How to Clean Aquarium Sand [Step By Step Guide] 

You might be wondering how to clean aquarium sand, here is a simple step by step guide for you. You can read out the details and opt for this method to clean the aquarium sand.

It is common to have gravel or sand in an aquarium. This is one of the common questions that is asked and penned down by a large number of professionals right at the beginning phase of their aquarium projects.

Furthermore, if you have gravel in your aquarium, then it is comparatively easy and quick to clean.

However, using gravel in each and every type of aquarium is not at all recommended.

We have seen that it is in South American tanks, these aquariums have got fine sane because they are usually and generally filled and packed with animals like that of armored catfish and cichlids.

Below you can see the guide as to how to clean the aquarium sand and then share your experience with us:

General and Bonus Tip to Clean Aquarium Sand:

Most importantly, you have to make sure that you avoid cleaning your aquarium sand in any of the already occupied tanks.

As your tank is already filled and injected with some of the important and crucial bacteria, and this bacteria is extremely critical for your aquatic life.

In addition, these bacteria manage to relieve your filter, and also make extensive contributes regarding the stability aspect of your water values.  What you can do is suck off the dirt with the help of a hose.

Method to Clean Aquarium Sand With the Help of Suction Bell:

Firstly, we have this suction bell method for you. You can follow this method to clean aquarium sand at any time.

It is observed that it is not at all easy and simple enough to follow this dust/suction cup method. This technique allows the sand to fall down again in your tank.

This happens because of the overall pressure offered by the suction cup. it is not enough and sufficient to suck in the sand.

If your aquarium has got a thin layer of sand, then this method is not advised and recommended.

Besides, if you want to remove any of the coarse impurities right from the lower layers and section of sand, then you need to make use of small or somewhat weak suction cups.

Lastly, with the use of dust/suction bell, it will be able to penetrate comparatively and relatively deep and be able to suck away all of the yellow and green spots embossed in your aquarium sand.

And you need to push the hose as much as you can, in this way you will be able to regulate the pressure on manual notes.

Spatula Method- Clean Your Aquarium Sand With this Approach:

Clean Your Aquarium Sand With this Approach

The second method we have for you! That you can follow by using a spatula. Most noteworthy, spatulas are commercially available.

They are a great and ideal way to clean your aquarium sand. In markets, you have often come across special aquarium spatula tools as well.

They are composed of extra-long handles. Moreover, with the help of them, you can easily and conveniently whirl up any of the aquarium sand.

This spatula will be able to bring up and collect all kinds of impurities that are hidden in the lower section of sand layers. Get an aquarium hose and you can get rid of these impurities.

Experts have recommended the use of this spatula. With this approach, you can smoothen out any kind of unevenness that is lying and residing there in your aquarium sand.

This is a budget-friendly tool and anyone of you can buy it.

The only drawback of this method is that you can only make use of it for cosmetic reasons.

You need to be very much conscious and aware that as you will be swirling up extensive sand portions, by doing so, your aquarium may turn out to be clouded.

And it may become threatening and harmful for any of your aquarium dwellers. So, only clean the sand and avoid changing the water if you are following this method.

Use of Tower Cover Snails- Cleaning the Aquarium Sand With this Approach:

The third method that we have designed for our readers, is related to link to Tower-cover-snails.

No doubt, it is marked as the easiest way if you eagerly wish to keep your aquarium sand thoroughly and completely clean.

This method of inserting tower cover snails claims to remove all of the impurities as well as yellow/green stains present in the sand.

You need to be careful and attentive while placing these snails. Furthermore, always double-check that whether these snails are matched up and compatible with your aquarium inhabitants or not.

These tower cover snails need to be matching up with your water values. Keep in mind that these snails demand and look for low water requirements. They remain to stay comfortable in any of the soft or hard liquid times.

It is these Tower-cover-snails that manage to dig themselves completely into the aquarium sand-soil.

They loosen that sand soil and then eat that dirt and any contamination present in that sand. How amazing it is!

It is during the night as well that these snails dig themselves into the sand and look for food in the aquarium.

Hence, it is with the help of snails that you may turn your aquarium into a useful aquarium inhabitant that is equipped and packed with sand.

More Ways of Cleaning Aquarium Sand:

Ways of Cleaning Aquarium Sand

You can make smart use of a hose to clean aquarium sand. Here is an easy to follow guide for you.

What you can do is to use the hose so that you can vacuum the aquarium dustbin right above the sand surface. Avoid using a big hose and it should not be accompanied by too much pressure.

While using it, you have to maintain a small distance to the sand surface so that it does not suck all of the aquarium sand.

Moreover, if you are planning to go for coarse soiling completely in the deeper sand layers, you can choose the method or approach to vacuum off any part and section of soiled sand.

By doing so, you can seamlessly and mess-free that sand content. Rinse it underwater and then put it back into your aquarium.

The best part of this method is that it does not create and make sand cloud dust. Hence, this cleaned sand is going to sink directly and freely to the ground.

Later on, you can easily and conveniently remove all sorts of sand residues present on your plants yourself.

Tips on Cleaning Aquarium Sand:

Once you are done with siphoning water by making use of a gravel vacuum, then the next step is to place the vacuum on the bottom section of the tank.

Move it around until and unless you spot the right height where it will be easy for you to collect waste that has been sucked in.

Avoid placing the vacuum deep right into the sand. This is an important tip for you as sand keeps all of the dirt, contamination, and wastes on the top surface. You can hover the vacuum only above the surface.

If you want to go for a thorough vacuuming job regarding and concerning cleaning aquarium sand, then there is a smart tip for you.

You can turn over sand right after the first run. And then you can vacuum it again one more time. This tip will help you in getting a new aquarium sand look.

You can perform this cleaning job with the help of a stirring stick. Or you can even use your fingers.

With the use of a stirring stick, you can freely move the sand all around the aquarium so that anaerobic conditions do not get developed and decaying matter does not get trapped as well.

You can give your aquarium sand several numbers of swirls by using this stick. Or you can dry this aquarium sand under the sun. This sunlight will be able to keep your aquarium sand in excellent and great condition


So, what’s the bottom line? For the sake of your fish health and other aquatic animals and plants, you have to make sure that you regularly clean your aquarium sand.

Moreover, you have to show possible efforts that the overall conditions of your tank, they are satisfactory and optimal.

You need to go for routine maintenance as well as regular cleaning so that your aquarium’s delicate ecosystem can well be maintained.

Now you have come to know that one of the important tasks while taking care of your aquarium, is to clean its sand. You can follow any of the above-mentioned methods.

Your aquarium sand should not at all be get mixed and fused with different kinds and types of waste.

Hence, if you were previously thinking that it is one of the bigger hassles regarding cleaning aquarium sand. then we hope that these methods and guides may have eased your job.

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