10 Best Beach Shoes and Sand Shoes In 2021 (Complete Review)

As beaches have been a center of attraction for their beauty and mesmerizing environment, a lot of people took their day off and plan a picnic full of fun with their family and friends.  

As planning a trip towards the beach itself is a difficult task to do, you need to consider the number of safety precautions and fill your basket with essential gear that provides you with a profound experience at the beach.

Having said that, getting your hands on the best ever sandshoes can step up your mobility at the beach, and will enable you to enjoy your picnic to the fullest.  

The best sandshoes come in handy with premium specifications and ultimate luxuries feature, which not only allow the user to roam on the sand freely,

But also make sure to prevent the user from any type of pain in the feet. 

Opting for your best sandshoes can be a hurdle and time-consuming, hence a list of viable beaches and sandshoes are being provided below that will surely provide you with the best possible experience, and will surely suit best with your taste!

Best Sand Shoes Review:

1. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandal Sport

Swiftwater Mesh Deck Sandal Sport

If you are looking for the best option on the list and lack the time to go back and forth, then this is the option that you should choose.

Coming with a synthetic sole, these sandshoes are a very comfortable choice.

These sandshoes feature a design that is extremely lightweight. The design of this shoe is mainly focused on offering comfort and functionality. These sandals come with a design that appears rather sporty.

The design, however, is also very minimal and is not something really extra which makes these sandshoes be able to offer even more comfort. 

Moreover, these sandshoes have a water-friendly design. This design ensures that water can easily go out and doesn’t stay in these sandshoes.

If you are looking for something that is adventurous and comfortable at the same time, go with these sandshoes!


  • Comes with a non-marking outsole 
  • Proves to be the best gear for water sports 
  • Provides users with a firm grip even on slippery terrain. 
  • can be worn for prolonged hours with comfort. 


  • Users don’t find the sole of this shoe flexible. 
  • Doesn’t offer half sizes.

2. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker Iv Water Shoe

Columbia Men

To further extend our list, we bring forth these Sand shoes by Columbia.

These sandshoes come in two different colors, giving the users a choice to choose from the best ones.

The shoes are purely made from textile material which makes these sandshoes very comfortable and durable on the same hand.

These shoes however feature a rubber outsole. The rubber outsole is considered to be one of the most reliable options as it can bear a lot of rough use.

The manufacturer has left no space for this product to give out quickly. 

Moreover, the design of these sandshoes are also fairly good and further contribute to it being enduring.

These sandshoes further include advanced features that make them a great choice. 


  • Comes in handy with a single mesh layer. 
  • Features a fully drainable footbed. 
  • Comprises of a heel pull tab within the package. 
  • Provide users with secure fitting.


  • Users don’t find this shoe to be durable enough.  

3. Crocs Crocband Flip Flop Water Shoes 

Crocs Crocband Flip Flop Water Shoes

If you are on the lookout for sandshoes that feature an open design, then this is the right choice for you.

Coming with a synthetic sole, this is one of the most reliable and comfortable options for you to wear. 

These sandshoes, however, are gender-defined and are a good choice for you if you are a woman.

This is so because these sandshoes have been known to offer good support and fitting to women’s sizes. 

The biggest highlight of these shoes is the fact that these shoes are made out of lightweight materials.

This makes it easier for the users to wear these shoes for a prolonged period without causing any kind of discomfort. 

These shoes also include an upper sole which makes them a great choice to be used as water shoes as well.

These shoes also feature massage footbeds which make them a good choice for offering extra comfort.


  • Comes in handy with a massage pod footbed. 
  • Features a fully water-friendly construction.  
  • Comprises of a TPU upper strap within the package. 
  • Stands strong against odor. 


  • Users don’t find the strap of this product efficient enough. 

4. Vionic Women Tide II Shoes 

Vionic Women Tide II Shoes 

If you are still looking for sandshoes for women and the above one hasn’t clicked with you, then let us bring forth one of our most deemed options. 

The materials that go into the making of this product are composed of leather and are synthetic materials.

These materials ensure that these sandshoes are made to offer the optimum level of comfort as well as are made to be extremely durable as well. 

This is one of the most premium options on this list. However, you don’t have to take our word for it.

This product was given an American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, which is a proven fact to back its quality. 

The durability of these sand shoes is also extremely good as they feature a rubber outsole.

Rubber outsoles are known to be the best option with regards to offering comfort and durability. 

If you are looking for sandshoes that offer comfort and durability in the same place, then this is the right choice for you!


  • Comes with ultimate padded straps. 
  • Comprises of an EVA midsole foam. 
  • Features a TPR Outsole
  • Provide users with Orthaheel technology.


  • Some users find this sand shoe to be expensive than other models. 

5. Teva Verra Sand Shoes  

Teva Verra Sand Shoes  

If you are the one to consider varieties of color as a viable aspect, then this is the correct choice for you. 

The manufacturer offers as many as up to 35 different colors of these sandshoes! That is more than enough variety and the users can choose any of which that they like. 

These shoes are made from the best materials and can be used in water. These shoes feature water-ready synthetic and polyester webbing.

Due to these features, these shoes can be worn into the water and are a great choice for the beach. 

Durability, however, is not the only aspect that this product has to offer. This product also features a rubber sole. Rubber soles are known to be extremely durable as well as extremely comfortable. 

For stability, these sandshoes also include a nylon stability shank. Among other features, one of the best features about these shoes is the fact that they come with an EVA sole.

EVA soles also come with Microban Zinc which allows the users to have extra comfort.


  • Comes with the ultimate cushioned shock pad. 
  • Comprises of a spider rubber outsole. 
  • Features a stabilized Nylon shank. 
  • Provide users with premium arch support. 


  • Some users find the straps of these sandshoes to be uncomfortable. 

6. Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sand Shoes

Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sand Shoes

If you are looking for sandshoes for your kids, then these shoes are the right choice.

These sandshoes feature a funky design that will make any kid fall in love with them instantly. 

Apart from featuring a funky design, these shoes also have a lot to offer in terms of comfortability and durability.

These shoes come with a synthetic sole. Synthetic soles are known to add a lot of comfort to the shoes and are also some of the most durable options on this list. 

The sole of these shoes is slip-resistant and includes a power strap. This makes the shoe be able to offer a good grip with the foot as well as make the shoes offer the optimum level of comfort. 

The biggest advantage of these shoes is the fact that these shoes feature a design that makes them very easy for the users to use.

Only undo the strap and these sand shoes will open. 


  • Is easily available in a wide range of colors and patterns. 
  • Can be washed easily in the washing machine. 
  • Provides the user with a firm grip even on slippery terrain. 
  • Features Anti-Stink and Anti-Microbial technology. 


  • Some users find these sandshoes to be more expensive than other models. 

7. KEEN Men’s Austin Shoe


When it comes to looking for stylish options, these sandshoes are on the front of the line. These shoes feature a design that appears rather attractive and classy. 

These shoes are one of the waterproof options on the list and will not be ruined if they come in contact with water. This is a huge plus point as a lot of shoes are ruined when they come in contact with water instantly. However, the same is not the case here. 

This shoe is made from such materials that make sure that these shoes are not ruined from exposure to water.

Moreover, these shoes also feature an odor lining system. This prevents the shoes from omitting a bad odor even after wearing for long hours. 

These shoes also offer breathability as they come with a breathable upper layer.

This makes sure that the users have a safe experience when they wear these shoes. 


  • Features Odor control lining system.
  • Features a rubber toe bumper. 
  • Comprises of a breathable upper layer. 
  • Design and textured with Hydrophobic Mesh Material. 


  • Users usually find it difficult to find the right size for them.  

8. Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

Speedo Men

Are you in search of something that boasts a sporty look? Then these sandshoes are the right choice for you!

These sandshoes include a lot of important features that make them a good choice for use at the beach. 

These shoes come with a mesh upper layer which makes them be able to offer extra breathability.

For these shoes to offer extreme comfortability, these shoes can also be stretched. 

The manufacturer has decided to include rubber soles. This rubber sole allows the shoes to offer more comfortability as well as offer extra durability.

This is one of the speedo water shoes but only comes with a more updated and modern design. 

The stretch upper on the upper part of these shoes makes it easier for the users to wear them.

This also ensures that these sandshoes fit perfectly on the user’s feet. 


  • Features a stretch Mesh Upper layer.
  • Comes in handy with a Heel Pull Tab. 
  • The upper layer of this shoe dries within no time. 
  • Design and textured with quality material to provide users with ultimate flexibility.


  • Users usually find it difficult to find the right size for them.  

9. NeoSport Wetsuits Paddle Sand Shoes

NeoSport Wetsuits Paddle Sand Shoes

These sandshoes sport a design that is one of our favorites. Made from neoprene, these shoes happen to be highly durable.

These shoes feature an upper which is constructed from materials that make these shoes appear soft.

For these shoes to be extremely durable and comfortable, all of the seams on the upper are glued and sewn.

This also allows these shoes to feel very warm and comfortable. The manufacturer has left no space for adding more comfortability in these shoes.

These shoes feature a sole that is soft and is constructed from thermoplastic rubber. This is one of the softest and most durable options on the list. 


  • This product comes with Neoprene uppers. 
  • Features A premium thread pattern on the outsole of this sand shoe. 
  • Keeps the feet of the users warms. 
  • Comes in handy with a puncture-resistant sole. 


  • Users often complain that this shoe doesn’t come with a premium drainage system.  

10. Speedo Men’s Surfwalker Pro Mesh Sand Shoe

Surfwalker Pro Mesh Sand Shoe

Last but not the least, these sandshoes from Speedo’s are a very good choice for anyone that is looking for buying sand and beach shoes. 

These shoes feature a design that makes them appear extremely stylish. These sandshoes also come with rubber soles.

Since the insole is made from rubber, these shoes feel very comfortable and durable as well. 

The best part about these sand shoes is their design. These shoes feature a design that makes them be able to adapt to the user’s foot.

This allows these shoes to be used by a lot of people without having to spend a lot of thinking about other factors such as the foot type.


  • These sandshoes offer high compatibility and can be worn by anyone. 
  • Features an ultimate comfortable footbed. 
  • Comes in handy with a versatile Croslite compound. 


  • Users find difficulty while finding the right size for them.
  • Some of the users find the sole of this sandshoe stiff. 

Best Sand Shoes – Buyer’s Guide:best sand shoes

What proves to be the most common mistake of the buyers while hunting their best sandshoes are that they prioritize the looks of the shoes over their specifications.

It doesn’t matter how eye-catching and attractive your sandshoe is, but if it didn’t offer you the ultimate set of features, then it would be of no use to you. 

Having said that, a list of necessary factors are being provided to you below, which should be considered to be every individual in order to avoid any type of inconvenience later on.

Breathable Material:

Whilst many manufacturers of sandshoes produce their product with a promising breathable upper layer to keep your shoes moisture-free, but many of the brands fail to keep their promises.

If you are a beach fanatic and loves to spend most of your time on the sand of the beach, then open shoes can prove to be a better option for you.

But in case that you love to keep your feet wet at all times and want to enjoy your beach time to the fullest, then it’s preferred to go for the sandshoes that come enriched with mesh upper body layer. 

The fabric of this type of shoes consists of fine holes on the upper layer that keeps unwanted sand and water out of the shoes while providing you with the best possible airflow. 

Hence, having said that, if you really want to have time full of pleasure at the beach, try getting your hands on the sandshoes that come in handy with the best breathable upper layer. 

Flatter Soles:

Getting your hands on a sandshoe that features flatter soles can be a good option for you. This flat-soled shoe provides ultimate support towards the feet of the user.

If you’re a first-timer or doesn’t go on the beaches very often, then you need to get on with the flatter soles in order to have better stability.

Flatter soles come in handy with a lesser arch, that’s so soothing and comfortable that the user can forget he’s wearing his sandshoes.

Thus, if you’re looking forward to freedom about getting less anxious about your foot apparel, then you must go for flattering soles.  

Functionality Along With Style:

As stated above, prioritizing the features of your sandshoes is indeed a good option.

While going to have your viable pick, it’s necessary for you to ask yourself  “Can your sandshoes survive extreme weather conditions?”,

“Does your sandshoes are waterproof and shock absorbent?” and “Does the outsole of these sandshoes improves the grip of the user” and a lot more.  

By asking these questions to yourself, you’ll be more aware of the functionality your sandshoes comes in handy with. However, the design of your sandshoes is extremely important facto too.

Nobody wants to look like a fool by putting on a cheeky attire and wearing a set of shoes that are completely out of style.  

That’s the reason behind manufacturing these shoes in a wide range of colors, sizes, and models.

You can pick up the one that suits best with your outfit and provides you with a profound experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best shoes for walking in the sand?

According to our buyer’s guide, the shoe that comes in handy with all premium specifications and features within an affordable price range would consider being the best sand shoe. 

Having said that, the products mentioned above are tested and used by professionals.

These sandshoes have been through multiple durabilities and quality tests, which makes them one of the best sandshoes you can ever get your hands on. 

It’s advised to go through our buyer’s guide for once, to ensure that the sand shoe you opting for yourself suits best with your taste. 

Do water shoes keep sand out?

The answer to this question is Yes!. A good quality water shoe provides users with easy mobility in the water, while proves to keep the dirt and sand away from the shoe. 

What kind of shoes do you wear in the desert?

As the desert is covered with loads of sands, it pretty clear that in order to surf in the desert comfortably, you will be needing a set of sandshoes that is totally covered from top to bottom to avoid sand getting in your shoes.

 Moreover, your shoe should be able to provide you with an ultimate grip, as walking in the desert is no child’s play, and there is always a huge risk of tripping over the sand.

The shoe that comes with an optimum outsole and breathable thick upper layer will suit best to be worn in the desert. 


Apart from being attractive and eye-catching, the sand shoe you’re opting for yourself should come with premium specifications and features to provide you a profound experience in the long run.  

As stated above, a wide range of sandshoes is being manufactured and produced in the market that makes it difficult for the user to find a sand shoe that suits best with their taste. 

Having said that, the products mentioned above comes with all the latest modifications and features that will not only provide you with extreme comfort but will also enable you to enjoy your day to the fullest!

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