Best Watermelon Slicers Review in 2021

Watermelon slicers come in different shapes and sizes.

The right one for you depends on how many people you served, and how many you expect to consume during a single sitting.

Watermelon is a very good, nutritious, and popular fruit around you.

The fruit is considered to be abundant in red and to have lots of sweet water.

Believe me, nothing so amazing as that a sunny summer day is the joy of a slice of fresh watermelon.

If you do not have the right equipment to cut the fruit, satisfaction will be destroyed.

Here we have presented you with the list of best watermelon slicers in 2021,

9- SR EXCLUSIVE Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

SR EXCLUSIVE Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

This product is specifically designed for children as it provides convenient usage with a creative and interesting way to cut your watermelon In combination with the ergonomic of ice lollies and voila we incorporated the safe and relaxing characteristics of watermelon.

Using the method where Watermelon requires a first cut, perhaps 4 cm thick, then with the ice cream shape watermelon in a slice of the saucepan on kaka, of course, the ice cream shape of saucepan ice cream is complete.

Simply cut off a circular piece, place it flat on a cutting board with a watermelon slicer and work your way around the watermelon like a cookie-cutter with a bit of rind on each piece.

What We Like:

  • It’s a Kids friendly product
  • Made up of ergonomic materials.

8- OCTOPUS PRIME Multipurpose Heavy Duty Watermelon Stainless Steel Slicer

OCTOPUS PRIME Multipurpose Heavy Duty Watermelon Stainless Steel Slicer 

The fruit slicer is light and functional with a delicate appearance. It has a lot to do. Both side handles are designed for ease of access and comfort.

In a simple, convenient move, it can core and slice apples or even watermelon. If you keep it clean during use, the steel blades will be strong for a lifetime.

It is also suitable for slicing pears or other fruits, crafted from high grade, strong, and robust stainless steel blades specifically built to break fruits and vegetables in ball form such as watermelon.

This product comes with 12 different slicers with easy-grip handles to keep your hands safe from the long-lasting and high-quality Clean, stainless steel trimming blades.

What We Like:

  • It is made up of durable and high-quality blades.
  • Easy to use

7- Chuzy Chef watermelon slicer

Chuzy Chef watermelon slicer

Everybody likes watermelon-just nobody loves opening it! The yummy fruit is difficult to slice due to the thick and complicated rind of the watermelon.

Most people try to escape the task and only consume this refreshing fruit. This 3-in-1 Chuzy Chef watermelon Cutter helps you to quickly cut through fruit without losing your grasp due to the slice cutter’s unique comfortable grasp handle. For quick washing, the dishwasher is safe.

This special formulation helps you to create fast and clean slices without breaking any sweats in watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews, cake, and more! Ideal for simple and convenient fruit and cakes slicing and carving.

With its special, rounded edges and non-sharp blades, our melon slicer is perfectly healthy for kids. Without worrying about the injuries. Make desserts, salads, and meals with watering mouths.

What We Like:

  • This watermelon slicer is kids friendly product that enables your convenient use with no fear of injuries
  • It has the perfect ergonomic design slicers

6- Family Fruit Slicer Peeler Set Of 6

Family Fruit Slicer Peeler Set Of 6

As you all know that fruits and vegetables are the perfect sources of nutrients and vitamins.

You can have them in your everyday eating patterns if you want to increase your energy levels and maintain an outstanding diet.

This high-quality fruit cutter and peeler kit save your time and energy.

With its strong knives, fruits and vegetables can quickly be sliced in a limited period.

Also, the ergonomic, convenient handles provide a smooth, strong grip that gives you tremendous power.

This innovative packaging consists of a corer for the pineapple, a watermelon slicer, an orange peeler, a slicer for bananas, a tomato cutter, and an Avocado knife for kiwi. Unleash your fantasy and make tasty salads and fruit snacks.

What We Like:

  • The best part of this watermelon slicer is that it is super convenient to use 
  • The handles of this slicer are more durable than many others.

5- ScharfPro Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

ScharfPro Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

Are you in search of a convenient slicer? Then you must take a look at this one.

Breakthrough the melon fruit easily and comfortably, double like a tong so that the melon can be served instantly and conveniently right out of the plate. Cuts are extremely easy and smooth, and very secure.

Eat delicious watermelon slices free of hassle! Built with a specific metal wire tip to ensure that the tool sliced through the rind, but not into the rind.

Take off the entire melon without wasting fruit however cut the white pieces of the rind.

The slices are sliced into cubes by using the tool; all the cubes have to be split equally. Slice, grab, cube, and serve, all with the same tool!

What We Like:

  • The construction of this slicer is of sturdy materials with heavy-duty steel and rubber. 
  • The handle features comfortably soft and easy grip with non-slip rubber. 

4- Kitchenettes Premium Watermelon Slicer Set

Kitchenettes Premium Watermelon Slicer Set

If you are looking for a premium quality material slicer then you should check this out!

This convenient slicer by Kitchenettes helps you to slice and carve watermelons, honeydew, and cantaloupes in medium-size beautifully.

Also, you can make beautiful, fruity desserts and impress your family, friends, and with the provided fruit sculpture knife and spoon.

This slicer and tool of cutting fruit may not have excessively sharp edges that you might hurt yourself with, unlike knives, carvers, and other kitchen utensils.

All you have to do is use it to carefully and attentively cut your fruit, and even for children, it will be perfectly safe!

What We Like:

  • This slicer will allow you to cut medium-sized watermelons and other fruits too.
  • The best part of this slicer is that it is easy to use and secure enough that children can also use it.

3- Watermelon Slicer & Cutter by Sleeké

Watermelon Slicer & Cutter by Sleeké

Say bye to your traditional knives and say hello to this amazing watermelon slicer by Sleek.

The engineering and design department consists of individuals who listen and observe greatly.

Well, they listened and started to develop a SUPERIOR slicer that catches your attention with its elegance, provides a feeling of ease during usage, and delivers the ideal slice of juicy watermelon.

All the leftover juices from cutting a watermelon are easily preserved in the resulting “Rind Bowl” you make.

That terrible moment where you have to turn off the sprinkler so that everyone can get the most refreshing snack in America.

You’ll find that when you pick up the Sleeké Watermelon Slicer with all these fruition-like sensations in your hand, they just vanish, and not simply cutting is a breeze, but a whole bunch of FUN!

What We Like:

  • The best part of this slicer is that it is mess-free!
  • The usage is super quick and easy

2- Watermelon Slicer Knife


Here’s a tool that can conveniently cut your melon. Do you want a method to eliminate the stressful job effectively?

Using this tool to quickly break, core, scoop and cube your watermelon and make your task instant and easy.

Moreover, the slicing style helps you to get a bowl of watermelon rind to show the salads to certain plates.

The blade is constructed of stainless steel and a food-grade metal with corrosion. The material checked by lasers is long-lasting and highly skilled.

 The blade is thickened such that the flesh is sliced close to the rind and therefore reduces waste.

This is an advantage to get an ergonomically built grip for slip resistance. It helps you to use a comfortable grip even though your hands are wet.

This is light in weight and takes less energy to cut the melon. This is a healthy method for washing your cakes and fruits which will allow you to easily slice them. The capacity is a non-issue since it is small.

What We Like:

  • It is the smallest lightweight yet work efficient slicing tool
  • The grip of this slicer is more versatile than many others.



So you might be wondering what makes this slicer tops our list for best watermelon slicer?

Well, we would admit that this is our preferred kitchen device as it comes with attractive additional characteristics.

It consists of a 2-in-1, fruit cutting knife, and a melon baller. 

Its versatility makes the job incredibly simple. The product is constructed of high-quality material.

They can be used to slice, cut, grab, and serve the melon. Moreover, treats like, honeydews and even the cake can be sliced with it.

It functions efficiently, that the chaotic job is an advantage. This device is user-friendly since its handle is convenient.

It means that effort is less when slicing the melon. 

What We Like:

  • This slicer comes with a complimentary recipe book so that you can cook your favorite dishes while using this tool as well.
  • Easy to use 

Best Watermelon Slicers – Buyer’s Guide: 

Best Watermelon Slicers

Here are a few things which you need to take into account while buying a watermelon slicer,


We will advise you to pick the product of stainless steel. That is because you can face a safely dangerous source if you buy a slicer that is vulnerable to rust.

Simple to clean and preserve the stainless steel content is world-renowned because it rarely has stains and rust.

However, this tool is not enough to be rustproof only, since it cuts the consumables. This will be constructed of content with high consistency.

Make sure the plastic and silicone materials are all BPA-free and mostly not manufactured with harmful chemicals.


Ensure that the cutting portion length is appropriate for most types of melons. Ensure that the slicer’s overall length is suitable for usage at any scale of watermelon.

Just bear in mind that watermelons range in size and you want to choose a tool that suits the most.

Easy to use:

We like cooking products that are safe and easy to clean by hand, too. It’s not relevant whether you choose to create your watermelon slicer with silver or bronze.

When you have sections that are not yet easy to reach, the areas of your melon will inevitably grow.

Benefits of Watermelon Slicers:

You can also use a slicer as a tong to cut your watermelon easily and quickly.

The handle is ergonomically contoured with a rubber frame that helps you to grasp comfortably.

How to Use a Watermelon Slicer?

Watermelon Slicer1

All you need to do is take your melon and Take the ends off. Break them off.

Place the watermelon on the board and cut with a sharp (or serrated) slicer at both ends.

Stand up and split the watermelon into two wide parts. Lay down every part of the flesh and cut it back into half. 


Having said that, the analysis for the best watermelon slicer came to an end.

We hope that we were able to educate you on all the important aspects of a slicer!

And now you were able to choose the best one for yourself.

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