Top 5 Best Garage Light Bulb In 2021

A garage is a basic utility of everyone’s house and hence can be utilized for wide range of purposes.

While installing a set of bright lights in your garage, you can convert your garage to a premium workstation.

Choosing the best garage light bulb can be a source of constant trouble, therefore a list of viable options are being provided to your along with a buyer’s guide to help you out while choosing your best gadget out. 

Best Garage Light Bulb Reviews:

1. Hyperikon LED Shop Light

Hyperikon LED Shop Light

Hyperikon is a brand that is well known for producing energy efficient garage light bulbs.

These LED shop light features LED technology to provide premium performance and durable lighting, being packed with top notch diodes.

Its 133 Lumens are sufficient enough to provide bright light and provide extreme visibility.  

What people love about these garage light bulbs are that although they’re a utility light, they’re designed to look attractive and eye-catching to the viewers.

For a garage that’s nicely built and contains high-quality tools, these lights can provide a garage with a vintage look while enhancing the look of your place. 

It’s five year warranty assures the users about its long lasting durability.  

These lights are textured with aluminium, thus it’s lighter in weight. This light offers  a light resolution of 5000k, which is considered to be as bright as daylight.

The package comes with a ceiling chain so that these lights can be mounted easily. 


  • Very bright, but also very low power consumption LEDs
  • Attractive design for a utility light
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Includes hanging chains
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Non-replaceable (but long-lasting) LED bulbs
  • Plug ends are not chainable
  • Some users find it small

2. PrimeLights T8 LED HighBay

PrimeLights T8 LED HighBay

If you’re looking forward to a light which offers durability, then these LEDs by prime lights can be a viable pick for you.

Being approved by the commercial grade quality standards, these are the types of LED that improves the value of an average garage. 

What we called its best feature is that these garage light bulbs are packed by removable and replaceable bulbs that offer extremely bright light and consist of four lamps inside it to illuminate a garage of any size.  

With the removable bulb technology, if one bulb fails to operate, you can easily replace that bulb with another one, and with this feature, these LEDs can prove to be energy efficient and durable. 


  • The bulbs are considered to be extremely bright.
  • The bulbs are replaceable.
  • Are easy to installed on the ceilings 
  • Are energy efficient. 


  • Are advertised as they’re manufacture in  USA, but the bulbs are made in China
  • Can be a bit expensive.

3. Striker Trilight Motion Activated Ceiling Light

Striker Trilight Motion Activated Ceiling Light

These LEDs by Striker can be installed with ease  and doesn’t compromise when it comes to illuminate your garage, and hence can prove to be a good pick within a budget.  

These Leds lights are highly versatile and can be used anywhere, while only consuming 25 Watts.

these LED illuminates 3000 lumens and tries to provide the best bright light for your garage.

These Led lights come equipped with motion sensors which turn off and off by censoring a motion in the room.

So you don’t need to worry about turning these lights off and on again and again.  

Being easy to be mounted to a wall or a ceiling  and providing enough bright light, these LED lights complete your garage.  


  • Consist of Motion-activated feature.
  • Comes with a low wattage consumption.
  • It’s build is solid and comes with adjustable LED lights


  • The motion sensor is extra-sensitive
  • Aren’t bright enough for some users.
  • Considered to be expensive for 3000 lumen lights. 

4. Bobcat Lighting 60W LED Area Light

Bobcat Lighting 60W LED Area Light

This LED light by Bobcat is considered to be ideal for illuminating your garage.

Being highly versatile, these LED lights are easy to mount and install anywhere they’re needed. 

This garage light bulb is efficient when it comes to saving energy and burns a total of 6000 Lumens to fulfill your ideal needs. 

Being energy efficient, this bulb only consumes a power of 60 Watts of power.

Being textured with aluminium, this bulb is light weighted and keeps your bulb safe from dust and moisture and hence can be a viable pick for you. 


  • Consist of a bright light. 
  • It is easy to carry because of its lightweight.
  • Saves tons of electricity bills


  • The installation instructions are unclear
  • Unidirectional brightness.

5. LED Lighting Technology LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture

LED Lighting Technology LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture

This product is particularly known for its ultra durable design and guarantees its user to produce a bright light with saving tons of energy. 

Being damp rated, this LED is maintenance free and consistently produces white bright light.  

This LED consumes a power of only 36 watts and helps you save tons of dollars in electricity bill and besides having less energy consumption rate, these LEDs offer a daylight temperature of 5000k and hence can be a viable pick for your garage. 


  • The installation is easy
  • The LED lamps are super bright
  • Are energy-efficient
  • Good customer service


  • User’s experience certain types of faults in them after some time of use. 

Best Garage Light Bulb – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Garage Light Bulb

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you use your garage, but as with other utilities of your home, your garage needs to have a comprehensive set of lighting.

Having good lighting can enable you to navigate the free spaces in your garage easily without worrying about any type of injury or falls.  

The right garage-bulb boost safety improves visibility along with efficiency, thus it’s important to choose the best pick for your garage that fulfills your needs and requirements.

Luckily, many led manufacturers are producing efficient garage light bulbs, so it can be confusing and difficult to choose the best pick for yourself. 

A comprehensive buyer’s guide is being provided below to help you out in differentiating among the best garage light bulbs you can pick for your garage. 

Types of lighting:

There are three main types of lightning that you can opt for as your garage light bulb, all these lights are built with various types of specifications and hence can be used for numerous purposes, so it’s essential to know each of them before choosing your garage light bulb. 

Ambient Lighting

If you want to illuminate and lighten the wall and floors of the garage to roam around freely with ease, then ambient lighting can suit you perfectly as your garage light bulb.

These Ambient lights come within the following types; Built-in lights with an opener, round mounted lights attached to the ceiling, and overhead soft lights.  

Task Lighting

If you want to work in the garage and thus need a maximum amount of visibility, aiming for a brighter illumination can be a quick solution for which Task lighting can prove to be an effective and brighter garage light bulb. 

These task lights come with the following types of garage light bulbs; A caged bulb that can be attached to the wire and comes with a hook that can be changed as per the user’s requirement and long adjustable shop lights. 

Accent Lighting

These are the types of lights used to highlight and emphasize a particular area or a particular wall. Whether it can be your football table or an old trophy collection in your garage, these accent lighting can do wonders and make your 

Brightnessgarage look attractive.  

A amount of  light brightness and the lumen count is an essential factor to look out for in your garage light bulb.

If you want to illuminate a wider area in your garage, then you need to go for a bulb that offers maximum light brightness and has maximum lumen output. 

To illuminate a wider area, it’s always suggested to increase your budget and invest in a pack of two garage light bulbs so that more areas can be covered with maximum visibility.   

Energy Efficient Garage Light Bulb

Who doesn’t want to reduce his electricity bills and save tons of dollars. so if you’re planning to spend a lot of your time in your garage, then you must have an option for energy saving garage light bulbs. 

Energy saving bulbs and LED lights don’t come with mercury, neither they emit harmful UV rays and can be a perfect pick to illuminate your garage.

These energy efficient gadgets consume 60 percent less energy and deliver almost the same lumen output as an average garage light bulb. 

Ease of Installation

Make sure that the garage light bulb you’re looking forward to is easy to install and comes with comprehensive clear cut installation instructions.

It’s recommended to go for a garage light bulb that has a chain attached to it or the one that can be mounted on the ceiling easily.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best type of lighting for a garage?

The best type of garage lighting is that it illuminates your garage and enhances visibility along with providing your garage with a vintage look.

Refer to the article above to select the best type of lightening for your garage.  

Which is the most beneficial LED light for a garage?

While considering the best LED light for your garage, you should look out for the energy your garage light bulbs saves you per month.

The beneficial LED should be the one that saves you from paying high electricity bills and shall not compromise while illuminating your garage. 

How much light do I need in my garage?

You need to have enough light in your garage that maximizes your visibility so that you can work with ease without having a fear of being tripped or hit by any object in the dark. 


A garage that looks brighter, bigger and attractive can help you to create a perfect working space for yourself.

So whether you have to view the details of your project or you have to repair your car, with a bright illumination anything can be done with ease. 

When choosing your perfect pick of garage light bulb, it’s necessary to consider the buyer’s guide above to ensure that the lights you have chosen for your garage are efficient and reliable.  

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