit card statement in their QuickBooks software. This edition provides a clean view frame for your credit card-related charges. 
  5. Feature tour: The software also takes you through the range of all-new adjustments that are present within the software. 
  6. Multi-user experience: you can view an updated list of users who have logged in
  7. You also get the timely log out a notification, the timer can be adjusted by the admin
  8. You get notified every time a user has missed logging out

How to Upgrade from Older to a New Version of QuickBooks Software? 

How to Upgrade from Older to a New Version of QuickBooks Software

Being a QuickBooks user, if you wish to take the benefits of all the features and functions, it is your responsibility to update your QuickBooks timely.

The latest version of QuickBooks releases and it is time to make the most out of it. 

QuickBooks desktop 2020 is the best version so far and is the most updated one as well.

As Intuit introduces the new version every year, it delivers the utmost software experience with great features that are needed.

Thus, the use of QuickBooks gets more efficient, effective, and promising.

The Benefits of Using Payroll in QuickBooks:

  • With the QuickBooks payroll solution, users can generate multiple paychecks as needed for the employees and all it is needed is some hours to enter the information. 
  • QuickBooks payroll T-sheet is another unique feature that provides an employee tracking solution making the payroll simpler, accurate, and easily tracking the system too. 
  • From payroll management, one can make use of employee scheduling, PTO management, GPS tracking along clock-in reminders too all of it is included with it. 
  • One can also enjoy the easy and possible way of handling payroll taxes, dedication, which are done automatically and accurately! 
  • No need for manual filings of state or federal taxes when you have a payroll management solution in your QuickBooks software.

From bookkeeping, accounting to payroll management, and more, you can handle almost anything, create reports, pay taxes and enjoy a complete financial activity with ease.

But it is very important to keep your version upgrading as it will keep your business up to date. 

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