How to Get Abs Fast: Ultimate Men’s Guide

There is a clear-cut guide as to how to get abs fast. So, all men out there fasten your seat belts and go on having six-pack abs.

This is an exclusive wish that all men are craving these days. To achieve this target, you have to keep in mind certain tips.

This accomplishment needs months and months of training from your side.

Only then, you can have amazing muscles, biceps, triceps, and six-pack abs on your body. 

Furthermore, you have to increase your gym time. Devise some harder and heavier strategies.

No matter, you are a gym newbie, this ultimate men guide can help you out.

We are confident that you will get success in getting as well as scoring six-pack abs in less time.

So, if your past and previous gym attempts have failed, then you can take help from this expert’s recommended guide plan.

Abs = Dedication + Consistency- Six-packs don’t happen in a blink of an eye

Getting six-pack abs, this is a long process. You have to remain consistent, only then you can see refined and lean looking abs on your body.

This goal does not get accomplished and get success overnight. It almost takes weeks and months.

Likewise, you are following any kind of bodybuilding routine, this target also demands consistency from your side.

Most probably, you need to be methodical in your workout and training session. You have to keep and maintain your nutrition right.

You have to make sure that your six-week abs plan look realistic.

Focus on nutrition; eat only those things that can make your abs stronger and noticeable.

Intensely Work on and Involve Your Rectus abdominis:

how to get abs fast

You need to understand this point that whenever we talk about the dream of having six-pack abs, then this approach surrounds and involves just one muscle.

And that we call and term it with the name of rectus abdominis.

Most importantly, this rectus abdominis runs and extends from the lower ribs section and moves down to the top section of your pubic bone.

In addition, it is these fibrous bands of your muscle tissues that tend and manage to break up the muscles of your exclusive six-pack abs.

So, the bottom line regarding how to get abs fast, it is that if you want to build up and develop six-pack abs, then it is essential for you to build this muscle of yours.

It is solely by working out on this muscle that you can have six packs abs on your body.

How to Work Out on Your Rectus Abdominis?

How to work out on your rectus abdominis

It is studied that this exclusive and respective muscle group identified as rectus abdominis, it manages to keep all of your lower ribs as well as pelvis all and completely closer together.

To tone this muscle section of yours, you can go on doing crunches. Or you can opt for reverse crunches.

In addition, it is verified and extensively proved that crunch works and involves your rectus abdominis is an ideal and perfect manner as compared to doing the rest of the common abs exercises.

For average results, you can do plank, sit-up, or you can even go for boat pose.

Tips to Make Your Rectus Abdominis Stronger? The Core Six-pack abs Part:

Tips to make your rectus abdominis stronger1

For more tips on how to get abs fast, it is important for you that you should be focusing on your exercise and workout quality movement.

It is recommended to keep on concentrating on eccentric motion or downward motion. Note down that it is this eccentric contraction that makes your abs muscles firmer.

Instead of doing a long-hour workout, you can focus on the aspect of quality.

As a bonus tip, if you have got back issues, then avoid doing crunches, this exercise might be troublesome for you.

To perform crunches for the sake of building up and developing six-pack abs, you can place one hand of yours underneath your back and then you can go on crunching your head as well as your shoulders up to the range of a handful of inches.

You need to keep on holding this position for around and about 10 seconds. And finally, you can release back down and get back to your normal position.

Upon doing crunches, you are going to basically and generally ensure about this fact that you are making your back rounder.

In this way, your whole body weight will not be able to get dropped all on to your low spine.

Recommended Six-Pack abs Workout:

Recommended six pack abs workout

Hanging Leg Raises:

It is advised by all bodybuilders to go on doing hanging leg raises if they wish to get six-pack abs.

What you can do it to grab and take hold of a pull-up bar. Then you need to lower yourself all into a form of a dead hang.

Allow straightening your legs and then you have to pull your pelvis all back slightly, slowly, and gradually.

Moreover, tense and tighten up your core and start raising your legs until and unless your thighs manage to become perpendicular to your torso part.

Hold this position for some time and get back your body in a starting position.

This is how to get abs fast. This exercise of doing hanging leg raises, it is one of the most effective and marked as one of the hardest exercises that you can go for.

It lifts and raises half of your body weight in an upward direction and keeps your whole body under control.

These hanging leg raises have the potential to keep your core firm and tight enough and do not allow your body to keep on swinging.

It hits and targets on your transverse abdominis and also on your core. It manages to fully and thoroughly engage your obliques.

Thus, it is upon doing leg raises that you will be able to target and perfect aim on your V and too on your upper and lower abdominals.

Your whole midsection body part will get strengthen up.

Cable Crunches:

Cable Crunches1

The next recommended exercise we have for you to get abs fast, it is done and accomplished by doing cable crunches.

This exercise will effectively and perfectly crunch your abs.

Moreover, you perform this exercise and specific move by pulling the rope all down until and unless your elbows are going to meet and reach to the floor.

There is an important tip to be considered by you. You have to keep your abs completely and properly contracted.

Furthermore, keep on forcing your abs to work harder and strive on getting tougher as well.

Hence, this one is a great exercise and ideal workout practice that conveniently guides you on how to get abs fast.

It hit and aims at your upper abdominals and lower abdominals and that is the best thing about it.

Go on Doing a Plank:

This is the specific and respective exercise that involves your whole and entire body in a press-up position.

To perform this position, your feet have to be together. On the other hand, your arms have to be slightly wider than that of your shoulder width.

While doing planks, your whole weight should be able to get fully and wholly resting on your forearms.

All your body to come in a straight line form, it has to be widely and immensely stiff.

Your body needs to feel that stiffness from head to toe. In between this plank pose, keep on bracing your abs.

The longer you stay in the plank pose, the better and great it will be for you.

This is how to get abs fast. This is the most recommended exercise for building up your core.

It pulls your whole body and each and every part of your body becomes tighter.

Strengthen Your Inner Core Muscles:

Strengthen Your Inner Core Muscles

Moving on, you need to rigorously and dedicatedly involve your core muscles.

Though you will be focusing on the rectus abdominus you have to give an equal amount of attention to your inner core muscles as well.

Besides, this section is included and accompanied by internal obliques and too transverse abdominis.

We can say that this muscle group is the foundation and genuine base for your six-pack.

The core of your six packs abs has to be stronger. There is no point in building six pack abs on those core muscles that are already weaker.

Remove All Big Fat Layer from Your Core Muscles:

If you are giving equal and maximum attention to building up core muscles, then you have to consider this fact as well that whether any fat layer is present on your core muscles or not.

If it is there, then get rid of it as soon as possible.

Most noteworthy, the ideal and balanced range regarding the presence of fat in men’s bodies, it is from eight to twenty percent.


If there are below six present fat presents in your body, then there is a chance that your health may get negatively affected.

Do Woodchops:

Do Woodchops

You might be wondering how doing woodchops gives you six-pack abs, here we are going to tell you.

This is a result-driven exercise that you can go on doing!

To do this, you need to set up and adjust the cable all up to the highest pulley position.

Now you can grab the handle with the help of your one hand and after that, you need to step away from your body from the tower.

Keep your feet shoulder completely width apart. Use a free hand of yours to grab the same handle.

Extend your arms and pull down the handle with full force. Pull it up to your front knee and rotate your torso as well.

Lastly, you have to pivot your back foot. Along with that, do bend your knees.

To get back to your normal position, slowly do that by keeping your body under control.

Hence, we can say that Woodchops is a perfect exercise for targeting and aiming at your obliques.

Eat the Right Food:

The next section is going to tell you about eating the right kind of food. You can build and develop a strong core by eating the right foods and meals.

You can have whole carbs for yourself. Like, you can have quinoa, brown rice.

Moreover, you can go on having sweet potatoes, and fruit. These foods will be able to fuel and intensify your workout sessions.

This is how to get abs fast! These suggested foods help you burn more amounts of calories.

It is recommended to have protein-rich foods. In this category, you can have eggs, lean meats, and also.

For consuming unsaturated fats, you can have almond butter and eat walnuts.

Go on eating avocado, and have olive oil.

Hence, you need to grab and eat those whole foods that are packed and injected with fiber and lots of healthy fats.

Your selected food items have to be encompassed with rich protein and infused with complex carbohydrates.

What to have in breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get six-pack abs naturally and fast?

For breakfast, you can have 100 grams of oats. This will be your first meal.

In addition, have 30 grams of blueberries to digest and absorb the antioxidant properties.

Consume 20 grams of flaked almonds so that you can give your body some of the essential fats. Lastly, have 30 grams of whey protein.

Moving on to the second breakfast portion of yours, you can have it after taking a gap of two hours once you have finished eating and consuming your first breakfast.

In this breakfast time, you should be having 4 whole eggs and to 130 grams of white rice.

Moreover, consume this white rice along with some mixed green vegetables. Furthermore details on how to get abs fast, they are here for you.

For lunch, you can have 200 grams of chicken. Even more, have 250 grams of white potato.

On your plate, feel free to have a handful amount of mixed vegetables. For the second lunch, you should be eating 200 grams of Turkey.

Incorporate 150 grams of white rice and have this lunch with more and more mixed vegetables.

It is recommended by the experts that you can have asparagus during your lunch.

This is a go-to-vegetable; it is marked as an excellent diuretic and flushes out all of the toxins and unnecessary salts from your body.

Lastly, for night meals, men can have 150 grams of steak. It is advised to have 200 grams of white potato and mixed vegetables.

To end this night’s meal of yours, you can have 200 grams of sweet potato and 140 grams of salmon.

Do follow this routine and diet plan strictly and get natural-looking six-pack abs in less time.

This whole target of having abs, it is largely and massively dependent on your food measurements and also on the training intensity scales.

What Else Can You Do Get Abs Fast?

What Else Can You Do Get Abs Fast

  • What men can do is to put and involve their legs on maximum notes. This is the outside core muscle section that you have to involve. In other words, to discover and build up your six-pack abs section, you have to train your whole and entire body. This is how to get abs fast and according to your requirements. Work out on your legs. You need to understand that the largest and one of the metabolically consuming muscles, they are present and located there in your hips and. To train and strengthen your legs, you can do lunges and squats. You can even go for deadlifts.
  • Keep on drinking more and more water. You need to stay hydrated while achieving this target of yours of getting six-pack abs. To sculpt your muscles, drink as much water as you can. If you manage to retain your water levels, then it will be easy for you to get rid of all kinds of body toxins. The hydration approach will make sure that your six packs abs do not look chisel looking.

More Effective Exercises that Give You Six-Pack Abs:

Hardstyle Plank:

Hardstyle Plank

If you are looking for a smart way regarding how to get abs fast, then try doing Hardstyle plank.

For that, you have to keep your face down all on the ground.

Furthermore, you have to prop yourself and take your body in a forearm plank position.

Your elbows have to be aligned and present underneath your shoulders.

Keep your forearms parallel and hold this pose for about a time frame of 10 to 20 seconds.

If you still feel trouble while doing a Hardstyle plank, then there is a tip for you. You should learn the fact as to how to squeeze your entire and whole body.

In addition, you should be engaging your quads, glutes, and also core, back, and fists.

Perform this exercise as much tightly as you can and you have to take diaphoretic breaths.

Dead Bug Exercise:

This is another expert trainer exercise that you can carry out to showcase and flaunt six-pack abs on your body.

To do this move, you can need to keep your face all up on the floor.

Besides, keep your arms straight and they have to reside above your shoulders.

Start bringing your knees over your hips. Make sure that your calf should be forming a 90-degree angle right there with your thigh.

After that and on the side by a side note, you have to lower down your left arm and straighten your right leg, send it again towards the floor.

You can take a break or pause for a moment. Repeat this same move and exercise on the opposite side of your body.

It is suggested to go for 14 alternating reps so that you can complete at least one set.

While doing this exercise of dead bug, your lower back should be able to stay in contact right with the floor.

You have to keep up your breathing part linked to inhalation and exhalation as regular as possible.

This exercise even improves and balances your left-right coordination. It claims and promises to improve your cognitive functioning.

Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball:

Hollow Extension to Cannonball

The last exercise that we have selected for you, is this.  To perform this subjected exercise, you have to bring your body into a form of cannonball-type shape.

Hug your knees and bring them to your chest.

In addition, you have to extend your legs and also your arms in an outward direction and bring them into a “hollow” position.

The last step is to press your lower back and take it to the floor.

You can hold this position for approximately five seconds and then curl up again to perform the second rep.

While you do this exercise, you have to engage your core as much extensively as you can.

Avoid letting go of this exercise, instead what you can do is to keep on performing it and feel as if you are holding and carrying a crunch.

If you have already tried out this exercise, then share your feedback with us.

This hollow extension-to-cannonball exercise will give you desired results and shall give you toned and tight six-pack abs in less time.


Now you have got to know the easy to follow the recipe and effective guide plan on how to get abs fast.

You can share with us how you are managing to get fully toned abs. This guide is not at all complicated to follow.

Simply follow this abs workout and keep on having a nutrient-rich diet. Moreover, say no to late-night pizzas and burgers.

We are confident that this abs workout guide will give you an extra boost and will be able to amplify your confidence level.

These simple to do exercises will not give you any injury and you can easily perform them at your home.

Keep in touch with us as more men related six-pack abs building and toning tips are coming up.

So, flaunt your abs by just religiously following all steps and mentioned tips of this guide.

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