How To Refocus Your Mind To Reinvent Yourself

Whenever you are stuck in something that you can’t escape.

Then you should reinvent your mind and yourself and then figure out how you can easily get out of that situation.

Reinventing yourself makes it easy to understand yourself better thus figuring out your capabilities and other secret weapons hidden inside you.

So, make sure that if you have the proper mental state and if you are willing to do this then you can easily reinvent yourself through that state of mind. 

But if you are thinking that why am I writing this article well.

The thing is reinventing seems like a small task yet unimportant for most people but if you are a person who gets confused.

All the time or gets stuck in some heavy complicated tasks of life than reinventing which is a small process that can make your life simplified and easy.

Through this, you will definitely find a way out of your critical or tense situation. 

What reinventing does is that it opens the doors inside you which lets you peek through your hidden ability and makes you believe that you are the perfect person for that specific task.

Basically, your mind comes up with a variety of ideas to either get out of that situation or even get in an opportunity.

And if you take it from me then you’ll be surprised how fast and effectively it works.

In this article, we are going to take a look at 15 steps that can help you reinvent yourself and these steps will also make sure that your mind is focused on what you are inventing yourself for. 

How To Refocus Your Mind To Reinvent Yourself:

How To Refocus Your Mind To Reinvent Yourself

Here are 15 steps that can lead you to refocus your mind and then eventually help you reinvent yourself easily.

1- Do You Really Want to Change:

As I said there are different scenarios and some crucial times in our lives that force us to reinvent ourselves.

Many business owners are in similar situations. I’ve found that if you don’t want to change, you never will. 

2- Wake Up Early:

Wake Up Early

I was never a super early morning person. And, to be honest, I’m not the type of person who readies to tackle the day at 4 a.m.

Now: I have a schedule to maintains and my day starts at 6:30 a.m in the morning and this routine is followed by me each and every day up till now.

Once I started waking up earlier I discovered that I had more time to do activities that would make me a better person — both professionally and personally.

Usually this time of the day everyone is asleep and that was a golden opportunity because I could do a lot of things and get my momentum build up.

3- Prioritize Your Tasks:

Reinventing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. Remember that hard work I mentioned earlier?

That takes dedication and patience. To make it happen in reality not just in your dreams you should give your dreams and goals a chance by just focusing on them for only one hour in a day.

THus eventually you would need to prioritize your tasks and jobs accordingly and for that, you will have to use a to-do list or time management tools to manage all the stuff in one day. 

4- Attach Yourself to The Right People:

Attach Yourself to The Right People

In today’s interconnected world it’s easier than ever to network with people from all over the world.

While people have associated social networking with meeting new friends and finding job opportunities, you can also connect with people who can change you for the better.

Seth Godin uses the example of Shepard Fairey. The name may not be familiar, but you know his iconic poster of Barack Obama.

5- Learn:

Either through reading, attending workshops, or even Webinars you have to find different sources through which you can gain knowledge.

Doing this will definitely help you become an all-rounder person not only that it will help you reinvent personally and professionally.

Lifelong learning also makes you more motivated, developmental skills, and introduces you to new people and thoughts. I like to do this by reading books.

6- Find a Mentor:

Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor can be either easy or difficult you just need to have the vision.

Here are different types of mentors out there:

  • Directly, this type of mentor is with you in every step and will guide you through the path. 
  • Indirect. These are mentors who aren’t physically with you, as authors.
  • Everything is a mentor.

If you have a mentor that insists that you do things their way, that’s found. Learn it their way and then do it your way.

7- Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment:

Try new things, experiment with fun projects.

When I saw that my business was not that great and eventually I lost it then I jumped into the void of trying new things and literally I tried everything from A to Z.

Such as from being a blogger and running an agency I even jumped into starting a payment company.

Some were successful, others failures. What’s truly important is that you aren’t afraid to try.

Do what you enjoy and this will help you figure it out while hopefully making some money in the process.

8- Be Honest With Yourself – And Others:

Be Honest With Yourself - And Others

You have to be honest with yourself and others along the path. I’m not, humble person. Time to get over yourself.

The more people know the more they can help you. This is very true of yourself as well. Learn to be honest with yourself and face some of those fears.

9- Don’t Justify Your Decision:

Speaking of honesty, if anyone questions your decision, be transparent with them.

There’s a reason why you made the decision to reinvent yourself and if you have facts and passion to back that up, their opinion shouldn’t prevent you from going forward. And, ultimately, they’re going to have to respect that.

10- Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

We’re creatures of habit. But, breaking out of your comfort zone forces you to have new experiences, meet new people, and learn something new.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo is a great therapist and author of various famous books such as “Better Than Perfect” in this book Dr. Elizebeth Lambardo tells the entrepreneurs.

If you step out of your comfort zone then you will see the world with a different vision.

This will make you fall stumble but this is the way that will lead you to lead a better personal and professional life. 

In this, she also adds that if you want to be creative then you should try new and different things do experiments with your life Yes!

Some will give you success and some will fails. But there is nothing such as failure. At every step you fail you will be learning.

11- Manage Your Finances:

Reinventing yourself won’t always be free. For example, if you want to change careers, you may have to take workshops or college courses.

Because of that, it’s important that you create a budget and stick to it so that you have the funds to complete your transformation.

I like to have at least 12 months of personal runway sitting in the bank “cash” at all times.

As entrepreneurs, we make a lot of money for some months and have other months where we don’t make anything.

Learn to manage your finances better on a variable income.

12- Follow The 24-Hour Rule:

Follow The 24-Hour Rule

If you meet someone at a networking event, for example, you should follow-up with them within 24 hours to stay fresh in their minds and begin building a strong relationship.

By this, you will be humble and this also frees up some of your days time as you are not building up an unmanageable list of follow-up responses.

13- Make New Lists Every Day:

When you make lists every day on the areas that you focus on you’ll notice that certain items will stick and others won’t.

Instead of devoting your energy to areas that you’re not passionate about, you can dedicate that energy to achieving a goal that is attainable and desirable.

14- Take One Step At a Time:

Take One Step At a Time

Reinvention is a process that could take years. Don’t overwhelm yourself by getting consumed with the big picture.

Take steps to accomplish your end goals. For example.

If you want to get in better shape, than the first step would be going for a walk, the next step would be setting a schedule, then getting a gym membership, and finally eating healthier.

Take it one step at a time.

15- Accept Failure:

You’re not going to pick-up a guitar and instantly be transformed into Jimi Hendrix.

You’re going to fail a lot when attempting to play “Voodoo Child.” Reinvention takes hard work and patience.

Along the way you have to accept that you’re going to fail. Embrace it. Learn from it. And keep moving forward. Because you can do this.

16- Self Motivation:

Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled, and improve our overall quality of life. Understanding and developing your self-motivation can help you to take control of many other aspects of your life.

Motivation is one of the three areas of personal skills that are integral to the concept of emotional intelligence.

You can try different ideas to keep motivate yourself, you can listen to Motivational videos, or you can have motivational posters in your working area or at your home which helps you to keep motivated.

If you don’t know how to make motivational posters, then don’t worry you don’t need any design skills, you can make creative posters using motivational poster maker, where you can easily customize pre-defined templates and you will get your poster within minutes

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