Chase Greatness Giving Up Is Not An Option in 2021

Chase Greatness Giving Up Is Not An Option in 2021

You often hear from the people to chase greatness and do not live a simple, dull life,

but is it even necessary? Should you even lead a simple life rather than to chase greatness?

We will answer your questions in this article and we are pretty much sure at the end of the article you will be surprised by the stories of the people.

Concept of Greatness:

Concept of Greatness

Most people look for greatness and some might even come across it, how would you know about greatness?

What is the greatness you always have been chasing? Don’t worry your quest will be over today!

The greatness most of the people are looking for is not becoming the best from everyone around.

Chasing greatness is neither about impressing the people around you nor about your status, income, and post you are deputed as.

So, what is the meaning of chasing greatness actually?

Pursuing greatness means a lifelong commitment to yourself for your growth.

This means you should have the courage to slay your demons, which holds you down and you should not stop ever.

Your tomorrow should always be better than your today.

The majority of people think that greatness is when you have plenty of resources and convince.

The world around you that you are up to something productive with all those famous hashtagged valuable announcements. 

But the reality is opposite to that phenomenon, most of the people around you that are chasing greatness, do not even think about the world.

They do not have any concerns about what the world thinks about them or their work, those people pay all their focus on their efforts and goals.

They just want to become better people for everyone, regardless of appreciation from others. Complacency is a key to chase greatness.

Leading a Simple Life With Happiness:

Leading a Simple Life With Happiness

Now, you might be wondering what you should do?

People always say to chase greatness, but you might have observed a few people around you leading a simple yet happy life.

This might make you think to lead a happy life, without some extra hassle, right?

But we will advise you to read this before taking any decision.

Chasing greatness does not mean you have to choose any one of them, neither greatness has a definite picture.

In reality, we all are different from each other, which certainly means our meaning of greatness is different from each other as well. 

The only thing that matters in your life is happiness and satisfaction.

If you are satisfied with a simple life that is the true greatness you need but always remembers,

The people who achieve greatness, do not show their efforts to society.

They might have reached their position with a lot of struggle and you have no idea about that.

If your efforts and struggles inspire you to become more grateful, you definitely know your way.

You have to chase greatness in your life. If self-satisfaction makes you happy then that is greatness.

You need, with all, said, you should also remember some factors, not everyone has the same circumstances and so does their pursuit of greatness.

The following examples are some stories and incidents through which people have gone to chase greatness for themselves.

These stories would help you figure out that every person around you is chasing greatness under their own circumstances and situations. 

Your Life is Your Pursuit of Greatness:

Your Life is Your Pursuit of Greatness

As you are preceding with your life, keeping a balance between the ups and downs that are part of your life, you are achieving greatness each day.

All you need is to be persistent and stay determined, you will surprise yourself after the struggle.

You have to defeat your challenges every day that life puts up ahead of you. You have to show your life who is the boss.

Giving up was never an option, you have to dream big to achieve big.

Around you, there are a ton of stories of people, who made their weaknesses into strengths and that is how you will chase greatness.

Here are some stories that will keep you motivated and will make your journey worthwhile. 

1- A Journey of a Man From Poverty to Harvard Law Degree:

Journey of a Man From Poverty to Harvard

You will come across a lot of people in your life, you will see people finding shortcuts.

Some people would be stepping back from challenges, and very few people would keep trying.

These people would never stop and these are the ones that make history. 

Rehan Staton was the man who achieved true greatness in his life.

This greatness can not be achieved overnight rather than you have to pay a continuous long-lasting effort to surprise yourself.

Rehan Staton uses to get up before 4 am, he would wear his neon-yellow uniform and goes straight towards Bates Trucking & Trash Removal.

Here in Bladensburg, Md. This person uses to spend his mornings cleaning dumpsters and later on he reaches his class at the University of Maryland.

Sometimes, he was not able to take shower between his work and class.

He would just go and sit in the back of the class to avoid all the glares and judgment from the people around him.

As we have mentioned before, people who chase greatness do not worry about what people would think about them.

They only care about their struggle and so does Rehan Staton. 

As he states that his journey was not easy.

He had to face plenty of problems along his way to Harvard university’s law school.

People use to criticize him by different names and his job, but due to financial instabilities and his dream to chase greatness.

He never let them be a hurdle to his way.

4 years later, after his struggle at the age of 24, he got selected into Harvard law school.

This was a true success towards greatness but it is not the end.

Such people never stop to surprise society and with their determination, they change the world into a better place.

2- Steps of a Brave Woman to Chase Greatness:

When it comes to achieving greatness in your life, it is not limited to any gender.

Every gender can be committed to show some efforts and give out their best.

To chase greatness you have to follow some strict rules that are made and imposed on your own.

Chase greatness in your life is never going to work with shortcuts.

You have to follow a strict routine with strict policies, and the rest of the work is done by time and patience.

You might have already heard about her story, but because we are discussing true greatness in life.

It is necessary to talk about this Nobel prize laureate.

Yes, you guessed that right, we are talking about Malala Yousafzai.

This girl was born in Mingora, Pakistan in 1997 to a Pathan family.

In this class, people were not always welcoming a daughter’s birth, but her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, was quite determined to give her daughter every opportunity in her life that a boy would have.

As a young girl, Malala Yousafzai loved school.

She uses to go to her father’s school, which was specifically for girls.

She loves to read books and wanted to get higher-quality education, but her dreams were crushed when the Taliban took control of her region.

This extreme terrorist organization banned a lot of things from her regions, such as television, music, radio, and women’s education.

They strictly prohibited girls from schools and no woman was allowed to go out of her home.

They had strict punishments for everyone who opposes their rule.

At the age of 11, she said goodbye to her classmates, without any idea of meeting them again in her life.

At that time, she could sit in her house and let the Taliban destroy her future as well as all of her classmates.

This was the time to show how much determination she has to chase greatness in her life.

She never stopped from speaking publicly about education.

She stood in front of the terrorists to fight them with her pen.

Her motive to chase greatness was real, which always helped her to fight those deadliest people. 

In 2012, she was going home from her school and a masked terrorist boarded her school bus.

He asked for Malala and shot her on the left side of her head.

She was in a coma for 10 days and woke up in a hospital in England.

Doctors and nurses told her about the attack and the whole world was praying for her recovery. 

Her determination and efforts to chase greatness in her life made all this possible, she didn’t just recover.

Rather in 2014, she won the Nobel prize and became the world’s youngest Nobel prize laureate ever.

Now, it was on her to live a quiet life as she has everything that she wants, but as we told you before the people who chase greatness do not stop ever.

She reached school but she decided to keep working until every child on this planet would reach school.

Her story inspires every person to chase greatness and make this world a better place for every human being.

As Wilma Rudolph quotes “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit.

We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

3- From Painting Streets to International Football Star:

From Painting Streets to International Football Star

When you have the spark to chase greatness, nothing can stop you to do so.

Our next story proves, no matter how much resources you lack, you can always defeat your demons and be on top.

The story of Gabriel Jesus shows whether you start from the streets, if you have the fire to chase greatness, greatness will always be waiting for you.

Could anyone have guessed that before?

The person who was painting the streets of brazil 4 years later, would be playing as the main striker of brazil at the tournament.

Gabriel Jesus did that, but it was not easy for him. 

He grew up on the streets of Sao Paulo, calling street football his future.

He was known as the speed demon in football.

At his early age, he was a midfielder but soon because of his attacking skills and speed he became a striker in international football.

All because of his dreams and continuous struggle to chase greatness in his life.

His passion didn’t stop him from painting streets because in his heart he never paid attention to the people around him.

He knew his goals, his determination, and his efforts, which lead him you a fabulous international superstar.

4- Face Failures to rising From the Ashes and Surprise Yourself:

The pursuit of greatness does not always give you successful accomplishments.

Sometimes you have to face failures, and even start from scratch, but when you stop that is the worst part.

Always stay calm, and eventually, your life will get better.

Our next story is the one that will motivate you to stay calm if you are loosing, your worst experiences would be the one to help you the most.

Sticking with your past failures will not take you anywhere. You have to keep exploring the world, which is full of opportunities. 

In 2009, Brian Acton got rejected from Twitter and Facebook, what if he got accepted?

You would have never seen WhatsApp. Yes, you read that right.

The founder of WhatsApp got deliberately rejected twice from Twitter and Facebook.

He would be sad for sure, but did that stop him?

Never, this is the catch to chase greatness in your life.

He got rejected and calmly tweeted his thoughts but never got carried away from the path where life was taking him.

He continued on his own and his determinations and patience resulted in WhatsApp, which is used by billions of people around the globe. 

There are opportunities that life throws at you if you didn’t pick one don’t step back, keep fighting until you get what you deserve.

Patience is another key to chase greatness

5- From the Shoes of Pump Attended to the Suit of a Financial Expert, Nothing is Impossible in Life:

Chase Greatness

We know there are different circumstances for everyone in their life.

The chase of greatness begins with how you fight for your right through your circumstances.

The story of Attai is an inspiration for everyone.

This person never gave up on his dreams, along with constant struggle and hard work, he chased greatness.

In 1999, due to financial issues, he was forced to go out of his comfort zone and earn some revenue for his family.

He was not from a rich family to support himself, but his desire to chase greatness never stopped him.

He worked as a pump attended, in the service industry. At this time he was not even able to afford for himself and his family.

Do you know what was the difference between him and most of the people belong to his class?

His unbreakable passion. He worked regardless of the people because he knew nothing is impossible and he can achieve anything with his strong determination. 

In 2017, Attai became one of the adroit financial experts. Is it easy?

Of course, not! But his strong passion and dreams never made him bound to his financial issues.

He continued his struggle and after 18 years of a continuous scuffle, this man became a finance manager.

If he can chase greatness in his life, why do you think you are any less than anyone?

6- Chase Greatness to Help Your Dear Planet:

Who said you can only chase greatness in your own life? Your planet also requires your help.

There are plenty of factors you need to pay attention to even in your daily life.

These small actions can change your planet earth forever.

Our last story would help you to emphasize the small details to help your planet chase the greatness it deserves. 

In 2018, Daniel Schneider decided to initiate a mission.

It took 672 days to complete and with the help of thousands of volunteers, he cleaned Versova Beach in Bombay, India.

Do you know the result? Two years later, hundreds of sea turtles are hatching and this is happening for the first time in decades.

You can chase greatness not in your life only, you have your surroundings be the best version of yourself and help others.


Still here with us? We hope these stories would inspire you and you will realize no matter what you have to chase greatness, and giving up is not an option.

True greatness is not easy to achieve, but you can always achieve what you desire.

You need to work with passion, determination, and persistence to chase greatness.

We hope after reading this you would be determined to change your life for good and take the decisions today, regardless of what other people say.

It is your life and you have to live it, be a better man than yesterday, and one day you will chase greatness to change this world towards a better future.

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