The Ultimate Guide to Deadlift Workout Routine in 2021

When it comes to deadlift workout then the major things that you need to take care of is your body and strength.

As it is said, that from all the compound lift that is available deadlift workout routine is the toughest and the most advanced that can tear your body apart if not done properly. 

Consider this that deadlift workout routine is considered to be a one on one challenge that is between you and the barbell.


If you want to build and develop that mass and the strength of your body then bringing deadlift routine in your life can be the best thing if you feel up to it.

There are some people still confused that how can they do a proper deadlift workout.

Don’t worry we have everything sorted out as here we are going to show you the best routines that are out there and these routines.

I agree might take some effort but when you bring them in your daily life then you will feel the change. 

All of these routines are not just a way of changing the body style these routines might help you change your lifestyles.

With that, we have included some awesome tips and these tips are top-notch so now by simply following them you can easily make sure that you have a perfect deadlift workout routine. 

How to Deadlift?

How To Deadlift

Generally, deadlifting is considered to be a simple yet effective routine to follow,

But if done incorrectly then you might hurt or even permanently damage your back as all the pressure comes to your spine and that is what you need to balance. 

Place the barbell on the floor and with that done now comes the perfect position that you should be while doing a deadlift.

Put your hands with your feet at an aligned position, with that keep your shoulder wide apart to get an extreme effect.

Now: place your feet just under the barbell to get into the perfect position of deadlifting. From there you need to bend your legs and be sure that you have a straight aligned back. 

Now: place your hand under the barbell to lift it. Either your hand can be in one direction or a mixed one supposes one hand is facing in and one hand is facing out.

Or it could be both hands facing out or in. It is completely up to you.

When lifting you need to be sure that your head is up and the back as straight as you lift the weight with your hands and drive it through your chest taking it towards your head.

With that keeping in mind, you then need to extend your legs to the fullest and maximum limit and then lift the bar up.

While lifting the barbell should pass through your shin and then your knees as closest as possible because as you move upward then you are pushing your hips forward and closing in your bend knees. 

By doing this you will be standing straight with the barbell in your hand which is at least at your waist height.

Again you need to be sure throughout this process your head is up and back is straight. 

Then it will be time to return to the initial position and to do that you will slowly bend your knees down to place the barbell on the ground and keeping sure that your back is straight and your head is up.

Benefits Of Deadlifting:

Benefits Of Deadlifting

As most of the athletes know that with the help of a deadlift workout they can immersively enhance their grip and mass with that a chunk of muscles gaining ultimate power.


Well, essentially these deadlift is extremely heavy and by lift a heavy object you can gain muscles agreed!

And doing it for a routine might give you power, strength, and grip at the same time. 

When you do Deadlifting then it can be built up your core stability and that can enhance your core strength.

And that strength will directly affect your gripping hold and your stamina.

But if you will do deadlift at a high rate of hardcore then it will be built the following muscle groups

  1. On the Back, it will affect your erectors and lats. 
  2. The main part of performing a deadlift workout is played by legs. This workout helps you to develop complete muscles in your lower half. 
  3. When you are doing deadlift then all of your arm muscles are contracted. Thus enhancing the arms power and forearms grip. 
  4. Shoulders directly affect on your traps with heavy deadlift routine. 

Alternative Styles Of Deadlifting:

Alternative Styles Of Deadlifting

When it comes to styles of deadlift then there are few styles and variations that you can follow.

And these styles are easily performable in the gym or if you have the right equipment then at home also.

Now: down bellow are some examples that you can follow and if you are following our routine then these styles might help you a lot. 

1. Sumo Deadlift:

This is when you spread your legs farther than your shoulder width and having a narrow grip with your hands.

2. Romanian Deadlift:

And this style is a combination of hands and your back. This means you are putting your hands and your back in action rather than your legs.

This style is executable when you keep your back straight and a little bit use of knees won’t heart you as you are just bending them slightly.

You bend your knees to just hover the bar over the floor and then pull it right back up.

The Ultimate Deadlift Workout Routine:

The Ultimate Deadlift Workout Routine

You have just started this deadlift workout routine then you need to set a schedule to perform this workout.

In the initial stages, you should take it once a week so that your back is relieved and in perfect shape. 

And if you are a pro then you can perform this workout routine multiple times in a week.

This is a beasty workout formula that can be consolidated by those people who have acquired the ability of strong muscles and strong bones. 

That’s why I said if you are a pro.

Because performing a deadlift workout 2 times in a week can be exhausting and it can permanently damage your back.

Workout A: (Duration)

  • 2 x 12 warmup set (20-30% of max)
  • 5 x 12 deadlift (50% of max)
  • 1 x 15 deadlift (60 % of max)
  • 3 x 10 Romanian deadlift (40% of max)

At this stage, you need to be sure that your arms are firm and strong and they are able to handle some weight, with that, not only weight matters but you also have to lift the bar with less weight attached. 

Workout B: (Weight)

  • 1 x 10 warmup set (30-40% of max)
  • 3 x 6 deadlift (70-75% of max)
  • 2 x 5 deadlift (80% of max)
  • 2 x 2-3 deadlift (85-90% of Max)

Workout C: (Accessory)

This can be done on an alternative weekly basis. So, by this, your body will get time to heal and prepare itself to do another set of this workout.

So, doing it alternatively should be the perfect option thus your body needs rest and by following this routine pattern you will be giving your body rest before doing this deadlift workout routine.

  • 3 x 5 finger grip pull-ups
  • 3 x 10 Romanian deadlifts (60% of max)
  • 3 x 10 sumo deadlifts (70% of max)

You can do 50 to 100 ft of farmers walk and with an average weight attached.

You can perform workout routine B for a week regularly but you have to switch back and forth with routine A and routine C

DeadLift Variations:

DeadLift Variations

If deadlifting is not a part of your workout session then this can be a problem for you if you want tough and firm muscles. 

Not convinced?

Here are some benefits that you can get if you are doing a conventional deadlift.

Here are some of the best versions of deadlifting that are most popular and are performed by several weight lifters.

  • Develops glute and hamstring strength and power. By developing these muscles your athletic power will be enhanced as most of the muscles targeted in this routine are the vital muscles set to enhance the ability to sprint or jump.
  • It can be extremely efficient in order to reinforce the hip hinge movement. This can be perfect if you are an athlete as this can enhance the power of an athlete and allows you to perform some excruciating tasks. If you can learn to hip hinge correctly, you’ll maximize your power and protect your lower back.
  • As you are doing heavy weight and you have tightened your body thus it gives pressure on your grip and your traps in order to enhance it.

Thus doing these variations can be a perfect routine to make sure that you are following a deadlift workout routine.

1. Sumo Deadlift:

If you use an additional wide stance then it will benefit you. How? Pretty simple it will easily switch back and forth to the primary and secondary muscles when used.

This can give your body more strength and power with that more stability in muscles.

So, doing this technique will help you ease your body and do this exercise for a longer period.

2. Deficit Deadlift:

Deficit Deadlift

If you are doing a deficit deadlift workout then this workout routine involves you standing on a small piece of the box.

Basically increasing your height than it is. So, this either can be a plate or a box whichever suits you better. 

What this will do it it will increase the distance of you from the weight that you are about to lift.

And it will give pressure to your back and arms as you have to travel further down and fight the gravity to lift the weight thus having an enhanced effect on your body. 

This then moves you through some hard and effective range of motion that you can perform.

It’s more challenging to pick up the bar from this position, so you won’t be able to lift as much weight; however,

It’s a fantastic way to increase strength and even improve your conventional Deadlift.

3. Block Deadlift:

Now: this routine or Deadlift variation is considered to be the opposite of the previously mentioned deadlift routine that is deficit deadlift routine.

In this, you are about to place the dumbbell on a piece of blocks or plates just to raise the height of the bar.

This can reduce the range of motion and if you are tired then this can help you get through the routine.

4. Dumbbell Deadlift:

Dumbbell Deadlift

Now: if you are using dumbbells then it won’t affect you in a way that it is enhancing your strength or making you huge.

But it will simply help you become agile and more stable.

With that, this is the perfect way to learn this routine and if you are new to deadlift then the dumbbell deadlift is the perfect way to start learning.

The dumbbell deadlift gives you the versatility to perform this exercise in high reps thus targeting your endurance and power in the muscle.

You can do this by just doing more circuits and finishers and voila this will directly enhance your back and arms and all the muscles that you need to enhance.

5. Romanian Deadlift:

Now: this is a more conventional approach to a deadlift workout routine as RLD is performed when you lower your hips down and essentially sit on your hips.

With that, you will raise the bar to your shins. And it will be difficult for you to touch the bar on the ground due to the limited flexibility in your hamstrings.

And by this, you are making your glutes and your hamstrings more versatile and flexible.

6. Single-Leg RDL:

Single-Leg RDL

This routine or variation of the deadlift is the best way to enhance your glutes and your hamstrings.

Though it might take time in building it should as you are working it simultaneously.

7. Snatch-Grip Deadlift:

In this routine yes! It is similar to the conventional deadlift but in this variation, you are just changing your grip that’s all.

And if you are using an extra-wide grip that I mentioned previously then your back and the straps that you wear to enhance the effect will work hard and give more tension to your body to make sure that you can lift the weight.

Here are some common questions that have been asked by various people in order to get the routine right.

Do Deadlifts Cause Injury?

Do Deadlifts Cause Injury

When it comes to causing injury in the field of exercising then deadlift has the highest rate of causing injuries.

There are several Olympics athletes who were deadlifts and now they are either in a wheelchair or on the bed. 

Because when you are doing deadlift then it directly targets your nervous system and your spinal cord.

And this is extremely dangerous because if not done properly then it can damage your spinal cord or disk on your back and cause you either temporary or permanent damage. 

How to Do a Romanian Deadlift?

Romanian Deadlift

If you want to master the Romanian deadlift routine then it might take some time to do so through various trainers.

It has been recommended that if you only focus on your hip hinge movement then it might be easier than before.


I mean hip hinge movement in this you have to bend your hip completely and make sure that you back or I should say the spine is straight.

 With that, the trainers also suggest you have a good hinge workout warm-up.

In this, you can either use some lightweight of a barbell or light-weighted dumbbell or you can just simply perform a single-leg Romanian deadlift with either no weight attached or you can use again lightweight.

What this will do it that you will have strong hamstrings and the hip hinge will also be flexible and firm.

And then when you have done all of it you can easily move to the Romanian deadlift with heavy equipment.

Because that will be the top part of this routine.

And as I told you you have to master the hip hinge movement and when you have done that then it might be easy for you to tackle 

  1. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart with a slight bend in your knees, a barbell placed in front of you.
  2. You should keep your hinge forward almost aligned from the hips and then when it comes to the spine then you should keep your spine straight when your front part of the body touches the floor. Then at this stage, you have to grab the barbell but you have to maintain the distance of shoulder length. This will help you get a firm and accurate grip on the barbell.
  3. With that, now comes the time to prepare your body for this workout routine as you have to tighten your hamstrings and glutes to the point where your body is prepared to lift the weight. As you do so then you have to make sure your legs are straight when you pick up the barbell and your core is firm. 
  4. Then you will repeat this same process but with some alterations such as you can lower the weight somewhere between your knees and toes but this will depend on your agility and flexibility. Make sure that your front end of the body is parallel to the floor and your back is completely straight. With that, a slight bend in the knees is obvious and your core should also be strong.

How to Do a Trap-bar Deadlift?

Trap-bar Deadlift

So what muscles does the trap bar deadlift work?

As this is a hip hinge routine than doing a trap bar workout is the best option as it only affects those areas of the body. 

And here are some of the areas of muscles that Trap Bar targets:

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Abdominals
  • Forearms
  • Low Back
  • Upper Back

The Proper Trap Bar Deadlift Technique:

  • Get a trap bar and then add as much weight as you need or desire
  • Get inside the trap bar and keep a shoulder-width stance with your toes and make sure you point them forward
  • Ensure that you are standing in the center of the trap bar
  • From this position squeeze your glutes and begin to lower yourself by bending at the hips first and then the knees
  • When grabbing the handle of the trap bar make sure your back is neutral and flat.
  • Take a big breath, and hold it in. Now, you should begin the pull by forcing your feet towards the ground until the knees and your glutes are fully extended.
  • Then you will give pressure on your glutes in order to stand upright.
  • Make sure that your back is in the same position throughout the movement.
  • Then you will reverse this same process and follow the same way that you lifted to put the weight down.

How to Do a Sumo Deadlift?

Sumo Deadlift

You have to stand with a feet shoulder-width or if you prefer you can be wider.

To make sure that you are deadlifting properly you need to put preferred dumbbells in front of you to get easy access and increase your reachability to them.

Then when done this you can rotate your feet away about 30 to 40 degrees from the midline of your body.

To push it you need to keep your spine straight as I have told you several times and make sure that you squeeze your glutes with that, move your hips forward and try lifting the weight as if you are standing up.

I mean give pressure on your legs.

Because of the sumo squats, you will be able to lift heavy weight eventually as it tightens your core and makes sure your hamstrings and glutes are able to lift the heavyweight properly.

Now: coming towards the routine aim for 5 to 8 reps max until you fatigue, and as soon as you feel tired then rest for 90 seconds.

Keep this in mind that your body as exerted all the energy and you are fatiguing.

So, make sure that you start again with 2 reps and work your way up to at least 4 reps in a routine.

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