How Much Sleep Do You Need for Bodybuilding?


This is the most important factor and in which our body functions.

If you are not getting a proper night’s sleep then your body will malfunction as because of the tiredness and exhaustion you might feel fatigued and restless.

And in that case, you won’t be able to perform the proper workout routines.

Here we are going to discuss how much sleep for bodybuilding is required.

When you are bodybuilding a good night sleep is extremely important because you need to rest your body to get up the next morning and repeat that routine.

So, sleeping tight is important for you is you are a professional or passionate bodybuilder. 

But to support my case, in this article, I will share some of the importance of sleeping if you are bodybuilding.

Importance of Sleep in Bodybuilding:

Importance of Sleep in Bodybuilding

Here I will share some importance of sleeping in the bodybuilding phase which will determine how much sleep for bodybuilding you require.

Why Do We Sleep?

First, take the main question out of the equation that “why exactly do we sleep”.

This will help you understand the process of sleeping and thus help you determine how much sleep for bodybuilding is needed.

1- The Repairing Of Muscle And Other Tissues, And Replacement Of Aging Or Dead Cells:

If you are sleeping for 8 to 10 hours at night then it can be beneficial as it contributes to fasting and eventually it can be the catabolic reaction for the growth of your muscle.

But if you eat before sleeping then it might avoid this catabolic process and this will reverse the process to protein synthesis.

In actuality, the body muscles are broken down through this process of protein synthesis to provide our body with amino acids during this fasting duration.

Getting a less amount of sleep and more working out hours will not answer the question of how much sleep for bodybuilding is required.

When you are sleeping you release cells that are categorized as hormone growth.

It is common in men as 60% to 70% of the growth of hormone secretion happens because of early sleeping.

This will help you determine how much sleep for bodybuilding is needed.

2- During Sleep Energy Consumption Is Lowered:

During Sleep Energy Consumption Is Lowered

When you are sleeping the energy consumption is extremely low.

This is because of the biological mechanism that we all possess as we are not conserving many resources while sleeping.

And suppose if you are a bodybuilder and you are not getting enough sleep then you will be more and more hungry and would require more meal consumption.

The case with bodybuilders is increased size. Thus the energy conservation through the routines in the gym is paramount.

So, getting proper sleep will help you determine how much sleep for bodybuilding is needed.

3- Sleep To Recharge The Brain:

Adenosine: (It is a process where the neurotransmitter that produces ATP, is combining with the energy storage molecule to perform most of the biological reactions that happen in our body) makes sure that your brain is tired with all the hard workout routines and then it will make your body feel tired thus forcing you to sleep.

This will help you get proper sleep because you don’t know how much sleep for bodybuilding is required.

While you are sleeping the adenosine is declined to enter the brain.

That means it creates alertness, thus through a study, it is proven that during sleep hours if slept properly your brain could recharge.

And when you are working out the tiredness in your brain is caused by a high level of adenosine entering your brain especially at the end of the day your brain might feel tired and exhausted.

How much sleep for bodybuilding is needed is the question that every bodybuilder has and this answer is complicated.


This article is all about sleep and bodybuilding how they are corresponding to each other and how important is sleeping for bodybuilders.

So, if you are a bodybuilder then it is important that you know how much sleep for bodybuilders is needed to make sure their body is well maintained and healthy

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