How To Get Swole? (Complete Guide)

People love to pump up their muscles, especially men.

Women do also love to build up their physique stronger but it is more common among men.

Getting sole is what they call. It needs a lot of attention and most bodybuilders love to do it.

The big buffed up muscles which make them look like the incredible hulk is really fun for them.

Most surprisingly women also do enjoy doing that.

They like to have the same physique as the men do.

In order to achieve this goal you really need to work hard.

There is a daily routine for it, so in this article, I will be discussing all of the requirements you need to become a famous superhero, the hulk.

What Is Swole?

What Is Swole

Okay, you know what about swole everyone does but you haven’t heard the true term of it.

Swole is basically physics where a person’s muscle grows massive, you know what I mean.

They look like the twin brother of hulk that big they look.

Most of the people enjoy loving it, there is even a bodybuilding competition where men from all around the world compete and show their pumped-up body to the world.

The person who has great physic and muscle growth will be crowned as the winner. It is truly a sport for them.

For those young people who are interested in getting swelled they need to have tips and tricks on how to get swole.  

How To Get Swole?

How To Get Swole

Alright, let’s cut to the chase and talk seriously here because I don’t wanna get beaten from guys who are freaking ten times bigger than me.

Anyway, we need to start from the beginning and then make our way to the top.

You need to be patient because not everything you do is going to make you achieve with a blink of an eye.

Because I know the fact that bodybuilding takes a lot of time and hard work. 

You just can’t go to the gym and work out for 15 days in hopes that you will get swole like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That may happen in your dream but not in the real world. 

Start an hour-and-a-half pre-beach:

This for those who like to gym at the beach also there is no hard and fast rule you can do it in your local gym or in your home as well doesn’t matter at all.

So you need to have a routine set. So before starting to pump things up you need to get up early in the morning because that is the best time for physical exercise.

Take some meal before an hour and a half for some decent swell and then begin your training.

Eat smart pre-pump:

Eat smart pre-pump5

Right once you have taken your meal it is time for training.

Make sure the meal you took was an hour or an hour and a half prior. 

But first, you need to know what type of food you need to consume for how to get swole.

You need to have clean and healthy food before you head out to work.

Eat a healthy grilled chicken or grilled fish along with some carbs and fats for the pump.

Consume healthy fat like avocados which digest slowly hence it is best to maximize your pump.

But remember not to eat as you leave the door because the nutrient won’t settle in your body.

So you need to give some time for the food to digest so that you get the required nutrients to pump up.

To get the chest swole, start with push-ups.

Ok once you are all set it’s time to do some push-ups.

For now, forget lifting huge weights, we will come to that part later. So take a resistance band and crank 15-20 push-ups.

Take a minute to catch your breath and then do 15-20 push-ups.

Try squeezing your chest when you come to an up position, after which do a close grip push-ups to pump up your biceps.

Use resistance to build the biceps:

Use resistance to build the biceps2

Again you don’t need weights for this time period just take a resistance band like the one you used in your push-ups.

Place it under your feet and do some bicep curls, try to squeeze your biceps as hard as you can.

Again do 15-20 rounds of these. Take a minute to breathe and do 15-20 more.

While you are doing this flex your chest to make sure the muscle gets good blood flow.

Next, pump up the shoulders.

Keep the resistance band under your feet, now what you want to do is to raise your arms in front and on the side.

Do a couple of rounds and the key move is to lift your arms slowly while you squeeze your shoulder.

How To Get Swole Using Weights?

How To Get Swole Using Weights2

The method that I taught you early was to get a short notice which didn’t involve any weights.

Now as for beginners you don’t need to go full pro as it involves weight.

Using weights in the wrong method can cause some bad injuries so you need to know that first. 

You need to perform these workouts three days a week.

Do a set of 8 to 12 reps of weight lifting. So let’s dive into this.

Day 1

Front Squat:

Front Squat4

Ok so for this you need to take the bar out from the rack and place it at your fingertips.

The angle of your elbow should be parallel to the floor.

Take a step back and squat as low as you can maintain without having to lose and arch in your lower back.

Incline Dumbbell Press:

Set a bench to a 45-degree angle and lie on it.

Take a dumbbell in both hands at shoulder level and then start to press against your chest. Do a set of 8 to 12 reps.

Romanian DeadLift:

Romanian DeadLift4

Again for this, you need the bar so take the bar out of the rack and place it against the floor.

Next, grab the bar and squat down with your back straight and bend your hips.

Then lift the bar as you come up maintaining the straight back.

Dumbbell Curl:

This is basic, start by taking dumbbell on each hand.

Keep your arm at your side and then without moving the upper part of your arm curl your hand(you need to make a 90-degree angle between the upper half and lower half of your elbow).

Make sure to squeeze your biceps as you curl.

Roll Out:

Roll Out

Take a plate and load it on a barrel, then get on your knees and push forward the barrel as far as you can, then come back at the starting position. Repeat the same process.

Day 2

Bench Press:

Bench Press2

Lie on your back and pick up the bar from the rack.

Bring it down to your sternum and then push it back again.

Dumbbell Lunge:

Take a dumbbell in each hand and place it by your side.

Keep your back straight and move forward with your one leg.

Try to bring your back knee as close to the ground.

Lat Pulldown:

Lat Pulldown2

Go the lad pulldown station and sit, secure your knee on the pad and grab the handle outside your shoulder width.

Then bring the handle down to your collar bone and try to squeeze your shoulder blades as much as you can.

Seated Leg Curl:

Set up your knees with the pad above.

Rotate your knees to the curl pad

Triceps Pushdown:

Triceps Pushdown2

Attach the handle to the rope of the cable station.

Grab both ends and extend it making sure to tuck in your elbow.

Day 3



It is similar to the Romanian deadlift. Grab the bar and squat down with your back straight and bend your hips.

Then lift the bar as you come up maintaining the straight back.

Overhead Press:

Grab the bar and set it on your shoulder height.

Lift it over your head and bring back to the shoulder height.

Leg Press:

Leg Press2

Go to the station and set the angle to 30 degrees.

Then place your feet on the platform and push it back and forth.

Lying Triceps Extension:

Grab a bar or a dumbbell and lie on the bench.

Raise your arm and bring your elbow down towards or behind your face.

Standing Calf Raise:

Standing Calf Raise2

It is like a dumbbell lunge but this you need to work with your calf.

So get in the same position by grabbing weights on both hands and then with your toes push your self up


Here was the guide for how to get swole. You need to maintain patience and work hard regularly.

Now as for beginners you don’t need to go full pro as it involves weight.

Using weights in the wrong method can cause some bad injuries so you need to know that first. 

Just be sure with the weights you are using.

Don’t pick the heavy ones, try to grab those which you feel comfortable with.

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