Best Nachos Trays Review In 2021

Nachos is a North-American dish, and when it comes to homemade delicious bar food, there is nothing better than nachos.

If you are preparing nachos for an event or party, you must be equipped with a nachos tray to serve them.

Nachos trays will provide great help to you in presenting your nachos beautifully and serving it to your guests.

You will find several nachos trays of several brands, but not every tray might suit your style.

To help you with this, we have made a list of the top 10 Best Nachos Trays which might include the tray you are looking for.

1- Fit Meal Prep Heavy Duty Disposable Kraft Brown Paper Food Trays 


Fit Meal Prep Heavy Duty Disposable Kraft Brown Paper Food Trays 

To begin with, we have these disposable trays by Fit Meal Prep.

The trays feature a convenient size and are sturdy enough to comfortably hold catered party meals and food appetizers.

The trays consist of a minimal brown look and come in a pack of 250.

The best part about using these trays is that they are made from paper which is eco-friendly and easy to clean.

Paper construction makes these trays disposable and your cleaning work hassle-free.

These trays are capable of providing you with great convenience.

If you have arranged a big party because these trays are easy to hold and grease resistant.

Moreover, you can use these trays not just for holding nachos, but also for fries, hotdogs, and other small items.

What We Like:

  • Eco-friendly and disposal trays
  • Easy to hold and grease resistant
  • Package consist of 250 trays

2- Stock Your Home Eco-Friendly Red Paper Food Trays

If you’re a type of person who is environmentally conscious and also a party lover, then these food trays are best suited to you.

These disposal trays by Stock Your Home can be a very handy ornament in a large gathering to serve nachos and other appetizers.

They are made from quality paper and are suitable for serving for any type of occasion.

These eco-friendly disposal trays are the best alternative to plastic trays and also more convenient to use.

These trays will ensure that there is no mess and provides you with effortless cleaning.

Moreover, the trays are also leakproof and grease resistant, thus your guests will not be facing any problem.

These disposable trays also come in a pack of 250 pieces and feature a very convenient design in which you can serve any food.

What We Like:

  • Eco-friendly disposal tray
  • The best alternative to plastic trays
  • Leakproof and grease-resistant

3- Leano Line Nacho Containers

Leano Line Nacho Containers

Leano Line plastic nachos tray features a sturdy supportive design, which has the construction of plastic and consists of 2 compartments.

With these trays, you can create an attractive representation of your food and give your guest the ultimate pleasure to enjoy your dish. 

The plastic is crystal clear and consists of 2 compartments where you can enjoy sauces with your dish.

The crystal clear construction allows you to have a great color combination of your food which looks appealing to the eyes.

Moreover, these plastic trays are budget-friendly and come in a pack of 200 pieces.

These disposable nachos trays are ideal if you are thinking of having a big party at your house.

What We Like:

  • Disposable plastic trays
  • Consist of two compartments
  • It has ribbed siding for a strong grip

4- URPARTY – Premium Brown Disposable Paper Food Serving Tray 

URPARTY - Premium Brown Disposable Paper Food Serving Tray 

Throwing a big birthday party for your friend? Get these super durable and sturdy disposable food serving trays. They are presented by URPARTY.

With these trays by your side, you no longer need to worry about the serving ornaments as these trays are going to help you a lot at your party.

These disposable trays have a sturdy cardboard construction which has a capacity of 2½ lbs to hold burgers, fries, fry hot dogs, nacho taco cheese sauces, other appetizers, and small eating items.

Moreover, these trays are very easy to hold and their compact size provides a great grip to your hands to hold them.

The cardboard construction makes these trays reusable or can be recycled.

You will be getting 50 pieces of cardboard disposable trays without spending a lot of money. 

What We Like:

  • Consist of sturdy cardboard construction
  • One of the most economical options
  • Trays can be recycled

5- Stock Your Home Eco-Friendly Brown Paper Food Tray

Stock Your Home Eco-Friendly Brown Paper Food Tray

Another suggestion of nachos tray from Stock Your Home.

This collection of paper food trays is also eco-friendly and disposable.

Stock Your Home always aims to provide customers with quality food trays that are unharmful to the environment also.

These packs of food strays are great for serving on several occasions, parties, carnivals, festivals, movie theatres, concession stands, and indoor and outdoor events. 

These disposable food trays are going to provide great value to your money and food and each tray has a capacity of holding 1 lb per serve.

It features a convenient size also, so there is enough space to hold most appetizers and food items.

Moreover, the leakproof and grease-resistant ability of trays makes them a reliable option to be used for serving at large gatherings.

What We Like:

  • Ideal to be used at large gatherings
  • Leakproof and grease resistant
  • The capacity of 1 lb 

6- Tytroy Brown Kraft Paper Food Serving Trays

Tytroy Brown Kraft Paper Food Serving Trays

Here we have another serving tray made of cardboard. This disposable tray is presented by Tytroy.

As you have mentioned, cardboard trays are also disposable and they can be recycled which means that they are not harmful to the environment.

No matter how big your party is and what food items you have selected to serve these disposable trays are going to provide great aid to you.

These brown disposable trays feature a boat shape and have a capacity of 1 lb to hold.

If you have burgers, fries, nachos, hot dogs, and other small items then these trays are ideal for you to use as serving ornaments.

The single package of these includes 50 trays which you can buy without paying a lot.

What We Like:

  • Durable cardboard construction
  • 50 pieces in a package
  • Made of recycled material

7- US Acrylic Avant 3-Compartment Plastic Appetizer Serving Tray

US Acrylic Avant 3-Compartment Plastic Appetizer Serving Tray

If you got bored of seeing cardboard and paper tray suggestions then here we bring you an exciting nachos tray option which is presented by US Acrylic.

This is a set of 4 white trays and each tray consists of three compartments of sufficient size.

The tray is made in the USA and has the construction of BPA-Free materials.

You can serve a wide range of items in this serving tray and you don’t have to worry about it breaking as it is made of a durable product that does not shatter like glass.

You are going to love it’s dishwasher safe feature and nests inside the large serving tray allows you to customize serving options.

With their size, these trays are capable of holding any food item.

Moreover, this set of 4 also has additional sizes, so you can choose among them as per your need.

This is one of the  Best Nachos Trays you can get for your party.

What We Like:

  • BPA-Free construction 
  • Each Tray consist of 3 compartment
  • Additional sizes available for the tray

8- Avant Grub Anti-Spill Plastic Nacho Tray

Avant Grub Anti-Spill Plastic Nacho Tray

As the name suggests, these are the anti-spill nachos tray which consists of two compartments.

This item is presented by Avant Grub and the package includes 100 pieces of nachos trays.

Each tray consists of a ribbed side and high lip which prevent leaking or spilling of the item.

There are two compartments, one for having appetizers such as chips, fries, and other food items and the small compartment is for carrying sauces that compliment your food the best.

These nachos trays will make your party catering extremely easy and these trays are also used in the local restaurants.

The best part about buying this set of nachos trays is that you will get a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Thus, there are no chances of your disappointment from these nachos trays.

What We Like:

  • Consist of anti-spill design
  • Disposable nachos tray
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee

9- Brheez Eco-Friendly Disposable Nacho Tray

Brheez Eco-Friendly Disposable Nacho Tray

Breeze is one of the best nachos trays that you can buy for yourself.

This nachos tray bagasse sugar cane fiber construction is compostable and chemical-free.

These trays are going to meet your every need, they are leak-proof and microwaveable that can be heated up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and will still be sturdy enough to hold your hot or oily food.

The tray is eco-friendly and consists of non-toxic, BPA-Free material and made without plastic and wax.

The fiber construction of this nachos tray is durable and heavy-duty which will be a great deal for you in your parties for serving.

With the biodegradable construction, you can dispose of these trays completely after 3 to 6 months.

However, this is the perfect choice for you if you are much concerned about pollution and want to throw a big party for your friends.

The tray is available in four sizes and also varies in compartments according to the size of the tray.

What We Like:

  • Biodegradable and compostable construction
  • Microwavable nachos trays
  • Durable and heavy-duty trays

10- The Baker Celebrations Small Clear Plastic Nacho Trays

The Baker Celebrations Small Clear Plastic Nacho Trays

On the top spot, we have the Baker Celebrations’ nachos tray.

The trays feature strong, sturdy, and safe construction and are ideal for holding tortillas, nachos, wings, fruits, veggies, etc making your party night or movie night even more joyful.

The pack includes 50 trays and each tray consists of two compartments and has enough size to hold any food item conveniently.

Moreover, the trays are easy to clean. The trays are made of hard plastic and contain ribbed faces which give these nachos trays extra strength.

It can easily accommodate both hot and cold food. The trays are easy to use and they will make your serving hassle-free.

This is one of the best nachos trays and highly rated on Amazon that you can invest in. You are surely not going to get disappointed with these trays.

What We Like:

  • Strong and safe nachos tray
  • Ribbed siding provides extra strength
  • Easy to clean and allow the hassle-free serving

Best Nachos Trays – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Nachos Trays

Although buying nachos trays is not a rocket science task, however, if you are still confused we have mentioned below some aspects that you can look for when you are making your selection.

  • First, you need to know for what occasion you would need these trays for serving. If it’s a large gathering then you should look for the trays that include 250 pieces per package, as they would be more inexpensive and convenient for you to buy.
  • You should make your selection based on the food items you have decided to serve at your party. There are several trays available which are of different sizes and consist of different numbers of compartments.
  • If your menu includes food items with sauces, then we would suggest you buy a tray that has a minimum of two compartments.
  • Disposable and paper nachos trays are recommended to you if you don’t want to create a mess.
  • Plastic trays are ideal for those, who have parties at their house frequently, as plastic trays can be cleaned and ready to use for the next party.
  • Buy the package of nachos trays which includes more number of trays in less price as it would be economical for you if budget is you concern

These are the following factors that might help you in making your choice.


Nachos are one of the most delicious foods and therefore, you need a proper ornament to serve them.

In this guide, we have listed the 10 best nachos trays for you. We hoped that it was helpful for you and you are able to select the tray you want.

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