Bonehead Nutrition: 5 Diet Mistakes To Avoid

People who are obsessed with bodybuilding. Yes! These people are considered to be boneheads of bodybuilding and when it comes to the literal meaning of bonehead then it means a stupid person.

And I think in my opinion these people are stupid and crazy about doing bodybuilding.

They press weight at an extreme rate and that kind of momentum can’t be generated by us.

The thing is with boneheads is that they sometimes become the pray of wrong nutrition.

And to them, nutrition is all they care and if they get a wrong nutrition course then it might affect their routine and they can be more aggressive in this case.

So, if you are one of the boneheads and want to know what mistakes you make in your nutrition diet then you have clicked on the right article.

Without further ado let’s get into the top 5 biggest mistakes people make in their Bonehead Nutrition diet. 

Bonehead Move#1: Placing too Little Emphasis on Nutrition:

Placing too Little Emphasis on Nutrition

I had large numbers of weight when I was just in school. That was then when I used to do  Free weights, pulleys, machines.

After a few years of consuming Weider mags and following the advice of pro bodybuilders, I was ultra-disciplined. And a bonehead.

The main problem was that I focused on training but not food. Though, I controlled my diet when I was actually eating.

It wasn’t until I cut out two of my four physical endeavors that I accidentally started to gain weight.

Finally, the energy balance equation was leaning in my favor. There are other boneheads, of course, who do the opposite. The mentality goes like this.

If they are training then they can eat whatever they want it doesn’t matter if the training is hard or mediocre.

Training changes the body to a sub-cellular level taking its time. But because of the food processing time, it may create new workout routines for you.

It can take a bodybuilder down if not cared to balance the diet and the workout routine.

Many builders don’t see this and they either stay soft or small. Even those who know better often don’t commit.

Honesty is the best policy to be honest to yourself if this is you then you need to acknowledge this factor.

Bonehead Move#2: Practicing Misguided Dietary Discipline:

Practicing Misguided Dietary Discipline

If you are a bonehead who has learned to hurt him/herself, then you won’t get any variety.

This happens when they know that they are over-consuming nutrients and on the other hand under consuming other nutrients.

Doing micro-managing in your diet or having some exotic herbs won’t leave a mark on your bonehead nutrition diet.

It is like you have a bullet wound and you are treating it with a band-aid. It won’t work it’s that simple.

Bonehead Move#3: Letting Hunger Dictate Your Eating Schedule:

Letting Hunger Dictate Your Eating Schedule1

When you are training, your recovery and your supplements are optimized. This lays down the stage of growth. But what is “optimized” anyway?

We can review a simple glucose tolerance test for a clue. After ingesting 75 grams of glucose, it’s clear that blood sugar and insulin levels fall significantly by two hours after the “meal.”(3)

The pancreas responds to the carbohydrate (and, in mixed meals, to the amino acids and fats also) and by the time we’re 120 minutes “post-prandial” our most anabolic hormone has ebbed and the tide of circulating nutrients has subsided.

Hence, you need to eat every 2 hours or so to maintain the Bonehead nutrition diet and balance the anabolic environment in your body. 

Plus, the data don’t lie. The numbers on the graph may be obvious to some readers but we all need to be reminded of the practicalities sometimes.

Same as the thirst is behind physiological needs, there is hunger behind a well-sized craving bodybuilder. After two hours it’s time to eat again. 

Having a schedule for the meal is important and schedule eating can be extremely critical when you are eating right after the workout.

You should know what to add in your bonehead nutrition diet and then according to that consume that diet.

Try drinking some of your calories if you must. Set an alarm wristwatch if you must. Time (and growth) waits for no one.

If you have to wait until three or four hours have passed, you’re forgiven… this time.

That leaves the screaming cortisol concentrations in your morning bloodstream to play smack-down on your muscles. Can anyone say “proteolysis?”

How about “alanine efflux?”.

Bonehead Move#4: Identifying One’s Self as a “Hard-Gainer”:

Identifying One’s Self as a Hard-Gainer

Try as I might, I was unable to make serious gains when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

It would have been easy to blame my parents for creating me from the shallow end of the gene pool but that wasn’t my problem.

I was a victim of the laws of thermodynamics. Yes, they hold true for bodybuilders too.

Have you ever heard of this phrase Energy is neither created nor destroyed it just changes form”?

So, why not convert it into muscle mass? (Granted, this is a simplification but energy balance is critical.) Here’s an idea.

So, my opinion is that you should maintain a proper bonehead nutrition diet log and consume as much as you can from that. Then after a week, assess your intake.

Did you really eat more?

If your Kcal intake is rising and is high then you expected then you need to make sure to keep a tab on it and maintain it for a month so that you will be able to assess your body weight gain.

Did you put on two or three pounds? If you’re not gaining weight, try eating more! Don’t just blame your genetics. 

Ultimately, physics dictates that you WILL gain weight at some point! If a third of it is fat mass, tolerate it for now.

Up till now, you have gained the knowledge and power of muscle and strength. And you can worry about slowly removing the slight fat gain later.

It’s generally not good to attempt improvements in both concomitantly. Identifying oneself as a “hard-gainer” is a copout.

There are various genetic predispositions through which you can gain, But the thing with these genetic enhancements is that it won’t dictate the size of your body.

When it comes to strength then it is approximately 30% attributable depending on the genetics that you use and 37% depending on the environment you use them in.

In simple saying your environment varies more than the genetics you take.

Bonehead Move#5: Failing to Maintain The Effort:

Failing to Maintain The Effort

This is the biggest bonehead maneuver of all. Nothing you read on Muscle & Strength will do you a bit of good if you don’t follow through with it 100 percent.

Time to lie back on the psychiatric couch and tell the truth: Have you ever failed to fully complete a new diet or training regime? C’mon… be honest with yourself. 

The chances are that you won’t be evenly satisfied with the bonehead nutrition diet if you worked off your whole body and you won’t see the proper result.

Life’s too short to waste time on mediocrity. People only feel good about an effort when it’s 100 percent. 

Hence if you either are successful in this bonehead nutrition diet or not you will know which routine suits you and works perfectly for your body.

In order to better commit, try a little behavior modification technique I learned back at good old’ SDSU. Write down what you plan to do on a calendar.

And then try it on other people to get their reaction and if you fail then they will criticize you and that can be motivational for your bonehead nutrition routine.

Make it known that you WILL complete your goal. Print-up and sign a self contract that has real consequences of some kind.

To make yourself remember you can use a sticky note and stick them up to your bedside to be sure that you are on a strict bonehead nutrition diet and this will help you stay on the right path.

Or you can use the reminder app on your phone just to be sure that you remember the diet plan to follow. 

Aggressively focus on keeping-up your dedication until 11:59 PM of the very last day you’ve got charted.

You’ll be glad you did. (By the way, the same can hold true for training strategies.)

  1. I changed my routine and I used to over-exercise but now I make time to eat and bonehead nutrition is now my first priority. 
  2. Now: I have switched to my obsessive workout routine and limited food choices to a wider food choice and a simpler workout routine. 
  3. This routine requires eating by far you can acknowledge that and now I eat 2 to 3 hours and especially when I’m not hungry. 
  4. I refused to brand myself a “hard gainer.”
  5. I maintained the effort with a few relapses as possible.

Reminder: It is very important for you to maintain good personal hygiene because poor personal hygiene can cause a lot of health problems.

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