Wake Up: A Guide to Living Your Life Consciously
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Wake Up: A Guide to Living Your Life Consciously

Every day, I evaluate my life and wake my consciousness up and bring to the attention whatever is happening to me in my unconscious self. 

I often try to get myself out of the paradoxes we usually live in, to have a look at life and see where it is heading.

In this way, I choose which path to go, and with that, I choose its circumstances as well.

This allows me to make my own choices and accept the challenges that await and be responsible for my own actions instead of blaming my fate. 

Have you ever felt like your life is drifting away and you are living in a state where your action contradicts what you think you want to do?

Or maybe you don’t even realize when and how certain events take place in your life? This is what we call living unconsciously. 

However, you are here to listen about living your life consciously. So What does this even mean?

This means that you have control over your life, to be able to think and make your decision.

Your own rather than allowing everything to happen itself.

You take responsibility for how you want to take your life ahead rather than follow life and wherever it takes you. 

If you are dealing with the same problems that you don’t realize how you get here.

Life feels out of control, then stop right there and have a moment of realization.

It is high time that you begin and tries to live your life consciously. 

Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself and see what answers you get:

  1. Do you enjoy the work you do or feels like you should be doing something else? 
  2. Do you think that the things you do are not meant for you and you are doing it forcefully?
  3.  Are you doing a lot of hard work for something you don’t enjoy and feels like you want to do what you like?
  4. Do you think that you are spending money without even realizing where it goes?
  5. Do you crave to spend more time with your loved ones? 
  6. Do you spend your whole day without thinking about what you want to do in life and planning to get there?
  7. Do you find yourself in a state of procrastination or unwillingness to do something where you delay every task? 

If your mind answers “NO” to the above question then you actually don’t need this guide.

If you still want to learn more then you can continue no one is stopping you.

However, the people who are still confused are advised to continue reading.

I am hopeful that as you end this guide, you will have a clear mind.  

So How To Live Life Consciously?

So How To Live Life Consciously

Before I get into the details of this, you need to realize one thing and that is this will take some time.

You will not start living consciously as you end the article. This is a process that needs a bit of effort and determination for your side.

Living your life consciously is in itself an art. This is not a one-time thing, but a habit that you need to incorporate into your daily life routine. 

Living life consciously sounds simple and easy, as you just need to be conscious while thinking and take action.

But, when you look in your surroundings, you will find most people lack this in their life. 

It is easy to just follow the life pattern and go with where life takes you, but, there are very few people.

Who go opposite of the wind and try to take control of their lives.

As there is a popular saying by Marcus Aurelius,

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of insane.” 

So you need to ask yourself, are you willing to put in the efforts, energy, and constant fighting spirit to change your life?

If yes, then here are a few tips for you that are going to help you in living your life consciously as they helped me. 

1- Make Analyzing And Reflecting On Life A Habit:

Make Analyzing And Reflecting On Life A Habit

No matter if you write or think about your day, take a weekly session to review your life or take some time off from the office to think about it.

you’ve to sit down for a moment and reflect on everything. It is important that you spend some time on your day thinking about things, regularly.

2- Feel The Nature and Connect With It:

You have to spend some time of your day with nature.

You may walk around in a park or road where you are surrounded by nature, it could be anywhere you feel a connection with nature.

When you are able to build a connection you can possibly feel peace and oneness in yourself.

Nature is beautiful and most importantly when you connect with nature and start to appreciate it,

your consciousness itself rises and you can truly feel your existence. 

3- Workout Daily:

Workout Daily

Workout, exercising, or dancing will enhance your consciousness by encouraging positive brain wave patterns.

Positive levels of neurotransmitters, and better movement in your nervous system.

Help yourself to get up and break the habit of not being able to exercise by walking with a friend or even dancing at the club.

Simple, fun, and inspiring.   

4- Allocate Some Time To Medication:

If you are a high-performing mediator or a beginner, the benefits are immense.

You will reach the highest degree of consciousness when you remain there long enough.

It is an act that will certainly lift your consciousness and make you more concentrated, disciplined, and have a deeper connection with life. 

5- Spending Time With Your Best Friends: 

Spending Time With Your Best Friends

You need to make sure that your friend’s circle matches with who you are, beliefs, and morals – they will increase your consciousness.

They are your true mates, so they should surely be respected, even though they may be hard to find.

You can call your friends and make it your habit to spend more time with all of your best friends or who are truly loyal to you. 

6- Review And Set Your Goals Every Year:

What do you want to achieve in life? What are your goals?

How do you want to live your life? What are things that mean to you everything?

Sit down and write about it.

Keep that page or book where you can see it and have daily reminders about your goals and objectives that you have set for your life. 

7- Always Be Willing to Learn New Things And Be Open-Minded:

Always Be Willing to Learn New Things And Be Open-Minded

If you want to achieve a higher level of consciousness, you need to be open-minded about things.

You will either remain in the same state of consciousness or go down to a lower state.

Because you have refused to embrace the richness that our world has to offer.

Which includes different cultures, traditions, native species, and religions. 

It doesn’t just mean to be open-minded for beliefs only.

You can be open-minded to try something different, like physical exercise, spiritual practice, or new foods.

Moreover, you need to eliminate the sense of prejudice from your life. That’s the most important factor.

8- Crave To Be Intelligent:

Intelligence can be achieved from a number of things.

No one has reached the level of intelligence where they are just perfect in every aspect of life.

Many people are intelligent physically, others have higher intellect, and some have spiritual intelligence.

Each type of intelligence increases and improvements will enable you to broaden your consciousness and become a more mindful human being.

9- Learn to Respect Yourself Before Other Respect You:

Learn to Respect Yourself Before Other Respect You

It is important that you learn to respect yourself before others respect you. Because it always starts with you.

Make intelligent and thoughtful choices that reflect your beliefs and respect your personal views.

Treating others with respect often makes you more tolerant, but first.

You must learn to display great respect for yourself before you can appreciate others properly. 

10- Be Forgiving:

It can be sometimes difficult to even forgive yourself.

It gets even more challenging when you are going through the phase of the lower level of consciousness.

In order to become a more conscious person, you need to realize that you should have an attitude of compassion and forgiveness towards yourself.

You must not allow any negative or pessimistic thought to have influence over you and harm your mental health.

Such thought can be a real toll on your mental health and the best way to eliminate this is to practice forgiveness and compassion. 

11- Connect With God And Pursue The Path Of Spirituality: 

Connect With God And Pursue The Path Of Spirituality

The moment when you close your eyes and raise your hands for prayers and talk to God is when you can feel the highest level of consciousness.

There are a number of ways to connect with God or practice prayers and can actually help you to raise your level of conscious awareness. 

Moreover, when you choose to walk on the path of spirituality, you automatically become more conscious as a human being.

It also helps to face the challenges of life with calm and be patient about hardships.

All and all, you live your life to the fullest without any regret about something. 

12- Avoid Abuse And Indulging Yourself Into Fights:

Emotional outrage, hostility, and negative emotional behaviors are the product of physical fighting.

Peace and fight are the rivals of each other.

The fight can be called peace’s opposite.

Physical fights and other types of violence can potentially distract us from being more conscious people.

Anything that helps you in stopping physical abuse and violence can eventually help you and others to be more conscious.

13- Include Acceptance And Awareness In Your Life:

Awareness In Your Life

Regardless of your current emotions, if you embrace them, you’ll be deeply helpful.

It’s much harder to live when you resist your emotions and trap them in yourself.

Attempting to eliminate our feelings and emotions make us less consciously aware.

If you recognize what you feel and understand consciously why you feel any emotion, the degree of consciousness will increase.

14- Don’t Run from Deepest Fears And Insecurities:

Do you have insecurities or fears inside you that stop you from making conscious progress?

It can be extremely hard to confront your fears at certain points in the journey of consciousness.

Having said that, facing your fears will give more motivation and energy to your consciousness.

Positive fears include singing, giving a speech, or throwing away a party. 

This is a positive list of fears to go out and conquer!

The decision that you make to face them will significantly enable you to make conscious progress.

Be courageous and face all your fears rather than running from them. 

15- Always Be Willing to Learn Something From Others:

Always Be Willing to Learn Something From Others

There is no person who has all the wisdom of the Earth. No one holds in his brain all the wisdom of the world.

That is why learning from others’ wisdom and willing to implement it in your life is worth living.

Each person has a unique perspective and understanding of things.

There are a number of ways that can help you to learn from others’ wisdom. For Example:

meeting a consciously experienced person face to face and finding life-related guidance, reading positivity.

Self-improvement articles from different sources, or engaging in various personal development seminars.

16- Reviewing Your Relationship With Loved Ones:

All the relationships that we have with our loved ones are more important than anything.

This may include relationships with your friends, wife, girlfriend, parents, husband, or children.

These people top the list of the most important things in your life.

So ask yourself, if you are spending enough time with them?

Do you appreciate your relationship with them? Is there anything you should be apologizing about?

Does your relationship need some improvements? Is there a lack of communication? 

These are a few questions that you need to ask yourself and if you get a negative answer to any of the above then try to improve it.

Moreover, relationships with people you work with are also something you should pay attention to. 

17- Always  Keep Your Ego Check Meter On:

Always  Keep Your Ego Check Meter On

It will be easy for you to raise your consciousness if you are aware of your ego.

In this state, both your awareness and consciousness works directly proportional to one another.

This means that if one increases then the other increases as well and if one decreases the other decreases as well. 

Therefore, it is important that you are aware of your ego and do not let it go out of control.

Because it will affect your ego and your working condition too.

You can consciously progress in a much healthier direction by taking complete power.

The burden of keeping the ego in the balance in the face of adversity. 

18- Prioritize Personal Development:

Behaving to change your life through the idea of personal development is an incredibly successful way of making a human being more conscious.

You can take personal development as an upgrade to the highest level of productivity in each area of your life: health, wealth, relationships, etc.

Nearly all facets of personal development contribute, in one way or another, to be more consciously aware.

19- Healthy Diet:

Healthy Diet

Including a healthy diet in your everyday routine can help to fit in your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.  Are you really conscious of what you eat?

It is important to be fully aware of your diet and to be tolerant of and consider the diets of other people without having to make negative judgments to enhance your own level of consciousness.

20- Accept Others As They Are:

Continuing the above talk to be conscious about what you eat, it is important to accept the diets, which others want to follow.

Whether they are aware of a healthy diet or an unconscious decision, accept them as they are.

You should not be judgemental about others in any aspect of life.

It is necessary to accept them for who they are, and not seek to impose change upon them.

Irrespective of whether you disagree with the actions of another person, disagree with their attitudes, or disagree with their view of life.

Fix your differences with other people by acknowledging them clearly for who they are.

21- Always Be Blissful: 

In our entire life, there are times when incredible things happen to us and sometimes, disruptive events occur.

You must always learn to honor everything that arises in your life just as it is a wonderful habit to embrace who you are.

No matter how tragic an event is, it will change your life positively in the long term.

You’ll be very conscious of your ability to bless and admire, even what could originally be seen as the worst case.

22- Be Aware of Your Breathing:

Be Aware of Your Breathing

What being aware of your breathing means? Well, this means that you are conscious of your breathing patterns.

It is important to know how you breathe. Sadly, many people do not know that there is a true way to breathe.

The best way to breathe for the brain and body. Proper breathing means you breathe through the nose and exhale every breath through your mouth.

I have dramatically increased my concentration.

The mental health, and level of consciousness by making my breath more mindful of activities such as meditation and conscious breathing.

23- Have Some “ME” Time:

In the world of today where people have reached the speed of luminosity, it is always important to have time with yourself.

In this time, you get to reflect on life and have thought about it.

  If you are a person who doesn’t take enough “ME” time every day, consider starting a personal routine. 

For example, taking time in your inner reflection (meditation), knowing how much you love yourself, walking to listen to your own ideas, gratitude for everything in your lives, or getting involved with a hobby that inspires you, are some of the ways you can spend your time with yourself and contribute positively to your life.

24- Be A Better Listener Than A Speaker:

Be A Better Listener Than A Speaker

Well, in the generation we live in, it always feels like a person wants to be the center of attention, discussions are simply seen as egoistic contests.

Although the attention may be wonderful and satisfying, it can deliberately become harmful to your consciousness if driven by your ego.

You can be more aware of others by practicing listening.

Then talking and be more consciously aware while you still contribute to the discussion politely with logic. 

25- Make Logical And Rational Thinking Part Of Your Life:

A person who has a habit of thinking logically and rationally always interacts with reality positively, which allows him to be more consciously aware.

Illogical and irrational thinking contribute to only lowering your level of consciousness.

Once rational thinking inhabits your mind, the power of your mind increases and helps you to break through your own limits.

One perfect way to rationalize your brain is to improve the flexibility of your brain by improving your brain power

26- Be A Comedian:

Be A Comedian

When you are a funny person who makes others laugh, it helps to relieve tension and let you and others have a positive look at life.

While you might not be a professional comedian, it is highly gratifying and satisfying to make others laugh.

To make others laugh and smile brings your focus away from pain and negative feelings to one of pure pleasure and joy.

Jokes and the sense of humor can actually make the whole perspective look brighter and more optimistic from what could seem to be a gloomy, negative situation.


It is important that you are at peace with your mental health and be aware of whatever happens in life.

A conscious person always knows how to deal with difficult situations in life and always finds a way to get out of them. 

Giving up is never an option. You need to make sure that no matter what happens.

You fight and do tweak to provide value to your life.

Living your life consciously will allow you to truly understand the reason for your existence and live it to the fullest. 

Having said that, the guide ends here. Hope that you get to learn something from this guide.

Wish you good luck and all the happiness of life.

And I am thankful that you took out your precious time and read my guide. Have a great life ahead.

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