How to Breed Guppies: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide in 2021

As we have known breeding a sea creature is a tough one and if we talk about Breed Guppies then it might the most difficult thing.

This is only a beginner fish some say but breeding it is not an exception if you want to keep breeding sea animals.

You should master breeding guppies first and there are some more delicate and beautiful strains that should only be kept and bred by very experienced aquarists.

But if you want to become one then you should start with guppies.

If you see through problems of breeding guppies then you should have to know there are two of the biggest problems.

If you are breeding guppies that are bent spines and too many fries.

The problem comes with the water as if there is some improper water then it might get the mother and the fry to have a bent spine.

In addition, if you just made them start breeding only a single time then you do not have to worry about them because they will continue breeding as long as they want.

Even if you separate the male from the female, the female still breeds for at least 6 months and that is a very amazing fact and information of guppies you should have to know.

In this article, we will tell how you have treated the guppies and how to breed them with the help of step by step guide that is listed below.

Setting up Your Gummy Breed Guppies Tank:

Setting up Your Gummy Breeding Tank

When you are setting up the tank many problems come and you have to face plenty of it, the worst and the biggest problem is that.

What you should do with the fry or what you should plan on doing with them.

If you are planning to put fries into the same tank as the parents then the separation of fries can be difficult when they grow old and can cause many more problems.

If you do not put them in a separate tank, it might get the breeding process to a low as well.

But it can be many similarities as well if you do not separate them.

Tank Size and Filtration:

If you are thinking about the tank and its size then you should go for a 20-gallon tank which is recommended but if you can not afford it then you can go for a 10-gallon tank instead.

If you are putting a filter then you should go for a sponge filter or maybe a similar filter like the sponge.

As if you go for an H.B.O filter will also be known as (hang on back) filter or if you go for a canister filter, these two filters can kill the fry.

As the sponge filter, it does not send death upon the fry and can be friendly for fry but you should still essential filtration and flow.

Substrate and  Decorations:

Substrate and  Decorations

If you are looking for a proper for you guppies tank then you should not worry because the substrate is entire.

You as guppies are fine on gravel, sand, bare bottom, or tile substrate plus, they usually do not have any problems with the substrate.

If you think of the food for guppies, so they often pick at the substrate for pieces of uneaten food that will be dangerous for guppies as well as they can eat for than food if they pick from the gravel.

So, for that, you should be careful not to choose extremely fine gravel and remove all tiny rocks that come with normal gravel, so guppies can eat the fallen food without having any type of danger or problem in the future.

You should decorate your tank as you should go with the driftwood or plants that can keep some hiding places.

Females are too scared and probably hide when someone reaches out to give food to the guppies.

Females are the main source for the guppies and can be a resource for all the guppies so you should place some important decorations so they can hide when they feel to.

You will need at least 3-4 sight break decorations that keep the two fish apart or decorations that will break the line of sight between two fish so they can be free from other problems such as fights.

As for the males, they always go for the harassment of the females and constantly pursue and harass females (sometimes to death).

So you should put some driftwood or some other plants to help the females get out of sight of the males and can live freely in the tank with the males.

If you are thinking that what you should go for as for the decoration then it is entirely up to you, guppies have no fic decorations as they can adjust any habitat you throw at them.

We have a solution for you if you are planning to get the fry out of the tank and move them into another tank.

For that, you should go for fry traps that we will discuss below in this article and will tell you how you can install these traps. 

If you are not thinking of installing the traps for the fry then you should go for tight-knit plants.

Such as java moss, subwassertang, and guppy grass, these plants will help the fry to get separate from the parents and then you can easily move them into the tank.

As the parents will start the hunt of fry as soon as they are born but with the help of the plants and the moss.

They can easily escape the terror of the parents and can be safe until you move them to another tank, the moss will lend them some time to feel free and grow.

Water Parameters:

Water parameters1

The greatest issue that guppies face is the water parameter issue. As they do not get along with this problem and can suffer and die.

The guppies normally are stronger and harder than the starter fish and many people do not understand how to care for them.

As for the beginners they get normally confused about how they need to handle them and what are there care requirements and as for this they always fail because of the care requirements.

While a beginner should know chemistry and know-how to test all these elements like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, and probably that.

They also know how to test kH, gH, TDS, and salinity, these tests are very important to keep guppies and to male their care requirements complete.

If anyone does not know how to do it then it will be difficult for the beginner to handle the guppies.

As if you do not know then you should know that guppies need hard water to survive which means you will need a lot of calcium to make the water hard.

This is the most important requirement to keep the guppies as they can not survive in an environment of soft water.

This is probably most important for the females as they give birth to 30 fries in a month, so they will need the calcium to survive and to give more births and not just calcium.

They will need plenty of calcium water so if you are thinking of less calcium or only two pills you should go for the bottle.

If you do not add any calcium to the water, either you crush it in the form of coral or another source that is most likely.

Then their skeleton and the skeletons of the fry can face many other problems and can become weak and can be a result of death afterward.

The TDS, or total dissolved solids, is used for measuring the number of materials, such as salt, dissolved in the water. So you can add enough calcium and fulfill the requirement of guppies.

However, if you see through it measures them all as one number, so you can not check what will make them determine the dissolved solids that you are meant to put in the water.

If you are looking for the general hardness or you can say in the scientific language it is called gH, the compound is similar.

The TDS, but usually and normally makes the measurement of the calcium and magnesium in the water.

With the kit which is also called carbonate hardness, you can easily be able to determine how much calcium is in the water and if it is low then you can increase the calcium level and change it as well.

This is important for keeping guppies alive and well and if you are having any other guesses then you should likely need to add a carbon supplement into the water so it can make the water harder.

If you want to put water that will able to stable the guppies situation you should know that guppies prefer water that has between 15-30 gH and 8 or more a.

If you are looking for a range of water then you should go with a mid-range.

Because It is better to keep on the mid to upper side of the gH measurements because if you do that then you will see some of the hardier strains can survive a wider range.

If you do not know the perfect temperature of the water in which the guppies will survive or live a better life then you should know that.

The temperature should be between 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit, though a wider range is possible, do not low the range of the water as you can increase but not decrease it.

If you want to know the level of pH then you should know that the pH should be on the higher end of 7 to the midrange of 8, although.

The most important thing is to make a high gH and kH, if gH and kH are higher then you should not worry about pH because it will increase by the range of gH and kH.

High-Quality With Cost:

High-Quality With Cost

If you are a beginner and want to start your own fish breeding then you probably start with buying a pair of $60 or $100+ fish.  The fish should be tempting, especially for guppies.

If you manage to breed then you will be having 30 babies per month and sell for $20-200 each, it should be very helpful for you to breed them as you can make enough money if you just breed them for a month.

The reason behind the sale of guppies is that they are very rare and if you start breeding them so might get more than you think but if you start breeding you might not get enough profit as you think. 


We hope that you have understood all the information that we have put together on the guppies.

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