Egg Nutrition Facts: Calories, Protein and More

Anyone who takes eggs every single day, that person will always live a healthy life.

If you are unaware of the power of eggs and searching for egg nutrition facts, then you are at the right place.

Here you can know, how much they are packed with proteins and calorie content.

Furthermore, when it comes to nutrition level, then they are harder and tougher to beat.

Having two boiled eggs in a day or fusing them with an avocado toast, this is the best breakfast portion that one can wish for!

Have you ever imagined your life without having eggs? Trust us, it will be so much boring.

Eggs are one of the main and primary dietary mainstays of your nutrition plan.

It is best to have them during the breakfast time of yours. If your kids do not feel like eating anything, then simply give them eggs.

They will love them to see this food on their tables. Furthermore, for making a quick lunch or quick supper time, you can make any delicious dish consisting of eggs.

Moreover, with the help of them, you can make both appetizing sweet and savory dishes.

The Real Reputation of Eggs:

The real reputation of eggs

It is for decades and centuries time frame that eggs possess a high amount of repute.

They are encompassed by a wholesome reputation and fame level at their end.

Talking about the specific and general egg nutrition facts, they are injected with high protein content.

There was this myth that eggs had high cholesterol content in them and there were only marked as villainous food items.

But this is not true now! There is no substitute, alternative, and replacement of eggs.

It is revealed and declared by the American Heart Association that eggs are embossed with the highest nutritional content.

They give productive and long-lasting health to adults and aged individuals.

Even if you have a single egg in a day, then that is enough for you,

The Power of Eggs:

power of eggs- It is backed by science

The overall power of eggs, it is now fully backed and supported by science.

No doubt, this is one of the wonderful and amazing nutritious food items.

In addition, you can have it the way it is or take it with milk. You need to know that eggs consist and comprise of the highest amount of biological value.

They display gold standards whenever we talk about protein content.

There are 75 calories and 7 grams of protein present in a single egg.

Moreover, there are 5 grams of fat and also 1.6 grams of saturated fat content.

Besides, you are going to see traces of minerals and vitamins and too iron and carotenoids.

As these are just the basics of egg nutrition facts, from this information, we can say that eggs are the powerhouse.

They help you tackle with disease-fighting nutrients like that lutein as well as zeaxanthin.

The presence of carotenoids presents in eggs helps you heal any of your age-related muscular degeneration problems.

Upon consuming eggs regularly, your brain will develop on extensive notes and your memory level is going to be enhanced too

Difference between Designer Eggs and Traditional Eggs:

You might be wondering what the difference between tradition and designer eggs are, here you can know about it.

A large number of chicken farmers, they have modified and enhanced their egg development and manufacturing process.

That is why, in these designer eggs, you will see increased and improved nutritional properties.

Chickens who lay these designer eggs, are feed and injected with omega-3 fatty acids.

Their diets are enriched with bran, kelp and canola oil, and also fish oil, marine algae.

These specialty eggs make use of a pasteurization process and this increases the quality of eggs.

All in all, if you are planning to buy designer eggs, then they come with designer and high prices too.

Some individuals like to have them as they are more organic, vegetarian.

These designer eggs are marked and claimed to be nutrient-enriched eggs.

Lastly, whenever you buy eggs, make sure they are penned down with proper nutritional details.

You may have seen that in a generic egg, the general egg nutrition facts are composed of 213 mg cholesterol and 1.6 g saturated fat and also 1 IU vitamin E, and too 35-40 mg omega-3s.

Why Have Eggs? They Keep You, Full, All Day Long:


There are lots of reasons that can be penned down and instantly explained to you regarding why to have eggs!

First of all, they keep you full for the whole day. You get this fullness feeling from them.

If you only have an egg and a few slices of whole-grain toast during your breakfast time, then that is way more enough for you.

Along with it, you can have a grapefruit. This is the best and low-calorie breakfast that you can go for.

One of the more powerful egg nutrition facts, is that these food items keep you 200% satisfied during the whole day.

You tend to feel as if you have eaten something very healthy and nutritious.

Eggs help you in gaining weight. If you notice that you have started losing and shedding more and more weight, then include eggs in your diet.

This component is packed and fused with some of the naturally nutrient-rich ingredients and minerals.

Eggs are extremely and super easy to light. They are loved by old people and kids.

They get to be adapted and amalgamated with any meal item of yours. Moreover, eggs are super inexpensive.

Power of Hard-Boiled Eggs:

Power of Hard-Boiled Eggs

The power and ultimate potential of hard-boiled eggs, they cannot be denied. They are an excellent course of lots of nutrients and also proteins.

Feel free to call them a powerhouse. You can enjoy having eggs if you are going to hard boil them too.

These kinds of eggs are loved and preferred on the salad toppings. You can even eat them alone and sprinkle them with a little trace and hint of salt and pepper.

From this specific discussion, you will know more about egg nutrition facts.

You need to know that hard-boiled eggs are fused with 77 calories and 5 grams of fat.

They have little carbs in them too. You will get lots of nutrients from them like zinc and calcium and vitamin D.

Eggs Improve Your Eye Health and Brain Health:

If you want to improve your eye health and brain health, then have eggs. They claim and promise to boost your brain and eye health.

Eggs are packed with the maximum number of antioxidants and nutrients, for the reason that they show immense magical power in them!

As you might have studied that egg has choline in them. It is an essential and important nutrient that makes your body healthy.

Though a human body produces and makes choline naturally but this production process happens in a little amount.

So, to increase your choline intake, you can have eggs. Eggs do not allow your body to become deficient with this nutrient.

So, if you are consuming more and more eggs, it means your body will never run short off choline.

Moreover, choline keeps your nervous system all healthy enough. It improves your memory and learning zones.

This nutrient extends your lifespan and helps you out in the memory development areas.

In the older adults out there, it helps and assists you in the cognitive functioning part.

In what Other Ways Having Eggs is Magical for Your Health?

n what Other Ways Having Eggs is Magical for Your Health

Moving to more stats and data on egg nutrition facts, it is seen that eggs are great for pregnant women.

For such women, they manage to keep their choline levels stable enough.

In addition, eggs reduce the risk and danger of neural tube defects right in the fetus for pregnant women.

It is for your information that choline is present in an egg yolk. It is one hard-boiled egg that 147 mg of choline content is present.

So, whenever it comes to the trusted and best source of choline, you can have eggs.

Apart from that eggs have zeaxanthin and lutein antioxidants present in them. These ingredients claim to improve your eye health.

It is seen that these components help you fight with oxygen-induced radicals that usually and generally gets accumulated there in your eyes.

It is proved that having eggs slow down the formation and development of cataracts.

It protects your body from having any of the age-related sorts of muscular degeneration problems.

There is this detrimental blue light that is extremely and quite harmful to your eyes. It is important for you to keep your eyes secured from this harmful light.

Eggs make this possible for you. Besides, it is all because of the yolk’s fat profile that your body absorbs and incorporates more of the zeaxanthin and lutein antioxidants in them.

How Eggs Give You Healthy Weight Loss?

How Eggs Give You Healthy Weight Loss

Eggs are marked as low-calorie food that is why they immediately and naturally help you in losing some extra pounds and fat of yours.

For all dieters out there, this is an excellent and best option for you. It is one of the highlights of egg nutrition facts.

Eggs are accompanied by satiating properties. They keep you full and control your hunger levels.

If you have two eggs at breakfast time, then there are chances that you will reduce your lunch portion.

Most importantly, eggs give you healthy body weight loss and you bring down the risk of gaining weight and obesity in a natural manner.

There was this study conducted and carried out in which it was proved and verified that those women who used to have egg-based breakfasts and on diet, they show clear-cut results regarding weight loss.

These women experience more weight loss and there they saw a reduction and decrease in their waist circumference.

Moreover, these women manage to reduce their body fat as they opted for an egg-based breakfast routine.

Eggs And Health Go Side By Side!

Eggs and health go side by side

Below we have more for you on egg nutrition facts! It is completely true that eggs and health, they go side by side.

No doubt, they promote heart health because of the traces of choline and betaine present in them.

They reduce the chance of having a stroke. So, to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, make eggs as your best and trustworthy friends.

They protect your bones. Furthermore, eggs prevent rickets and also osteoporosis.

You need to shop for eggs in a wiser manner as a variety of egg types are out in the market.

Like you might have seen free-range eggs and barn-raised eggs and organic eggs. These egg types differ in terms of their vitamin D content.

No matter, you are going for a balanced diet planning routine or varied diet plan, make eggs the compulsory and must part of your meals.

As they are tempting and fulfilling to eat, that is why they will make your breakfast and other mealtimes more enjoyable.

Whenever you are choosing eggs, make sure that you visually inspect them thoroughly and properly.

There should be no cracks present on them. Moreover, there should be no liquids hints and traces in their packaged box.

Before you buy them, make sure that they are broken. It will be best if you keep your purchased eggs in the refrigerator.


More and more egg nutrition facts are coming up, so stay tuned with us.

Now, you have all know and understood this fact that eggs are a real blessing for you.

This is a nutrient-dense food, so have it every single day.

They are the best source of proteins and vitamins and antioxidants, for the reason that never skips having eggs in your breakfast time.

You do not have to worry that eggs are high in cholesterol content; they will not pose any risk to your heart health.

Feel free to have hard-boiled eggs or fried eggs or in any version you want to!

No doubt, they are easiest and quickest to make and bring a nutritious addition to your meal plans.

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