The Ultimate Guide to Building Massive Legs

Who does not love a perfect appealing body!

We all are fond of our favorite personalities and especially their body and how beautifully they have maintained it.

And now people can easily have such a body through hard work and dedication.

There are many ways to gain such a body with different and easy workouts.

Sculptures, large, rip legs are one of the most wonderful spots to see.

You send a strong message and require respect. It is incredibly necessary for your legs to be solid.

Here in this article, we will discuss the most possible ways that give massive legs in a very convenient way,

In this guide we have:

  • Why are legs important?
  • Workouts for building massive legs
  • The massive leg workout
  • Conclusion 

Why are Legs Important?

Why are Legs Important

Legs are as important as other parts of your body but most people don’t take them seriously in terms of body workout and skip them to train their chest and arms more.

In this case, you are probably training your legs to help you pack up the lean mass and keep the fat off.

When you do a heavy leg workout, it helps in spiking the growth hormone. This creates an anabolism that equates muscle growth in the whole body.

Based on your ability to apply multiple pounds of muscle to your body, it lets you retain weight.

The more muscle you have the more calories than you burn, thus keeping fat off. Mass takes calories to maintain.

The legs of the largest muscle group are the hardest to grow the size, but it’s not shocking.

Some individuals may come down to genetics, some consider it incredibly easy to attach size to their legs independent of training tree trunks.

Workouts For Building Massive Legs:

Building Massive Legs

There are many different workouts that will help you in getting in massive legs.

Below we have listed and discussed the most convenient workouts that will help you in terms of this,

By Adding Intense Rotation of Posterior Chain:

Two or four weeks after a leg training plan is finished, you hopefully can see some progress.

That requires much-improved stamina and body composition.

Nonetheless, it typically takes three or four months to really note and claim improved leg strength and stamina based on the original fitness level.

As for this purpose, the Romanian deadlift is perfect in terms of intense rotation of the posterior chain.

This type of workout is perfect right after your squats session.

It is an upper hamstring or glute exercise which is not like other joints move because you can overload it easily.

And in addition to this hamstring is more likely leg curl movements as for this it is performed by bending at the hips. 

This is very rarely used by most trainers’ routines, which is also another reason why it works perfectly with your routine and perfects to build massive legs.

The main thing for any workout is that you don’t do it in a wrong manner because then you’re the only one who suffers and especially your back with this type of workout.

You should never cause RDLs to move from your shins with your lower back or the bar.

If it’s very hard to get to the bottom, well you don’t have to go the entire way on RDLs anyway.

Just go down a nice slope to keep your back steady to get back up.

Once you’re good with this workout and get used to it you can also do 2 heavy sets of 8 reps and 2 back offsets of 12 reps.

Each Leg Shall Individually Include a Unilateral Work Movement:

Each Leg Shall Individually Include a Unilateral Work Movement

With this type of workout, you can go for Bulgarian split squat is the best option in terms of building massive legs.

In this workout, you have to stabilize your rear leg on a bench behind you.

Make sure that you elevate the rear leg that forces the front thigh so that you pick up the most load, especially the quad along with the glute of that leg.

If you find it difficult in order to balance it at first then you substitute it with split squats or lunges.

For instance, you can do this on the smith machine very easily. Don’t let it get you to think this is a weak movement like squats you can’t load these up.

In contrast, according to force trainer and researcher Parker Hyde, it’s a leg builder of the first order.

Some EMG evidence indicates that 4 sets are not too diverse from back squats with your 10-rep maximum with Bulgarian,” Hyde says.

Similar testosterone responses were observed for Bulgarians and for back squats.

With this workout you can’t really exceed the additional weight and neither can you precede it with other squats.

Make it 3 sets of 10 reps.

By Adding More Volume For The Pump:

Adding More Volume For The Pump

You must keep this thing in mind for any workout machines are not responsible alone but yes they are ideal in terms of increasing the training volume.

That’s the reason leg press is not at the high on the list. In this type of workout, you can easily adjust your foot position.

The glutes and hams hit more high on the sleds, on the other hand, lower sleds focus more on the quads.

In addition to this, the deeper you go the more it will focus on hams and glutes.

This type of position is ideal for those who want a serious pump on the muscles and drop sets are perfect along with back squats.

This promotes hypertrophy in the pump by dividing the blood in the form of tissue.

It is a different growth mechanism as compared to the tension generated by the sets of heavy squats in the early routine.

Moreover, to embrace the assault of thighs by doing 3 sets of 10-15 reps and doing double drops in the last set.

By Squat Variation and Adjusting the Variation:

Squat Variation and Adjusting the Variation1

This workout does not include machines. The simple movement of a bar from behind to the front changes the way load is distributed over at the lower body musculature.

This will pressurize the quads with glutes and hams which is an indication that you have to lighten the load.

Make sure that you stay in a vertical position while doing this movement.

In this way, it will be good for your back while allowing you to squat more deeply.

Many workouts that suit your weaknesses is the best choice for you such as hip and knee extension movements.

Moreover, when you get used to this and have sufficient strength then work for the sets of 6.

You can also take a lighter weight to do the sets of 10-15.

You can work on different muscles but don’t forget about the same ones with a bit of a different stimulus. 

By Adding Free Weight Squat Variation:

Adding Free Weight Squat Variation

Squats are the best for your training sessions and adding variations in it can do a lot.

In terms of leg day thrashing, squats are obvious to begin your routine.

Even though they are the most challenging leg movement of all as you can move most of the weight with it. It can easily engage the lower body musculature.

Squats are like a family of exercises that combine the main aspects included in such exercises like knee and hips.

In addition to this, there are many variations for squats that can help you with this purpose.

Some do it with the help of a bar placement and some prefer it as the type of foot position and some by the equipment used for this.

You can start your day with front squats or single leg squat variation.

For this type of mass building routine, you have to do a high-bar back squat where the barbell sits at the top of the upper traps.

This type of exercise is preferred by the bodybuilders who are willing to work on the lower body musculature first as this will help in getting into more variations of squats.

Here the most commonly done squats are those in which thighs are parallel to the floor but on the other hand, it depends upon the flexibility of every individual.

No matter how big, it is important that you keep your spine intact and never go into the so-called “ass wink,” because dangerous powers can be placed on the discs.

Firstly, we would recommend you work on the flexibility and tightness of the body which will help you with other exercises and it helps in the hip flexors and calves which can affect the squats.

Deeper the squats and good tightening techniques can help you with better results and better squats.

In addition to this, you can start doing multiple warm-ups just like pyramiding up the weight every single time instead of failing any warm-up.

Most of the muscle-building workouts are in the range of 8-15 reps only when it’s the starting sessions of your workout when the strength is higher.

We would suggest you go with as much weight that you can easily carry and go for the slightly set of 6. This will help you in giving the strength-building stimulus. 

By Hamstrings With a Single-Joint Movement:

Hamstrings With a Single-Joint Movement

The hamstrings contradict the quads, and you want to make sure they have plenty of practice to suit what you have done with the front of your body.

Another strong complement to the upper hamstring RDL is a step of leg twist, which highlights the lower portion of the hamstring above the knee.

It’s a first-rate pump-action, rendering it a good finisher when you walk into the locker room.

In addition to this, you can start working with 3 sets of hamstring curls and doing a double drop on the last set that you like to do along with the leg press.

This is another way to get massive legs.

Doing a Monster Leg Workout:

Monster Leg Workout

With this type of workout squats and deadlifts are the perfect option for the lower body moves.

They deserve the higher ranges as heavy spinal workouts are good for the nervous system but it needs full body exertion.

Start with 3-5 reps of leg presses as quadriceps responses are good to the higher rep range and adding more volume overall. 

Most individuals often do the heavy lifting in terms of strength and building muscles and basically, it depends upon the strength you are seeking and the type of muscle you want to build. 

Slow-twitch dominants like the quadriceps do not gain too much from short, ultra-heavy everyday use.

In the sports world, you’ll note that athletes whose competitions need lots of time under stress for the lower body (think downhill skiing, speed skating, basketball, cycling) generally have the quad growth to go along with it.

Yes after reading this you got to know how appealing massive legs can be

The Massive Leg Workout:

Massive Leg Workout

Below we have mentioned the sample workout for building massive legs in a very convenient way.

Just go with the flow and kill it!

  • Goblet squat along with 4 sets and ladder reps
  • Leg extension along with 4 sets and 20 reps
  • Smith machine RDLs of 4 sets and 15 reps
  • Leg press of 1 set and 2 min reps
  • Side-lying leg abductions of 4 sets and 10 reps each
  • Trap bar deadlift of 6 sets and 3 reps
  • Band resisted standing abductions of 4 sets and 10 reps each
  • Warm-ups are not considered as muscle build-ups and neither muscle failure so keeps on doing it as much as you want to.
  • Choose an appropriate weight for your exercises whether it’s for muscle buildup or warmup.
  • In the first week of the workout session, it’s better if you do 2 sets of the first two exercises mentioned in the workout list. With the period of time and progress in your body, start adjusting the volume and the type of exercises you’re doing is necessary to select as it will remain within your abilities.
  • Similarly, not the whole attention you pay to grow the quads (or try to), comes from the secret to big, solid balanced legs. If you have a solid, advanced set of glutes and hamstrings, say a farewell to your leg girth and say a farewell to long-term leg safety. Neither do squats cut it nor deadlifts. They are amazing, but they also have so many other muscles that they can weaken the rear chain impact.

Most of the massive leg training program commits the mistake of keeping most of the movements in the sagittal plane.

All the movements like squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg presses, are part of this type of movement and there is nothing to train the lower body through lateral movement.

It sounds easy but it’s not in reality. The best part of such a workout is that they don’t need much weight to feel like a good workout.

In addition to this, if you’re willing to try key lateral plane there here are a few things which you must try in terms of this,

  • Lateral lunges
  • Side-lying abductions
  • Band resisted abductions
  • Cossack squats

Should not be afraid of fitness bodybuilding, such as leg stretches, leg twists, hacking squats, leg raises, etc.

Some power-powers are now conscious that adding these exercises to their activities allows them to maximize energy and helps them to hold to their squats and deadlifts. 

In comparison, one leg exercise can also be stopped.

This not only increases the flexibility of the feet but also promotes balance, strength, and agility to support the key movements properly.

Building such massive legs is just a matter of hard work and dedication.

As a matter of fact, everything you do or willing to get the first thing you should keep in mind is that dedication and hard work with patience is the main key to anything you do.

Bodybuilding is not popular from now but from the past decade’s people are working on their body to look appealing and this is what makes the right options do include squat jumps, vertical jumps, kneeling jumps, and even wide jumps.

The trick is to make sure you just dive high and blast as soon as you can. No heavy action squats like a hippo, no slow motion.

And don’t end up with greater knee flexion than 135 degrees.

The target you climb on or over is too high because you have to do so. Moreover, Replace the back squat with the front squat.

Move the center of gravity from the bar from the knees to the upper leg. It would push the load farther away from the glutes on the quads.

Switch the position of your foot as you walk with several positioning choices.

If your feet are moved upward in a sled, the amount of movements around your knees is reduced, quads are reduced and your glut is loaded more.

When you push your feet forward, your knee motion decreases and your quads will be loaded further.

By Rep Ranges:

If you are really willing to have a good amount of mass in your legs then there are a lot of muscles in your legs that will help you in this purpose.

Legs are a very important asset that keeps you working day and night whether you are walking, going upstairs or getting up from the chair.

Without your legs, you cannot even stand properly so it is very important to make them strong enough.

In addition to this half-ass workout will not do anything for you because your legs need proper attention.

The dense thick muscle fibers of the legs are broken down only because of constant hard work in the gym and the only alternative is to get bigger and stronger.

You really need to keep on pushing your legs as they will resist you, burn down and shake, etc but you don’t have to stop hustling.

As mentioned earlier, there are many muscles in the legs that you need to focus on so that they have good volume from every angle, and variations in leg exercises can stimulate your muscles effectively.

Rep range depends upon the exercise and how you do it. 

For instance, lower rep range along with compound exercise can help you build strength in your legs. Try doing 4-6 reps of the lower leg. 

Moreover, you can also go for isolation exercises that do not have push or pull in it just like a high rep range of 10-20 reps.

This type of exercise helps to strengthen your leg muscles and provide nutrients to your legs and break up the fascia tissue which helps in the growth of the muscles.

All you need to do is just study which muscles function for what purpose and that’s where you can easily build massive legs by knowing how and where you need to work for your legs. 

By a Barbell Squat:

Barbell Squat

This exercise is one of the most popular of all when it comes to building massive legs.

Place a barbell just below the height of the shoulder using a squat rack for protection.

Get below the bar to rest on top of your head. Put it on your hands to keep it evenly apart, then lift it up and move back so that your body holds the chain.

From here, squat down, keep your head up as straight as possible and your eyes forward with your back.

When your glutes go under your knees, they explode and you stand up. Squatting is one aspect of preparation.

It is not only necessary to integrate a barbed squat into the day of the leg, it should form the base of your great legs.


Having said that the guide to building massive legs came to an end.

We hope that the analysis we have done was beneficial for you as we tried our best to bring the best alternatives for you.

If you want more guides like this then do contact us as we truly value your feedback!

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