11 Best Tool Belt In 2021 Review & Guide

Tool-Belt becomes one of the main necessities in the world.

A utility belt is an extension of your workwear and gives a helpful receptacle to you to keep your Important gear close by.

The fundamental meaning of a utility belt is one that holds each apparatus you need.

Regardless of what kind of work they do, this fluctuates for every person.

In this review article, we give an outline of probably the best tool belts.

The items remembered for this article are accessible at different home improvement stores, nearby home places, and online retailers like Amazon, so let’s begin.

Best Tool Belts Reviews:

11. Gatorback B240

Gatorback B240

Gatorback provides a variety of tool belts like carpenter gear, electrician gear, and foundation gear.

Other products include accessories like suspenders & holsters, gloves, and other classic & reliable tools carriers as well.

Here we are gonna talk about their best tool belts.

What makes Gatorback the best tool belt? Its unique features. It can support its large, three-pouch capacity.

It is outfitted with a help cushion loaded up with adaptive padding and box-molded pockets to keep weighty pieces of equipment from burdening the belt.

Furthermore, the key features include 5 pounds, 3 pouches, box-shaped pockets, and 1250DuraTek nylon material.

Each emphasis point is built up with solid bar-tack sewing and hardcore metal bolts to guarantee that the pockets will not at any point detach.

High-density nylon is sewn around the outside of every pouch. The rock-solid nylon adds to the strength of the pocket and ends wearing from steady use.

The entire combo is on our accommodation Molded Air Channel Back Support Belt.

This belt is the most imaginative belt available with adaptive padding backing, licensed air channels to forestall overheating, and all-around comfort.

The conveying handles are bar-tack sewn and bolted onto the belt.

These shape the item effectively to move around for the occasions you are not wearing.

Each pocket has a consistent adjusted box configuration to expand the space of the pockets.

Within each pocket is an uncompromising plastic addition sewn in the middle of the 1250 denier DuraTek nylon.

The addition keeps the pockets from truly losing their shape and keeps apparatuses from jabbing through.


  • This tool belt is available at a reasonable price in the market especially the platforms like Amazon.


  • The tool belt’s little pockets, which some said were excessively tight for use.

10. Style N Craft

Style N Craft

Style N Craft company comes up with a variety of products which includes work gears, bags, wallets, and belts.

In work gear, they offer tool belts, tool pouches, tool organizers, tool holders, work belts, safety products and create your pouch combo. In bags, they provide messenger bags and tool bags.

Moreover, in wallets they provide wallets for men & women and ladies clutch wallets.

In belts, they offer formal casual belts and work belts.

In this review article, we are going to discuss their tool belts which are considered as among the best tool belts around the globe.

The essential highlights in their utility belts incorporate cowhide pockets line utilizing strong nylon string, this Style N Craft utility belt is a rock-solid item with an exemplary look.

It is intended to assist with outlining projects, this tool belt offers an exceptional measuring tape pocket and a solid metal sled holder.

Moreover, the tool belt’s pockets have a calfskin-like inside to differentiate the dull outside for the permeability of the instrument.

Furthermore, the key features include 4.14 pounds of weight, 2 pouches, 17 pockets, and top-grain oiled leather.


  • This tool belt’s roller clasp and two-fold prong configuration made it simple to put on. 
  • The tool belt shows no indications of harm.


  • Pockets are very tight. 
  • Faces the problem while put tools in it.

9. Klein 5178

Klein 5178

Klein Tools is a US-based famous manufacturing company that deals with the electrical and telecommunication industries.

The pieces of equipment which they manufacture are knife & cutting tools, level & measuring tools, lights and accessories, pliers, personal protection, and safety tools.

Furthermore, they are famous to provide one of the best tool belts as well.

Klein 5178 is an 8 pockets tool pouch is a roomy electrician, service tech, maintenance worker.

There are five enormous pockets for utility and three pockets for screwdrivers and pincers, a convenient pocket for regular assignments.

This tool belt fits up to 2-1/2-inch wide. Delicate, malleable, dark calfskin is solid and dampness safe.

The black leather pouch has a tunnel connection.

Furthermore, It has 8 pockets to carry different tools for different purposes of work.

It accompanies a blade snap and hardcore chain tape strap. Bolted and sewed for additional toughness.

Hardcore chain tape straps safely attached with a bolt. Made in the USA.


  • There is a  great handy tape holder.
  • 8 pockets.


  • The opening is a little bit smaller.
  • The rear of the pocket has bolts that might be sharp and not flush with the calfskin.

8. Dickies Five-Pocket Single Side

Dickies Five-Pocket Single Side

Dickies is a company that provides a variety of products like cloth for men, women, and kids.

They also offer accessories like backpacks and bags, wallets, gloves, hats, and socks.

Moreover, they also patch, stickers, belts, and suspenders, as well. Here we are going to review their five-pocket side tool belt.

This five-pocket side utility belt of Dickies is light in weight and handily attached to the abdomen with its flexible clasps.

This utility belt has sufficient space to fit five little instruments and is an appropriate item for speedy and little positions.

Want to know the best part? This tool belt comes up with a one-year guarantee to secure your buy.

Moreover, the key features include 9.6 ounces of weight, five pockets, and canvas material.

The holster’s design has supported corners and is upheld by an inflexible liner for added strength.

You don’t have to stress over dropping your drill again with the separable clasp on the wellbeing tie.

There is a 29-inch versatile rope that is ideal for any errand that takes you over the ground level.

On the off chance that the drill isn’t being used, a flexible security lash including a side delivery cut keeps it secured safely.

Moreover, with its helpful highlights and enduring solidness, this is a decent answer for any expert searching for a quality holster.

The organization Dickies gives a wide choice of pockets and utility belt frills so you can make a work belt redid to any project.

On the off chance that you need to convey a cell, a measuring tape, or a drill. 

There is a Dickies adornment pocket particularly created to keep your most-utilized apparatuses directly readily available.


  • It has a Soft Body.
  • Try not to have to stress over dropping your drill again with the separable clasp on the wellbeing tie.


  • The tool belt is too short to be used more than a foot away from your body.
  • While drilling its lanyard falls.
  • The pockets for bits are too deep.

7. Trade-Gear Part-SZB

Trade-Gear Part-SZB

Trade-Gear is a retailer company that offers you different products like backpacks, tool belts, manic magnets, and the list goes on.

In this review, we will be discussing the heavy electrician tool belt which is offered by the Trade-gear.

This trade gear heavy electrician tool belt has unique qualities making it among those best tool belts which are included in the preferences of the customers.

It has two enormous pockets and a steel hammer circle for conveying a tool kit’s costly things on your abdomen.

It utilizes the strength of a twofold prong belt and a customizable tie to tie down the belt to your midsection and backing the heaviness of your instrument.

This trade gear is available in small to large and extra-large sizes in the market like Amazon.

The key features of this include 4.89pounds in weight, having two pouches and 27 pockets, and also have 600-denier nylon in manufacturing material.

Handles are available for carrying the tool belts so that you can easily hold them.

If there are any of your friends who are an electrician, it could be the best gift to give him/her on birthday, new year or on any other occasion.

It is movable which makes it ideal for everybody.


  • It can hold approximately every basic tool. 
  • It is a great idea to put two little sleeves on the left half of the bag.
  • You can put a portion of your less-utilized apparatuses on the left to try and out the weight.


  • On the right side, the pockets of this tool belt are so small.

6. Occidental Leather 9855

Occidental Leather 9855

Occidental Leathers is a manufacturing company that provides different tool belts, belt worn holders, clip-on products, individual bag belts, and suspension systems, etc.

If we talk about their tool belt it is comfortable for production carpenters featuring our flat flip bag design.

Ten-inch mechanical nylon with a calfskin supported base and corners.

There is a D-ring installed for the use of a suspension system.

It has multiple tool holders and a 2-in-1 tool & hammer holder in the rear.

It has a weight of around 5 pounds and has a color cafe.

Furthermore, features 24 pockets and tool holders. It has an acclimate to fit framework that gives a full scope of changes from gasp midsection size 32” to 41“.

The Belt segment depends on our unique cowhide Tuscadero configuration, yet using high-thickness neoprene, tough business nylon, and calfskin segments.


  • These bags are perfectly located and locked in place so they don’t move around. 
  • The tool pouch has many slots. 
  • The plastic holster for knives.


  • The bags are fixed and too few slots to put or store tools.
  • Few slots are poorly placed especially both hammer loops and speed square slots are too loose, frequently falling out.

5. Bucket Boss Air-Lift 2 Bag

Bucket Boss Air-Lift 2 Bag

The organization Bucket Boss started back in 1987 when two men chipping away at a Jobsite in Duluth, Minnesota thought that it was simpler to convey their apparatuses in 5-gallon pails.

These two guys have made the first “Bucket Boss” organizer made of canvas that fits securely around their buckets.

Today, Bucket Boss carries over 100 different products that organize and hold tools in the strongest, most efficient ways.

It has been 30 years, they have prided themselves in manufacturing durable products that can withstand for a long time for wear and tear.

From our American Field Testers demonstrating ideas in the field to enter specialized overhauls in materials and plan, we endeavor to remain in front of the pack.

This Bucket Boss’ best utility belt is huge and tall, folks have no issue fitting consummately into this work cover as this Airlift 2 pack utility belt offers a flexible endlessness belt that obliges up to a 52″ waistline.

While you are at the workplace and carrying multiple tools to work but have a feeling that the tools could fall on the ground. 

With this tool belt, you don’t need to worry about that. This tool belt offers you a lot of pockets so that you can carry multiple tools without dropping them.

The pockets can carry from little objects like screwdrivers to heavy tools like a hammer. 

The Pouches attached with this tool belt have features of easy to move, adjustable, and can also be to suit the user.

If we talk about some other best parts of this product, the strap attached with the tool belt is very soft and smooth.

You will be feeling relaxed while working. 

Another best part of this is that there is a separate option for holding heavy hammers.

Not only this, it offers more space for holding tools that have to handle attached to them.


  • The pouches of this tool belt are amazing and able to position them, wherever you want to be comfortable for you.
  • The suspended part of the belt makes it even more relaxed and secure.
  • The belt even looks good, if we see color-wise.


  • The material is too light.
  • Sometimes it pushes the tool out of the holding pockets.

4. CLC Custom Leathercraft

CLC Custom Leathercraft

CLC has been working in the tool manufacturing industry for 30 years.

They always come up with innovative ideas, craftsmanship, and quality.

CLC is a company that has diversity in product manufacturing.

They come up with different categories of products like work gear, work gloves, and cold weather gear, etc.

If we talk about their work gears, they offer some of the best tools and belts of leather crafts.

The amazing features in their craft tool belt include a 5 inch wide padded belt with steel roller buckle and can fit waist size 2949.

It has 17 small pockets to hold small tools like pliers.


  • The pockets are good and perfectly set up for the speed square, tape, and markers.


  • It uses Velcro to adhere your pouches for the belt.

3. Dewalt DG5103

Dewalt DG5103

Dewalt is a tool manufacturing company that came up with different categories of products such as power tools, accessories, hand tools, outdoor tools, and gear & storage tools as well.

One of their best products is their tool belts which are included among one of the best tool belts in the US as well as in the world.

If we talk about the product Dewalt DG5103  so it includes trapezoid shape, multiple options for storage, durable ballistic poly fabric, double connection options, and 9.2 grams in weight.


  • The pocket design of the products.
  • It is very thin so that a person can easily pick up and will not feel any burden.


  • There are no as such cons observed in it.

2. Ergodyne Arsenal 5504

Ergodyne Arsenal 5504

Ergodyne is a company working since 1983. It offers different categories of products such as gloves, HI-VIS, gear & storage tools and knee pads, etc.

Its Arsenal 5504 tool belt is one of the best tool belts for electrical and framing work.

The basic features include a 3 inch wide padded work tool belt.

It has a tape measure holder, nickel-plated hammer holder.

Two abrasion resistance tool pouches and last but not least it fits in waist size of 3246.


  • Two main pockets because of their soft body in which you can easily put your tools and take them out as well.


  • Size availability is very limited.

1. Task T77265 Tool Belt

Task T77265 Tool Belt

Task tools is a Canadian company developing high-performing quality tools with good customer service collected awards for outstanding, environmentally-sustainable packaging and effective merchandising designs.

The basic feature of the Task Tool Belt T77265 is that it is made up of durable split leather and features 5 various-sized pockets.

This tool belt has a 2-inch wide polymer belt with a quick-release buckle as well as 1 semi-rigid harness leather hammer holder and 1 rust-resistant nickel-plated hammer holder.


  • It is a high-quality product.
  • The leather used in this product is very thick and heavy, and the straps and hardware seem well-attached.
  • It has the right number of pockets and you can add other components to it,
  • It gets a power drill attachment for it for carrying a drill and it fits right on.


  • A little bit heavy and bulky.

Best Tool Belt Buyer’s Guide:

Best Tool Belts

Well, to choose the Best Tool Belt we need to check!

Material Quality:

Material quality is one of the essential things which you should consider before choosing a tool belt.

Manufacturers used a variety of materials used in the products such as polyester, nylon, canvas, and leather

Thick material is not as strong as possible calfskin, however, it can withstand harm better compared to slight polyester material.

Many people prefer to buy tool belts made from nylon.

Nylon-made tool belts are very soft as compared to others. Especially when you carry it with its strap for a long period.

While doing work as an electrician, there are many tools that sometimes put a scratch on the belt as well as on the body.

You can get rid of this problem by using a Nylon made tool belt.

Nylon-made tool belts are more strong as compared to others.

Thick material is not as strong as possible calfskin, however, it can withstand harm better compared to slight polyester material.

Space Capacity:

The Space capacity of a tool belt is intently attached to its number of pockets and its size.

In case you’re searching for a tool belt that can hold a wide assortment of tool belts, search for a multi-pocket tool belt.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to heft only a couple of belts around the home, a one-pocket tool belt like the Dickies Five-Pocket Side Tool Belt might be a superior alternative.

Types of Pocket:

Best Tool Belts

A tool belt with a lot of room and no association can make for a distressing day, while the pockets of a utility belt are intently attached to the limit.

Consider the instruments that you need to convey prior to buying a tool belt.

Go for a utility belt that has enormous, medium, and little pockets so extraordinarily measuring equipment can be gotten.

On the off chance that you need to convey a couple of little tools, a tool belt with two or three same-sized pockets should work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Tool Belts Bad For Back?

Basically, it depends on quality like if the material of the product is hard definitely it will affect your body.

But if the product quality is good then you don’t need to worry about that.


The closer of our review is, like as we discussed above, Tool-Belt becomes one of the main necessities in the world.

A utility belt is an extension of your workwear and gives a helpful receptacle to you to keep your Important gear close by.

Different tool belts are available for different purposes in the market.

To grab it, you can simply visit sites like Amazon or could be available in the nearby markets as well.

Some people have concerns about using it because they think it could affect their back but, the reality is by using good quality products you don’t need to worry about that.

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