7 Steps to Finding Your Voice

7 Steps to Finding Your Voice

Discovering Finding Your Voice is a treat and you have got a face!

Yeah just cool! We have to share something with you that it may be quite a trip for most of us to get there but first, we heard our voice at age of 36 and for others can sound like a late bloomer.

For other persons, you can well be beyond the era and yet feel but there is no such thing as shame that we all have our special path.

When you are reading this article we have the following post on raising your voice while attempting to make your opinion.

which can be understood and you can find yourself thinking a lot about the struggles which women face.

As a feminist, it’s frightening to seek and speak of while you have been routinely taught to be penalized or disciplined to any level in doing so.

It extends to those girls who are instructed to be nice and to be silent and respectful and to those women members who are branded as possessing a variety of negative issues to talk up.

But we can also need your voice and we have to hear what you have got to say.

You need to be confident in owning your identity and we think that the world’s society relies on more people having their voices and finding them.

We assume that there are many Pathways to one-ness and definitely a number of ways to find the identity in a given movement.

So too many of us lead lives of silent desperation which can be different for aspirations or use the reason of time or resources or other things as the justification.

So we don’t articulate our special talents or particular abilities.

It is truly common to avoid a difficult or slightly uncomfortable conversation, in fact, it’s often seen as a virtue to hold back in these volatile times.

But it does not necessarily mean speaking out those discord and arguing.

Many people can raise some questions in their mind that what is genuine in fact not being heard in your life and how you can Finding Your Voice?

We have to give all the answers in this article which can throw you out of trouble.

We don’t want to be rude about it so to make anyone else feel confident you don’t need to weaken your speech either.

In this article, we have to make everyone comfortable to find their voice or to raise their voice in 7 steps.

Honest And Open Conversation:

Honest And Open Conversation

During your counseling, a common topic is a problem that people can experience with frank and open discussions.

Too many are keeping off what they really believe and it’s often with family and partners members as well as colleagues and close friends not just with online strangers or a boss.

If you are not expressing what your mind is saying so you should not only be on the major things but this also prevents shyness so maybe not confident in asking for a drink of water or heading to the loo.

Even little stuff will sound like so many occasions.

The explanations are evidently complex because this is about for many avoiding conflicts that they dream of massive claims or constant pain and rifts.

Another explanation for that is your inner voice and the lack of confidence which can tell you that your opinion is not valid for others or it does not matter.

Some can be caught up on what they want from them.

Maybe you are the sensitive one that always expected the line to the toe or maybe you have been a teenager rebellious and are still seen as in component and erratic.

Overall it appears like it is not just a word but it also pops up the time again and again.

Now here are the 7 steps by which you can find your voice confidently.

1- Be Careful With Your Comments When You Say Something:

Be Careful With Your Comments When You Say Something

Don’t speak for the talk’s sake and if you can make sure that you are thinking thoughtfully and also in an entertaining manner.

Be descriptive just not definite in your words but this is easier to do as the debate gets hot but without demonizing her or him you may disagree with someone.

This is pointless to get upset but aims to take that it is out of the discussion.

2- Acknowledge That You Have Something Important to Say:

You need to begin by understanding first that you can bring value to the conversation and your words and thoughts must matter in your conversation.

Do not measure the value of your words against others while you are sitting in your room or at the table with your friends.

If you are going to play the game of the competition so you devalued yourself before you really got started.

Make your value in front of others confidently and raise your voice for your rights.

3- Keep Together For Yourself:

Keep Together For Yourself

When something goes against a deeply held value for you so you need to be willing to speak up.

During those times silence or slowing down isn’t a choice.

Looking yourself in the mirror and liking what you see is far more important for you than worrying about what someone is thinking about you and what they talk behind you.

If someone is speaking against you, you have to speak up and prove them wrong and also tell them how they have negative thinking about others. 

4- Be Confident Rather Than Defensive:

Instinctively a defensive posture says that you need to prove something.

When you are sure that you have got nothing to prove to the other side so you only need to convince everybody else that what you really believe is real or true.

Be confident in front of your family and friends and prove yourself who you are and can also show them that you have value too.

And you can also talk from the position instead of attempting to prove something.

Show them your confidence and change their perception regarding yourself.

5- Get Yourself Safe:

Get Yourself Safe

The criticism can be intense and will personally take a toll on you.

For a second week and suggesting that you say it doesn’t concern you but it is going to annoy you because you are human and you have a heart that hurts.

End you also don’t want to believe something which is not real. And anytime it occurs on the safe side so you need the support of someone you trust the most and start going forward.

As a woman, if you think that you have to deal with it all alone so that is not true you have to believe in yourself.

6- You Have to Prepare For The Possible Backlash:

Some environments still exist if you want to believe things that are proving yourself as a woman leader which are penalized for speaking out.

Maybe you are bullied by your friends or they can lose your confidence and can label you aggressive or call you a bitch so you have to remember two important things that can boost your confidence. 

  1. Being a leader comes with criticism which is irrespective of gender and the words they are attaching with the name of women are just nastier but you have to make yourself confident.
  2. Speak the truth always and always raise your voice for the right things whether they called you something or abusing you but you have to ignore them and show them that you are a well managed and a confident girl or a boy as well.
  3. Because in many cases boys can also be bullied by their friends.
  4. If your friends or your boss can call you those names so don’t downplay your personality and don’t feel uncomfortable in front of them but you have to take any serious actions and move forward as quickly as possible.

7- Baby Steps:

Baby Steps

Putting yourself out there and allowing your voice to be heard is risky and there are some but maybe you cannot do it all at once, that is perfect in a big way because you have to find a little bit to get you going today.

All you have to do is apologize bless purposely by saying nothing but the baby steps count so start wherever you can and do whatever you want.

If you know that the power is your voice you can raise for yourself and of any cause you cannot offer it up to someone.

We think that in certain discussions nowadays on many occasions the influence of the voice of feminism is lacking.

Decide today that you have to reclaim your power and raise your voice whatever that might seem to you.


Men and women both have equal rights if we talk about raising your voice because they are both abused or bullied by others, some in offices, some in colleges and universities by their friends, employees, or bosses.

If you are saying something right, be confident, and do not give a chance to others to talk negatively in front of you or behind you regarding the right things.

You have to be confident and be respectful in front of others and can also enhance your personality because it can not give a chance to pointing fingers at you.

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