How to Lose Chest Fat for Males? (Complete Guide)

Are you a fitness freak? Gain some extra chest fat and want to lose it?

Well then, don’t worry about that because there are many effective ways to do that.

Men and Women both are now equally fitness-conscious and want the perfect body for themselves.

For instance, if a man started to develop excess tissue in the chest area.

Then it is very necessary to concern your doctor because this can be the reason for imbalance hormone.

Which can also affect your body in many other ways so better safe and sound and start to loose extra fat.

Then it is very necessary to concern your doctor because this can be the reason for imbalance hormone.

Here in this article, we will discuss the most effective alternatives that will help you in terms of how to lose chest fat

By Performing Presses:

Performing Presses

Pressing is a very good part of your workout routine when you are working on your chest fat.

This can help you in so many ways by strengthening your chest muscle exercises like bench presses to chest presses can help you in losing your chest fat easily and define them beautifully.

Below we have mentioned the most convenient way to perform presses and how to lose chest fat.

  • Presses are not that difficult to do. In fact, it’s easier than many other exercises.
  • You can perform it with the help of dumbbells or with the help of a weighted bar. And how will you do that? Well, lie on your back with anything suitable for you from dumbbells and bar at the bench and hold the weight to your lower ribs and bend your elbows, then start pressing your arms until they are straight again.
  • Wait for a second while doing that, and then slowly lower your arms so that they are back to their original state.
  • You don’t have to go for heavyweights; start with 5lbs, which is approximately 2.3 to 5 kg, and when you are comfortable with these and quickly lifts them to do up to 3 sets of 10 reps, then you can go for more weights if you want to.
  • It helps to reinforce and bear more weight, not just the muscles, but also the associated tissues of your shoulder, elbow, and wrist.
  • Use various presses to test your muscles every three to four weeks. A range of choices are available, such as tilt or decline presses, cuff presses, dumbbell worldwide, tight grip presses, and presses squeeze.
  • This will help you define them beautifully. Chest press uses pectoralis major, triceps, and in order to stabilize your muscles in a way that will help in losing chest fat and giving them the accurate shape which you are working for.  

By completing flyers:

By completing flyers

How to lose chest fat with flyes? Well, the first thing to know here is why it is called flye?

That’s because it pulls your arms together by extending them with an arc while the elbows are at their static state.

This exercise is also called chest fly as its primary target is chest muscles and works on your pectoralis, the major chest muscles.

If rotated medially (internally), the forehead of the deltoid is supported in a transverse bending as it is an isolation exercise as only one joint is moved in this, which means there is no push and pull phenomena in this.

  • To begin with a fly, you need to lie back in a straight incline position along with 2 weights of 5lb which is 2.3kg each and hold it into your arms in a way that your arms start extending straight in a way towards your chest while your palms are facing each other.
  • Then start opening your arms wide in a manner of wings and then slowly bring them back to their first position as you started.
  • You can also perform flyes with a resistance band’s help, which is another useful alternative for this. Well, here arises a question of how to lose chest fat?  Firstly stand up and take the band to anchor at the top hip height or wrapping it around the door handle by holding both the ends in each hand.
  • Then start bringing your hands together with respect to your chest, just like spreading wings in and out and then slowly open again.
  • Moreover, when you are comfortable and feel your muscles are flexible enough, then the variations in your fly’s workout routine to get instant results.



How to lose chest fat with pushups?

The typical pushups are a perfect way if you want your chest and upper body focused. 

  • To begin with, you will go in a plank position with your arms spread out and your feet wide off under the rest of your body. 
  • Get down to the ground slowly, and keep your arms as close to the ground as you can. 
  • Please continue to lift the body to its starting point. Do as many times as possible and try each time you do this exercise to increase the number of pushups you do.

Bench Press: 

how to lose chest fat

Last but not least, the bench press is also useful when it comes to how to lose chest fat. 

  • Start with a lower weight when you first start bench press and make sure you have someone to help so that you don’t drop the bar on yourself leading to injury  
  • Begin by lying flat on the bench with your back and the bar above you at eye level. Hold the bar in the width of the shoulder. Pull the blades together and arch your back before you try to lift the bar. 
  • Lift the bar off the bench carefully. Once you lower the bar to your chest, take a deep breath, and hold your elbows at 45 °, as the bar goes down. 
  • When the bar strikes the body, lift it slowly.

Final Words:

Exercises we have mentioned in this guide can help you greatly in losing chest fat.

But, make sure that you are doing them regularly without skip day.

Having said that, we come to the end of our guide. Hope that you like the information we have provided.

Thank you for taking out time and reading our guide. 

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