14 Best Onikuma Headset In 2021 – Buying Guides & Reviews

Hearing is an important aspect when it comes to gaming. If you have a good hearing, you can gain an edge over the competition or be at a loss if you don’t have a good hearing. 

Having good hearing allows the gamers to detect the footsteps of their enemies and anticipate the next move the competition is going to make. 

If you are a PC enthusiast and love to play PC games professionally, then you probably understand the need of having good hearing.

To give you a huge advantage over the opponents, we have  forward these options for you to consider when looking to buy a good gaming headset.

Best Onikuma Headset Reviews:

1. ONIKUMA Pro Stereo Gaming Headset

ONIKUMA Pro Stereo Gaming Headset

By providing the ability to have a real gaming experience, This headset by ONIKUMA provides a clear and realistic 3D sound with a virtual 7.1 background sound.

Being easily compatible with devices like Xbox, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and IOS devices, these headsets can support a couple of consoles. 

Coming with an adjustable design, this onikuma-headset offers you to operate it on your fingertips. This is a highly flexible headset and is strong enough to pick sound from 360 degrees. 

Moreover, this onikuma-headset is textured in such a way that it’s very light in weight and proves to be perfect during extensive gaming periods.

Due to their breathable material, these headsets let the air pass through them and avoid your ears from sweating.

It’s soft ear pads can isolate any kind of rough noise and provide extreme comfort. 

Consisting of a 60 mm driver along with a neodymium magnet, these onikuma-headsets provide ultra bass and superior quality sound.

It is foldable and supports extreme portability.  


  • Supports extreme quality sound. 
  • Consist of a 60 mm driver. 
  • Can isolate rough background noises.


  • None 

2. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset with Microphone & LED Light

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset with Microphone & LED Light

If you’re looking for a lightweight gaming headset that provides an extreme comfort level, then this product by Onikuma can prove to be a viable pick.

This onikuma-headset is popular among professional gamers due to its light in weight texture. 

This onikuma-headset consists of an ergonomic design and supports quality earmuffs to avoid any type of pain or injury.

With being made up of breathable material, this onikuma-headset will keep your ears moisture-free while prolonged gaming sessions.

The advanced 50 mm drivers come with the package and are best known for delivering perfect sound. 

This onikuma-headset offers a noise-canceling microphone that proves to be essential while talking to your in-game friends.

This headset is way too reliable and supports ultra-durability.

Last but not the least, this headset consists of attractive LED lights to create a professional gaming experience.  


  • Consist of eye-catching LED lights. 
  • 50 mm driver comes with the package. 
  • Made up of durable material  


  • None 

3. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset for Xbox One

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset for Xbox One

This gaming onikuma-headset offers a wide range of compatibility options and can be supported by multiple devices.

With ultrasound technology, this onikuma-headset offers a virtual background sound up to 7.1 Hz.

With this headset, you can step up your gaming experience, enriched with ergonomic and thickly padded ear cups.

This onikuma-headset are strong enough to prevent and eradicate background noises from ruin your gaming experience. 

This Onikuma headset contains a  50 mm driver and neodymium magnets for soul proof bass.

Due to its omnidirectional pattern, this onikuma-headset can pick up voices from every angle.

It’s cords are durable and are very flexible.

This headphone is light in weight and supports extreme portability as it offers its users to connect this onikuma-headset with a wireless connection via Bluetooth and has a 3.0 USB jack. 


  • Offers 7.1 virtual surrounds. 
  • Consist of 50 mm driver.
  • Offers a wireless connection. 


  • None

4. ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One

ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One

This product by ONIKUMA  is well known as these products provide multi-platform compatibility. 

Consisting of an attractive design, this onikuma-headset offers you to choose your onikuma-headset within two colors. Coming with a 500 mm driver.

You can be assured of the high-quality sound this device produces. It’s easy to connect this headset to your console as it comes with a  3.5 mm jack and 1.2 m long braided wire. 

Moreover, this onikuma-headset consists of a retractable headband that can fit the people’s heads easily.

It is light in weight and hence allows you to use it comfortably for prolonged hours.

Moreover, the headphone comes with an omnidirectional pattern and consists of noise reduction technology.

This proves to be used with ease and provides better noise insulation as it comes with adjustable ear cuffs.  


  • Offers Good Compatibility.
  • Provides Noise-Cancellation.


  • None.


 5. ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headset with Mic

ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headset with Mic

Being made of ultra high quality, this headset consists of robust texture and eye-catching design and provides premium durability along with an extensive gaming experience. 

Coming with its omnidirectional pattern, this onikuma headset is strong enough to deliver.

A clearcut ultra bass sound. Moreover, it’s noise-canceling mic prevents background noises from being captured in the mic and offers you a smooth conversation with your friends while being in the game.

This device is ultra compatible and can be easily utilized on different gaming platforms.

These onikuma headsets come with padded earmuffs to make these headsets more than game equipment and provide you relief against headache or any type of pain.

Having a  professional design, this headset has a simpler control system by which audio adjustments can be made quickly.

This onikuma headset is very much reliable and lets you connect with a 3.0 USB Jack. 


  • Consist of Omnidirectional pattern. 
  • Have padded earmuffs. 
  • Simpler control system. .


  • None. 

6. ONIKUMA Stereo Bass Surround & RGB LED Light Gaming Headset

ONIKUMA Stereo Bass Surround & RGB LED Light Gaming Headset

This Onikuma headset minimizes the background noise from being catched up in your headphones and provides you to have a clear cut conversation without any lag with your friends while in game.

Being  omnidirectional , this onikuma headset offers you to enjoy 3D sound from every degree.

Furthermore, this is light in weight and hence extensive gaming for prolonged hours is not an issue anymore. 

Being made up of durable material, this head set has ergonomic design to prevent you from having any kind of headache or pain..

Coming with memory protein earmuffs that, this headset will keep your ears moisture free for a long period.

It’s RGB lighting makes the perfect atmosphere for gaming and comes with 50 mm drivers to provide the ultimate bass surround. 


  • Comes in handy with an adjustable noise cancellation microphone 
  • provide users with realistic sound output.  


  • User doesn’t find this headset to be compatible with the console.

7. ONIKUMA Soft Ear Pads Stereo Gaming Headset

ONIKUMA Soft Ear Pads Stereo Gaming Headset

This Onikuma headset compromises 50 mm drivers to offer extreme bass clarity.

It’s 4D virtual displacement technology will provide you with a realistic gaming experience.

Due to its over ear cup, this headset can prove to be comfortable when wearing it for a long time period and reduces ambient noises.

It consists of durable cords and can pick up the sound from every angle. 

Being  composed with breathable materials, this onikuma headset provides comfort all day long and keeps your ears moisture free.

It can be connected easily as it offers a  wired connection and has ultimate surround sound to make your gaming experience as realistic as possible.

This headset comes with a comprehensive set of specifications and hence can be a viable addition to your gaming gadget’s closet.


  • Comes in handy with a noise cancellation ability. 
  • The 50 mm driver of this headset produces excellent surround sound.


  • The microphone of this headset isn’t highly efficient.

8. ONIKUMA Xbox One Gaming Headset, PS4 Headset

ONIKUMA Xbox One Gaming Headset, PS4 Headset

Are you considering this gaming headset by Onikuma which’s enriched with sport elements, then this is the one that can prove to be beneficial.

It will provide you with a professional gaming environment and provide you with clear bass sound.

The headset consists of great sensitivity and offer’s advanced noise eradication option.

Additionally, coming packed with neodymium magnets, this headset can deliver clean bass with a surround sound effect of 7.1 Hz.

Moreover, this is very light in weight and supports ultimate portability.

Coming packed with breathable ear pads, this headset includes a flexible retractable head beam too.

Moreover, this headset has an eye-catching look as its LED lights are compatible with different gadgets. With this headset, fierce extended gaming is not an issue anymore. 


  • Comes in handy with an ergonomic design. 
  • Is highly compatible with a wide range of devices. 


  • User doesn’t find the build quality of this device to be optimum

 9. Nice2MiTu ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

ice2MiTu ONIKUMA Gaming Headset


Available in two different colors, the Onikuma gaming headset consists of a stylish design and contains LED lights.

With this, you will enjoy a perfect gaming experience, along with comfort.

Moreover, this headset is compatible with a wide amount of devices and contains neodymium magnets along with a 50 mm strong driver for absolute sound experience.

Moreover, it will let you enjoy acoustic accurate precision and is considered to be supreme for games of all kind.

In this, you will find a microphone that eradicates unnecessary background noise and provides a smooth gaming experience.

Furthermore, this consists of a retractable headband to avoid any kind of pain while extensive gaming for longer hours.

Being built up by skin-friendly materials it also features plug and play options.


  • This headset is perfect to be worn for prolonged time. 
  • Comes in handy with a noise cancellation technology. 


  • This headset doesn’t produce maximum noise when operated on high volume.

10. ONIKUMA Stereo K8 Gaming Headset Noise Cancelling

ONIKUMA Stereo K8 Gaming Headset Noise Cancelling

This  gaming headset produced by Onikuma  will let you have the most extreme gaming experience.

It’s structure consists of omnidirectional design, and you can capture the sound from every angle.

Furthermore, it consists of a noise cancellation feature that offers you to have fine communication within the game friends.  


  • Provide users with ultimate 3d sound. 
  • This headset is highly compatible with other gadgets.


  • None.

11. ANRIS PS4 Gaming Headset, Onikuma Gaming Headphone

ANRIS PS4 Gaming Headset, Onikuma Gaming Headphone

Additionally, this headset can prove to be very comfortable to wear as it contains soft earmuffs.

Moreover, it has a wide range of compatibility options, and can be used easily on multiple types of devices at a time.

The usage of heavy duty materials make this headphone durable and this headphone can easily survive a fall or a crash incident.

To add more to the durability, it comes with a braided USB wire which lets the users have a good grip over the controls of the rotary volume controller.


  • Comes in handy with a professional design. 
  • provide users with a premium surround sound. 


  • User finds the ergonomic design of this headset to be uncomfortable. 

12. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset PC PS4 Headset

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset PC PS4 Headset

This headphone provides the user with accurate sound results, This Onikuma gaming headset has a 50 mm driver to give the users a wonderful audio experience.

The virtual surround sound effect of these headphones, allow you to be one step ahead of the competition.

To add to the functionality factor, it comes with an included microphone that has noise cancelling is adjustable to any angle that users see fit.

More reasons that this is a great choice is the fact that it is very flexible and feels comfortable even when used extensively.

This gaming headphone is compatible with a lot of devices.

These devices include modern day devices such as: Nintendo, smartphones, PlayStation Vita, PCs, laptops, and Xbox One.

Moreover, the headband of this headphone is adjustable and can easily fit people with different head sizes.

This will prevent you from having any sweaty ears as they consist of ergonomic ear cups.


  • Provide users with accurate and clear sound. 
  • Comes in handy with a noise cancellation mic.


  • This headset burst sound when used on high volume.

13. ONIKUMA Gaming headset K2 – PRO 

ONIKUMA Gaming headset K2 - PRO 

Best gaming headset according to Onikumagaming. When looking for the best xbox headphones that offer comfort and features such as noise canceling microphones.

Onikuma k2 7. 1 This headphones delivers the best audio quality when it comes to be used for gaming.

The Onikuma stereo sound gaming with an included mic, January 2019. The presented affiliate earns commissions on sales made through this site.

Onikuma k1 game helmet in consonance with Maxconsole. Onikuma gaming, another product of the onikuma series, at the bottom of the line, will look at the right gaming headset with the list of product images.


  • Provide users with an ultimate connectivity. 
  • Offer users the best possible sound.  


  • User doesn’t find the material of this headset to be the best one. 

14. ONIKUMA Gaming headset K9 

ONIKUMA Gaming headset K9 

The headset provides very solid sound isolation that allows the users to keep their mind focused on their gaming.

The high quality sound when paired with amazing isolation allows the gamers to hear small details such as footsteps or objectives better than you ever could have when using other microphone or speakers.

Here’s more: The K9 Headphone includes a great microphone which picks up the user’s voice very clearly allowing them to communicate with the other members of their team even when they talk really softly.

To highlight some other features, This is a very comfortable and lightweight gadget and consists of a volume dial and mic button feature. 


  • Comes in handy with a noise cancellation technology. 
  • a 50 mm driver is best known to provide users with premium sound. 


  • Users find this model to be expensive. 

How to Choose the Best Onikuma Headset – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Onikuma Headset 1

If you’re a PC enthusiast and love to witness a professional experience while gaming, you need to have a gaming headset.

A premium quality headset is an essential need for hardcore gamers and casual players as it not only provides realistic sounds effects but besides that.

They provide you with the chance to communicate with your teammates while being in-game with a proper gaming environment. 

However, there are certain amounts of factors that one should consider while buying a headset for himself.

It’s not necessary that the attractive and eye-catching headset comes with all the specifications and fulfills all requirements of a professional gamer. 

With an increased demand for gaming, gaming headsets manufacturers are producing gadgets that are best in their way.

For anyone that is passionate about gaming, they shouldn’t settle down for less than anything that can help them gain an edge over the competition.

To help you find out your best pick, the important features are being listed down below that you should consider while optioning for the best gaming headset. 


The first thing you should look at while buying a gaming headset is how much compatibility it offers. 

Most users find difficulty while finding the perfect supportable headset for their device, for example, if you got a headset that is compatible with your PC, it won’t be compatible with your IOS laptop.

Some premium headset supports all platforms, but the only drawback they consist is that they cost twice more than an average gaming headset.   

Connection Type of Gaming headset:

It’s important to consider the type of connection your headset provides to avoid purchasing an attractive and eye-catching incompatible headset that doesn’t match the requirement of your PC or Console.

The connection can be of two types; A standard 3.5mm connection, a wired connection, and a wireless USB or Bluetooth connection. 

If you love to do gaming on PS4, then you don’t have to worry about the connectivity of the headset.

But for a gamer who is looking for a headset for his PC, he may have to dig deeper into this matter. 

A headset that is specially made for PCs requires an extra piece of software and drivers.

These drivers provide users access to advanced features which includes EQ settings or bass sound setting and without a driver and software, you won’t be able to enjoy a professional experience.  

Comfort During a Prolonged Gaming

If you’re a professional gamer, you may need to be at the battle for prolonged hours and hence a comfortable headset can be the peak key to enhance your gaming experience.

The gaming headset is textured in such a way that they provide users with a premium comfort level of up to 12- 14 hours of extensive gaming. 

They are designed with highly durable materials and light in weight so that you can solely focus on your game only.

By using a decent quality gaming headset, the risk of having a headache, neck pain, and earache is reduced.  

So it’s advised to not grab an eye-catching headset, but determine its weight and comfort level to avoid any type of inconvenience.  

Wired or Wireless gaming headset?

Both Wireless and wired gaming headset are considered to be essential when it comes to gaming but these both headsets consist of their advantages and disadvantages.

According to research, it’s being said that most professional gamers look for a wired gaming headset.

But the most obvious drawback these wired gaming headsets have is that you’ll always be at the risk of tripping over the cords or cables.

And the cords can easily get damaged if a drink or any liquid gets spilled over them.

But besides having these drawbacks, in a wired connection, you don’t have to worry about the weak signals of the BlueTooth connection anymore. 

With a wired connection, nothing can hinder your gaming experience. 

Wireless connection can prove to be essential as well, with a wireless connection, you don’t have to worry about tripping over cords and cables anymore.

With a good wireless headset, you will be able to enjoy the gaming music from a certain distance and you don’t have to sit in front of your machine all day long.

The only drawback wireless connection has is that weak wireless can hinder and ruin your gaming experience, and sometimes due to weak signals.

You’ll witness a glitch while talking to your friends while in-game.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Onikuma headsets good?

Onikuma is a well-known brand and has been producing essential gaming headsets for a long period. 

How much is an Onikuma headset?

Onikuma headsets come with a different set of specifications and customization options, and thus their prices vary to the set of viable options they bring along with them so their price range can vary from model to model. 

Where is Onikuma made?

Onikuma was officially established in 2016 and operated from Shenzhen, China.  


Without a doubt when it comes to deciding the best product, there is a never ending competition between different worldwide popular headset brands.

What makes a gaming headset the best for the users is if it checks all the boxes that are mentioned above in the article.

All that matters is to find a device that will suit you the  best and does not make you be at a loss during competition. 

To make the selection easier for you, we have shared our top picks! We hope that this article fulfills its purpose and comes off a great help in letting you choose the perfect gaming headset.

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