10 Ways to Let Go of Fear and Trust the Process

10 Ways to Let Go of Fear and Trust the Process

Daily, we make some choices that may or may not affect our personality or our future.

These choices decide where our life directs or not.

These choices that we make can severely affect our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

They affect the people closest to us and the lives of strangers all over the world. 

Our choices have tremendous power. The simple decision to eat healthily or stop an addiction can have a positive ripple effect greater than you can ever imagine.

Decisions that are taken abundantly or in an unstable mental or physical state can do much harm. Poor decisions are born out of fear.

The main reason for making poor decision come out of fear.

Fear and Trust is the main reason that stops you or restricts you to stand up for a cause or make a change in society or even restrict you to follow your passion or dream.

This is the fear that takes all the enjoyment and ability to participate in events out of your life. Who said this has to be the way. 

You should fit this in your mind that if you have made some poor choices in your past but you always have the freedom to choose again and again. So, don’t get your morale down. 

Everyone lives in uncertainty. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee.

You should remember that this life of yours is a process, and in a process, there always are ups and downs. You should be able to trust this process without fearing it.

If you are stuck in some situation where you have to decide your life, then the correct way.

Such a vision is to center yourself and submerge yourself into the possibilities of that choice.

Where you feel safe to make a decision, then you should trust it and go with it.  Lean into change and go with the flow. 

Fear of Letting Go:

Fear of Letting Go

When you have a fear of letting go, then you can never achieve anything because that you won’t be able to think straight and make the right decision.

Fear can either make a person nervous and hold down their abilities and thoughts back.

Because of that, they are not able to do anything that they want. Why is there a fear of failing or falling in their mind that keeps them restrained all the time? 

Fear Controls You:

When it comes to controlling a human mind, there is no such thing as to control a Human mind.

But when it comes to fear, then it evidently controls a human mind and makes them depend on itself.

The interesting thing is that every person who fears knows this but never acknowledges this factor and continues to fear for everything. 

Especially the hardest yet easy fear is the fear of trusting.

When someone has lost their trust in someone, it is hard for the people to regain it. Nonetheless, it is hard for the person who lost the trust to trust anybody else.

This is because fear, fear makes them vulnerable. Thus, they this so.

Let Go of the Fear:

Let Go of the Fear

The following tips will help you reconcile yourself and trust the process easily without fearing it.

1. Live With a Sense of Wonder:

Allow life to support you. Spend time outdoors: watch the sunrise, plant a rose bush, or go for a walk.

Get caught up in the laughter and movement of children on a playground.

2. Go With The Flow:

Don’t deny your feelings. Breathe. Let painful emotions pass through you.

Learn to detach from people, places, and things that no longer serve you. Don’t hold yourself back.

3. Be Resilient:

Be Resilient

If you believe yourself to take responsibility for your life and you should have the ability to respond to life to whatever it throws at you.

Think of everything you have survived in the past. Move-in a new direction. Decide that you’re going to survive and thrive. Be gentle with yourself.

4. Serve Others:

If it seems that life is completely against you, then you should find a way to center yourself and bring forward your choices and opportunities to find another angle in your life. Work in the soup kitchen. Pick up litter.

Join a cause. You should do something that can completely define your future and your personality, and that can tell you who you are and what your capabilities are.

5. Do Your Work:

Own your shortcomings. Heal your shadow side. Live with a positive attitude and a grateful heart.

If you are responsible for your life, then you will have the power to become authentic and the captain of your life’s ship.

6. Embrace The Unknown:

Embrace The Unknown

You are exactly where you need to be.

Some distractions may come along in your life, and if you remove them, then you will understand where you are standing and where you want to lead your life.

It’s a gift to trust the unseen and intangible with a feeling of satisfaction and joy.

7. Be Flexible:

Be willing to change your plans and direction. Be open to “not knowing.”

Life changes in an instant. Change with it. Find role models that can teach you the correct way of living without fear. Such people move in their life pretty easily.

8. Live With Uncertainty:

Live With Uncertainty1Get comfortable with “not knowing.” We don’t know why things happen. We don’t know what anything is for.

Let go of your fear of change. Believe the best is yet to come. You should breathe, reflect on your lifestyle, and take care of your personal health.

9. Enjoy The Sun;

The dark doesn’t last forever. Allow yourself to enjoy life. How good can you let it get?

How much joy can you stand? You’re worthy of it all. Increase your pleasure quotient. Claim your abundance. Look for the light and move towards it.

10. Expect Beautiful Lessons and Priceless Gifts:

If you make yourself able to release all your fear and all the negativity from inside you, then what is left in you would be beautiful and supportive.

That positivity is what you need and require. So make yourself able to do that.

If you make yourself able to trust the process of life, then you will find oneness, synchronicity, serendipity, and the best thing of all, unconditional love.

By this, your life’s path becomes steer clear, and that can pull you toward a sense of safety and security.

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