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To make studio-quality and high-end videos, you can try this Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition.

This program is not involved with any kind of complex or technical programming stuff.

You can even edit these videos all on PowerPoint.

Pixivid Templates 2.0 Review:

Pixivid Templates

Here we have shared the review for you on Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition. So, let us have a look at the required information. The best part is that this edition comes with new and latest 100+ Stylized templates.

Furthermore, you will get a chance to use High Converting as well as Easy to Customize Templates. Individuals are loving these Unique looking Templates.

So, impress your clients and earn more and more buying this upgraded Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition.

All About Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition:

Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition Upgrade OTO

Most importantly, this Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition is encompassed by a Commercial Licensed content.

You can use its video animation services. It helps you make catchy looking videos for your clients and customers. Moreover, using this platform is an easy way to earn money.

The kind of video that this edition makes, it fully allows you to charge $100 to $500 per video.

Whatever money you will earn from that video selling, all money will be given to you.

Even more, upon using this subjected Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition, users will get extra and additional mega bonuses.

Why try out Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition?

Pixivid Review

Many reasons simply push you to try out this Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition. Below you can check out the details:
Let you make interesting and catchy videos.

First of all, the utilization of Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition allows you to make impressive videos.

If you think that other kinds of software make unimpressive videos, then you try this reviewed platform. We hope that you will see a difference in the video creating process.

And your videos are going to turn much better.

In addition, dull and boring videos do not impress clients. That is why they pay you less.

But with the usage of this tool, you can charge a higher and fair price for your work. So, create high-quality videos and make them as your asset.

Loaded with Top-Notch Video Templates

This is the next best quality of the Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition. This edition is loaded with lots of video making templates.

All of them look impressive, unique, and interesting. Besides, these video template assets make your videos look extra-ordinary and exceptional.

Video Templates

You can now have this upgraded version of this software and have an early bird discount as well.

Allow you to earn more money by simply creating and making videos.

This is a useful platform to earn money. Simply create and make videos with this handy Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition and earn money.

This tool will also polish your video making skills. It is injected with a developer’s license.

It means you can use this specific edition for your client assignments and projects. Gives you extra bonuses upon buying this edition.

If you are planning to buy this package, then that is great.

It will give you lots of surprises.

Most noteworthy, in this package and golden edition, you will get lots of video templates, additional amazing bonuses as well as Commercial Rights License.

How amazing it is!

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Perfect Looking Ready-To-Go Templates


The last reason that may push and force you to try this edition is the induction of Ready-To-Go Templates. All look wow and superb.

Moreover, these are must-have Ready-To-Go Templates that are needed to be present in your Toolbox.

Those who are professional video makers, they should update their video templates collection regularly.

And buying this edition will complete half of their job.

Modules Of Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition

Below we have listed down and mentioned complete details of Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition. Have a look at this information and let us know which of the module you want to use right now.

No doubt, this version of Pixivid 2.0 is loaded with so many productive features. We know that you might be eager to try all of these modules.

Module #1:

Module 1

This module is packed with Animation Video Templates. If you want to create videos that have animations in them, then you can use these exclusive templates.

Catchy videos engage your audience from start till end.

So, make an effort to make as many interesting and interacting videos as you can.

Add Interactive Animations and leave a strong and lasting impression on your audience, You can have these Animation Video Templates linked to sectors like corporate, product promo and simple slideshow, real estate line.

Module #2:

Module 2

This specific module is linked to Presentation Video Templates. So, to all presentation makers out there, check out and explore these templates, Hopefully, they will be of great use for you.

In this module 2 of Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition, you are allowed to make modern-looking presentation videos.

Furthermore, you will learn how to make Forward-Thinking kind of Presentations that boost and Skyrocket your creativity and credibility.

Module #:3

Module 3

Moving to module 3, it is about StorieVideo Templates. Using these kinds of templates have become one of the trendy Marketing Techniques.

With the help of them, you can make your Instagram Stories more eye-catchy.

If you notice that your Instagram following is not enough as your stories do not look appealing and powerful, then get assistance from StorieVideo Templates and make your Insta stories super duper amazing.

Module #4:

Module 4

This module is attached to the features of creating Instagram Banner.

Now, it has become a piece of cake to make spectacular looking Instagram Posts, all thanks to this module.

Using it will let you design marvelous Instagram Posts in less time. And this Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition module generate such kind of Insta posts that it will instantly collect Thousands of Likes and lots of Comments and Sales.+

Module #5:

Module 5

Flyer Banner is module 5. Till now, you have seen that this edition has massive surprises for you.

And this feature of creating a flying banner is another spectacular property possessed by this software. By using it, you can create professional and high-end banners for your clients.

In addition, modern designs and trendy templates are present in this module.

If you successfully make Eye-Catching Flyers by using this edition, then share with us your experience too. We ensure you that you will like all the designs.

And these templates are suitable and synchronize well with your Promotional Materials.

Module #6:

Module 6

This module 6 is about Facebook Cover Banners. If you work for your Facebook clients and they are not happy with the technique the way you make Facebook cover banners for them, then try out this edition.

With the usage of this Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition, you can see miracles in the making process of your Facebook Cover Banners.

It is reviewed by the customers of this edition that they made attractive Facebook Covers and banners.

The right way to advertise a product is to make its promotional material interesting.

So, if your flyers and banners do not appeal to the audience, then how that product will appeal to them!

Hence, create eye-opening Facebook Cover Banners with this module of Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition.

Module #7:

Module 7

The last module is about creating Vertical Banners. To create and prepare professional-looking banners, it has become easy and simple now.

You can give a stylish look to your banners with the usage of this edition module 7. These banners can be used to promote your new business line or for an upcoming event.

You can utilize these banners for advertising. It is expected that this module will make outstanding banners for you.

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Price of Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition

Price of Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition

You can have this golden edition 27 dollars. This is the early bird discount that is given to you.

After a few of the days, the price of this package and subjected edition will get double.

So, buy it at this price as it is budget-friendly for all of you. Before you see the Next Price Jump or hike, it is recommended to have this Pixivid 2.0 latest, and the revised Golden Edition is $27.

It is in such a little price that you can do wonders while making flyers, videos, and banners.


Now, making videos, presentations, flyers, and banners are no longer tough and time-consuming.

Try this Pixivid 2.0 Golden Edition and fulfill all your desires. It means creating spectacular videos and presentations and designing catchy flyers and banners is possible.

We have mentioned and explained to you all the possible information about this program. So, when you will try it, do let us know.

And if other such kinds of editions have been used by you, then share your experiences with us.
We know that more of the surprises are on their way from Pixivid 2.0 side. Buy their Golden edition and enter the real world of video making.

Give a new and unique dimension to your flyers and banners and make awe-inspiring presentations. Grab more and more clients and make them happy and retained for a long time.

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