Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (P.H.U.L.) Workout (Guide)

In this article, we will guide you on what really power hypertrophy means.

Well of course if you are going to start power hypertrophy you must have complete knowledge about it.

So that you can perform it well and it will not damage yourself while performing the exercise.

It is, in fact, an exercise for increasing muscles and the same as power hypertrophy which is also an exercise especially for your back.

On social media and other platforms, there are a lot of misconceptions on this topic that have no connection with reality.

So on this forum, we will discuss some facts and knowledge about this exercise. Power hypertrophy is the original concept for bodybuilding.

When you start taking more calories in your body and they are not burning as much as they are getting increased in your body.

Then you have to maintain this problem by your calories with the help of proper weight training which starts sparing your energy as it is required by your body by building your muscles.

The calories start increasing very fast in your body when you start consuming fast food and other items.

Which are full of calories like pizza, doughnut, and hot dogs on a daily routine, it gains your muscles but along with a big number of fats. 

Fat starts storing all over your body in every free space which makes your body too chubby and starts increasing your weight.

Some people ask why they should do bulking or any other exercise for losing their fat.

Why don’t they try dieting and lose their weight as well as fat all around the body?

But while they are dieting they will lose all the effect including the fat maintaining the muscles that’s why most people recommend exercise for losing weight.

Because with the help of exercise you can easily transfer your fat to your muscles and give your body an awesome shape.

Once you have good knowledge about how to maintain your calories and reduce your fat along with reshaping your body and transforming it well.

Most of the people do power hypertrophy as an exercise and for reshaping their body with an increase in muscles.

But power hypertrophy is better because it has exercises along with the best food choice for the perfect combination for human body exercise along with the best diet plan which helps in transforming your body more efficiently. 

There are many health consultants and experts especially from the Jim side who help you in growing your muscles and minimizing your fat.

How to Maintain Your Calories:

How to maintain your calories

Now if you have decided to do power hypertrophy then you must have to know how to maintain your calories in the body without gaining fat.

It is a very simple process but most people do it wrong because they do not focus on the right steps and the most important thing is that they are impatient. 

If you will remain impatient and will not give proper time to your exercise like if you are giving 3 days 4 days or even 7 days that is not enough and you will also not find your result for the perfect result.

You must do exercise for three weeks at least then you will see the result of power hypertrophy on a lower scale.

If you want perfect results then you must have to count your calories means when you will take breakfast you will come.

That how many calories you have taken inside you then when you do lunch you again count your calories and the same protein in the dinner.

Then when you start doing exercise you will count how much calories you burn today with the help of power hypertrophy and other exercises. 

You must weigh yourself before you start exercising because when you keep doing exercises then you will compare yourself with previous weight before exercise with the current weight of your body.

Then every week you will find that the calories are taken inside versus the number of calories burned with the help of power hypertrophy then one day you will find that both are the same.

Then you will start reducing calories and fat. The transformation of the body will get fast.

Keep in your mind that if calories in your body are more than you burn that means you are getting fat and if you are burning more calories than you are taking it inside that means you are losing more fat than needed.

Then you have to add 100 calories per day. A male human body contains 2500 calories on an average and a woman’s body contains 2000 calories.

Calculation of Calories and Macros for Perfect Power Hypertrophy:

Calculation of Calories and Macros for Perfect Power Hypertrophy

If it has been discussed above that if you want to do power hypertrophy then you must take very few diets.

Because the remaining calories of your body will help in building muscle with the help of weight training and all the weight which you will gain will be directly allocated to your muscle.

Now we will discuss how to target your calories and what is the ratio which you will take in the macro nutrition initial stage.

Many people have different numbers that they add in calorie maintenance like we have discussed that if you are burning more calories.

Then you are taking in then you must have to take calories as per day. Some people take 50 and some take 500 calories per day.

The difference in number is because of the response of calories in different human bodies as surplus.

If you are new then you must have to do an experiment with yourself and will take a hundred calories per day to check the maintenance in your body and if your body is maintaining it well up to 2500 calories then you will be going to take 3600 calories per month.

We know that you are thinking that this all things are very easy to do but the real thing is how long you can maintain it because most of the people to exercise for two to three months.

They think that their body will remain like this for so long but that does not work so you must do power hypertrophy for a long time and maintain your diet along with it. 

This all exercises are personal investment is much you will invest as much the return you will get if you will do two to three months.

Then definitely the result will not remain more than 1 year but if you keep doing it for years then the result will also be seen for decades.

In this article, we will tell you how to take your calories over time.

High-Quality Training for Power Hypertrophy:

High-quality training for power hypertrophy

Many people say that if you want to lose fat and body in good shape then you have to control 80% of the diet and do 20% training.

However, this is not completely true and if you want to gain your muscles then your training program has to be very good.

We will tell you the perfect exercise for maintaining yourself with the help of power hypertrophy and other exercises and making your body more beautiful than before.

At Least your training program must include:

  • Bench press
  • Barbell squat
  • Deadlift

The bench press is a muscular male doing exercise that is especially for bicycles and for the extension of legs and as much rap you will do in the exercise you will find a real change in your biceps and legs.

You will have to do all other exercises with a periodic routine so that you can see the change after a few weeks and months so that your body will transform very quickly with the help of lean bulking exercises.

For getting good results you must do exercise on a daily basis and while you are training you have to do 8 to 15 reps of each exercise so that you can get a good result.

Build Up Your Intake Over Time:

Build Up Your Intake Over Time

Now you know about maintaining your calories and macro nutrition targets you are almost ready to start.

The amount of calories that you are taking in the start is good in the beginning but when your muscles start gaining then you should have to increase your calories in takeover time.

When your body starts expanding and your muscles are getting built up then you have to increase the number of calories because your body is burning calories faster than before.

Now: you are doing more exercise and lean bulking which is burning your calories fast and you have to take more calories for gaining more fat for building muscles in continuity.

The muscle tissues burn more calories than fat tissues.

That’s why you have to take more calories than before so that your muscle tissues can get calories to burn then for the increase of your muscle to be bigger and stronger than before. 

Another reason for increasing your calorie intake is because you are doing more exercise than before.

After all, now your body is used to exercising and power hypertrophy more and more day by day.

When exercise has been increased that means the diet will also increase so that both the things can be balanced exercise as well as diet. 

When you are increasing your tiredness because of fast-burning calories in your body the next question which comes in the mind of people is if we are increasing exercise as well as diet then will we increase macro nutrition quantity.

It depends because if you are taking a high number of nutrition then you do not need to increase the dose of macro nutrition.

Hope it will help you in maintaining your diet plan as well as will also guide you on how to perform exercise along with diet.

The Time Period to Power Hypertrophy For?

Time Period to Power Hypertrophy

When you are doing this exercise properly that means you are gaining weight slower then you are cutting weight special with the help of power hypertrophy.

For example, if you are cutting 8 lbs and gaining only 2 lbs monthly that means you are gaining and cutting are not equally split.

This time is great which means now you can eat more than exercise because your weight gaining is lower than your weight cutting that means your body needs more calories to normalize things again.

There are two ways for the people were doing lean bulking you must decide your ending date in the beginning when you are starting doing exercise that after 4 months.

You will not do exercise anymore and the second way is that you may decide in the end session of your exercise.

For example, if you have realized that you are getting more than you are gaining and you can stop doing power hypertrophy anymore. 

But there is one more way which is quite different and good for maintaining your body for the long last thing season.

In this mode, you can start eating to maintain your body’s calories. And another hand you keep doing this exercise but on easy mode with less number of reps.

The low weight exercises may help you in maintaining your diet and body both in a good position.

You can also divide your exercises on alternate days for keeping your body maintained along with the diet that will increase your calories.

We will recommend it to you this way because if you will leave exercises then you may start gaining calories faster than before.

But if you keep on doing exercises on lower mode then you will enjoy the best result of power hypertrophy for a long-lasting period.


This article is very useful for those who want to lose weight but not only with the help of dieting but they also want to reshape and transform their body to look more beautiful and handsome than before.

You have read in this article that if you want both the benefits of losing fat and building muscles you have a very good option like lean bulking and power hypertrophy.

Which will transform your body very well and build your muscles especially from the back and give a wonderful look to your body?

I hope this article will help you in getting knowledge about power hypertrophy.

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