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8 Critical Diet Tips to a Successful Lean Bulk

People love to pump up their muscles especially men. Women do also love to build up their physic stronger but it is more common among men.

Getting bulked is what they call. It needs a lot of attention and most bodybuilders love to do it.

The big buffed up muscles which make them look like the incredible hulk is really fun for them.

Most surprisingly women also do enjoy doing that. They like to have the same physic as the men do.

In order to achieve this goal you really need to work hard. There is a daily routine for it, so in this article.

I will be discussing all of the requirements you need to become a famous superhero the hulk.

So now, people not only want to get bulked, but they want to do it in less time as possible.

Well, you have come to the right place for guidance.

Let’s begin!

What Is Bulking Up?

What Is Bulking Up1

Before I dive into our main topic and ell you the fastest way to bulk up let me tell a little bit about bulk its self.

Bulk and swole are basically the exact same thing. The meaning is the same and the way or methods are the same.

In this article, I may use the word swole, so don’t get confused.

Bulk is basically physic where a person’s muscle grows massive, you know what I mean.

They look like the twin brother of hulk that big they look.

Most of the people enjoy loving it, there is even a bodybuilding competition where men from all around the world compete and show there pumped up the body to the world.

The person who has great physic and muscle growth will be crowned as the winner. Lean Bulk is truly a sport for them. 

What Diet Should I Use For Lean Bulk?

What Diet Should I Use For Lean Bulk

When you are fir a lean bulk and you want to be strong as hell and attractive alongside, then you should go for a diet.

In diet, you eat healthy food to give nutrition to your muscles. 

So lucky for you I have some meals that are good for people who are on a diet.

Apart from the diet you also need to do other things that will help you in lean bulk.  

So following are the tips that you want to do when you have a plan in bulking up.

Other Things That You Need To Focus On Lean Bulk?

Other Things That You Need To Focus On Lean Bulk

So apart from eating stuff you also need to make changes in your workout.

So here are some of the things that you may consider in changing it.

1#: Drink More Protein Shakes:

When you are in the process of bulking, meaning building muscles then you need to have or intake protein.

Consuming higher protein is the best gateway to getting swole.

About one gram per round of your body weight seems to be good at the beginning of gaining muscles during a bulk.

2#: Lose Your “Obsession”

Lose Your Obsession1

Waking early in the morning and seeing yourself in the mirror and looking at those abs hoping that there would be any.

Let me tell you something to stop obsessing, it’s never going to work.

How many times I have seen people with 5% to 6% body fat and they fail to bulk up because they do not like to be in the body fat range of 8% to (% where sleep is best, the trainer is must to have, and growth is better.

Some people stop at 6% body fat as they think it might affect their sex life, which to me is absolutely ridiculous.

That’s not because of your body it is because you don’t have a sense of dating.

3#: Skip the Fasted Life:

You have heard many people saying that fasting is good when it comes to diet and I got to tell fasting is cool when it comes to diet.

There is no doubt about that.

Here is what I want you to do take two pieces of paper and in one right the word fasted and in others write the word jacked. 

Take your time and think about which paper you and why you want to pick.

Once you have decided to take the chosen paper and stick it on your mirror and the other one, just toss it in the trash.

Now long story short, the reason why I am telling you to skip fasting is that fasting will help you to lose weight, you do not want that right?

You need to have or consume more calories and increase the volume of your training.

4#: Focus on the Eccentric Phase:

Focus on the Eccentric Phase1

If you not familiar with eccentric, it means easy, So you need to increase your eccentric and decrease your concentric(hard).

Let’s look at a simple example, Take squat, for instance, going down is an eccentric phase, and coming up is the concentric phase.

In order to increase the eccentric phase, you have two choices.

Either slow down the easy part or just to eccentric part of your exercise,.

Ok, take squat for this example, we know that lowering toward the floor is an eccentric part.

So what you can do is that you can stop your exercise there. Just go low and done.

But here you need to do something else and that is to apply weight. Use a weight while doing the eccentric phase.

5#: Increase Your Training Volume:

So here you need to do more than you usually do. If you are doing 30 rep and 5 sets.

Then double your reps and start doing 60 reps in 5 sets. Here you can go for less weight instead of using heavy once.

By increasing, you will gain your muscles much faster. But you need to be careful because you may suffer from lots of injuries because men do when the bulk.

Sometimes you can tear your muscle tissues due to heavy lift, with that being said you need to caution about the amount of weight you use.

6#: Veggies Got To Go:

Veggies Got To Go

Veggies are not a good option when you are bulking up. So you need to have a good choice of what you consume during this process.

Veggies are good, they are healthier, and nutritious in maintaining your weight.

In bulking you need a lot of calories but if you eat veggies what it does that it diminishes the calorie you consume.

So what do you need to have on your plate is rice, potatoes, pasta, nuts, seeds, avocado, or something that has more calories or is dense than veggies.

7#: Decrease Between-Set Rest Intervals:

Taking less rest also helps you in achieving this goal.

If you have a habit of grabbing your phone during the work out then there is a solution that you can do. Set a timer of about to 30 to 90 sec.

This will ensure you go right back to work and though you take a tiny rest it is also good for your muscle to get seconds of rest and then going to the pumping.

8#: To Grow Muscle, Eat More Protein:

To Grow Muscle, Eat More Protein11

To gain muscle you need to take protein, to gain more muscles you need to take more protein.

Your muscle breaks own when you work, so protein helps them to build up.

The more you lift the weight the more muscle-building food you need to intake.

9#: Get More Sleep:

You need to have a long sleep because you need to give those muscles rest which they went through a tough time.

Also instead of giving nutrition to your muscles, muscle recovery is also important.

Your growth hormone is released when you sleep which helps in growing your muscles.

Start To Bulk At The Beginning (No Weights)

Start To Bulk At The Beginning

Ok once you are all set it’s time to do some push-ups.

For now, forget lifting huge weight we will come to that part later. So take a resistance band and crank 15-20 push-ups.

Take a minute to catch your breath and then do 15-20 push-ups.

Try squeezing your chest when you come to an up position, after which do a close grip push-ups to pump up your biceps.

Use Resistance to Build the Biceps:

Again you don’t need weights for this time period just take a resistance band like the one you used in your push-ups.

Place it under your feet and do some bicep curls, try to squeeze your biceps as hard as you can.

Again do 15-20 rounds of these. Take a minute to breathe and do 15-20 more.

While you are doing this flex your chest to make sure the muscle gets good blood flow.

Next, Pump Up the Shoulders:

Keep the resistance band under your feet, now what you want to do is to raise your arms in front and on the side.

Do a couple of rounds and the key move is to lift your arms slowly while you squeeze your shoulder.


The final verdict of this whole scenario is that you need to have a proper diet and to be regular on your work out.

If you have a goal set in doing lean bulk than you should achieve it no matter what circumstances you face.

Just keep in mind that you need to eat healthily and pump up as much weight as you can.

Start with low weight and then make your way to the top.

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