10 Best Jigsaw Reviews of 2021: A Buyer’s Guide

Sure, Jigsaws happens to be one of the most essential parts of one’s business and DIY project and comes in handy, especially in tasks like carpentry.

With a Jigsaw, be able to manage tight curves and many other kinds of cuts that are an important part of your project.

However, you do have to consider the product itself. You have to make sure that the product you buy matches your skills, and your budget, and can offer functionality that you’re hoping to attain from it.

Jigsaws happens to be a very specially designed power tool that helps you cut curves.

Moreover, a jigsaw can also be used to cut wood to length and to create cavities and other shapes in your wood crafting objects and others, such as plywood and plastic.

Having said all of that, this guide is dedicated to helping you choose the best jigsaw puzzle available on the market right now as we have completely reviewed all of the products below mentioning all the reasons why the products mentioned below happen to be our best picks out of so many options available on the market.

So, enough waiting, let’s get started!

10 Best Jigsaw Reviews:

1. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Jig Saw with Lifetime Tool Warranty (Tool Only, No Battery)

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless

Coming from one of the most trusted brands, this happens to be one of the Best Jigsaw that you can find!

What makes this Jigsaw one of the best is the fact that this jigsaw happens to be one of the most affordable options. Coming with an 18V motor,

This Jigsaw is powerful enough to fulfill and complete any kind of task around the house.

This Jigsaw can easily make cuts of up to 45 degrees both ways and comes with orbital action for three different settings.

Moreover, this Jigsaw blade is also compatible with both Shank and U-shank Blades as well!


  • Features a Powerful Motor. 
  • Comes with a Big Variable Speed. 
  • Bevels go up to 45 Degrees in both directions.


  • Does not come with an included battery.

2. Makita XVJ02Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Jig Saw, Bare-Tool

Makita XVJ02Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion

If money is not an object for you and you are really looking for something that can offer you prosperous results and can run for a good long time, then you have found the best Jigsaw for you.

This jigsaw comes with a powerful 18V motor at 3,500 SPM, making this one of the most powerful units on the list.

Moreover, this unit also comes with adjustable speed settings.

This saw is capable of making amazing bevel cuts and is paired with a Dust blower as well as dual LED work lights, making this product a delight to work with.

Having issues with the cut line are going to be the least of your worries with this product.


  • Powerful Motor. 
  • Variable Speed can be adjusted. 
  • Comes with three Orbital Settings.


  • Runs a bit pricey.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw (DCS331M1)

DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw (DCS331M1)

DeWalt happens to be one of the most renowned brands and since this product is coming from them, this ought to be a good pick!

This Jigsaw runs on a 20V Li-Ion Platform which makes this Jigsaw the Best Jigsaw for Professional use.

Having said that, there is not a lot that this Jigsaw cannot do.

This jigsaw tops out at the speed of 3000 SPM and comes with four different orbital action settings.

Other than that, this product also gives the option for tool-less blade changes and also features a dust blower.


  • This best jigsaw comes with four different Orbital Action settings. 
  • The Keyless Blade change settings allow the users to be able to change blades quickly. 
  • This product comes with an adjustable Blower which will allow you to cut carefully around the corners.


  • The Blower of This Jigsaw is not very effective.

4. BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)


To continue our list, this option is the best Jigsaw option for the people that are on a strict budget.

What makes this Jigsaw so special is the fact that this jigsaw offers all the top-quality features that other Jigsaws have to offer without compromising any quality and at a better price too.

However, that’s not all! This product also comes with a 2-year warranty, making this one of the best options for the users.


  • Comes with 2 Years of Warranty. 
  • Features a Dust Blower. 
  • Variable Speed can be changed.


  • Stability is a problem.

5. PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345)

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)

If you want something affordable yet satisfying, then this is the Best Jigsaw on the market!

This jigsaw happens to offer amazing performance and does not focus much on adding additional features.

This product, however, comes with a 6 AMP motor which can offer speeds of 3200 SPM.

As if that wasn’t enough, this product features 4 different orbital settings, allowing you to cut in different styles and ways.

Moreover, this product also comes with variable speed which allows you to adjust the speed the way you like.


  • Comes with a powerful Motor. 
  • Includes Tool-less blade changes. 
  • Comes with a trigger lock.


  • Can be a little inaccurate on curved surfaces.

6. Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-amp Top-handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-amp Top-handle Jigsaw

This option is considered to be the Best Jigsaw by many professionals for the performance and the quality that it has to offer.

This product is capable of operating at a speed high as 3100 SPM and can cut up to 45 Degrees of bevel.

This product moreover can also cut through softwood which can get as thick as 5 ⅞.

Other than the amazing performance, this product also has compelling features such as a dust blower, variable speed settings, tool-less blade changes, and an orbital action with 4 different settings.


  • Variable Speed that ranges up to 500-3100 SPM. 
  • High Cutting Capacity. 
  • Adjustable Dust Blower.


  • Not Powerful enough for some tasks.

7. Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

This Jigsaw is known as one of the most premium options amongst woodworkers. What marks this product as the best jigsaw is its barrel grip.

The barrel grip of this product offers an ergonomic hold over the device, hence allowing the users to stay in more control of the cutting.

This product has a variable speed of up to 3800 SPM, all thanks to Brushless technology. Furthermore, the Thumb-activated switches on this product make this a delight to work with!


  • Excellent Dust Collection. 
  • Great Variable Speed. 
  • Four Orbital Reciprocating Settings.


  • The on / off switch is difficult to deploy.

8. SKIL Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

SKIL Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

For people that are looking for a budget-friendly option, here is one more Best jigsaw to consider!

While this product may not be as heavy-duty as others, this product has adequate features to make it a good option!

This product comes with a 6 Amp motor and has Variable Speed Triggers with a Top Speed of 3200 SPM.

Other than the performance this product has some great features such as a bright LED as Laser Cutline Indicator.


  • One of the most affordable options.
  • Features a powerful motor. 
  • Comes with additional features.


  • Not as durable as other options.

9. DEWALT DW331K Top-Handle Jigsaw

DEWALT DW331K Top-Handle Jigsaw

If you dig some additional features at an affordable price tag, then here is the best option for you!

This corded Jigsaw comes with some additional premium features at a very low price tag!

This product features a D-grip which makes it easy to operate and comes with other features such as a 6.5 Amp Moto and can run at the top speed of 3100 SPM.

Moreover, to offer a good quality cut, this product uses T-Shank Blades that lock into place and there are no additional tools required to operate it.


  • One of the most powerful options. 
  • High Variable Speed. 
  • Uses T-Shank Blade to offer premium cuts.


  • There are some issues with adjustable shoes.

10. Ryobi One+ P523

Ryobi One+ P523

Materials such as Plywood can be a little hard to cut through, and for that, this is the best Jigsaw option!

This jigsaw happens to be the perfect option as it comes with various orbital settings and variable speeds to the lowest when you’re cutting through.

This happens to be one of the most portable options as this product is rather lightweight and cordless.

If you are someone that likes to move a lot, then this is the perfect choice for you!


  • One of the most Portable Options.
  • Paired with Additional Features.
  • Comes with “Blade Saver” which increases the lifespan of blades.


  • Speed can be insufficient.

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How to Choose the Best Jigsaw? – A Buyer’s Guide:

Best Jigsaw

Battery Operated or Not?

As it happens, the Battery-operated Tools are rising to fame rather quickly and considering the functionality that is offered by them, we wouldn’t be too surprised.

Some time ago, there were only small tools that were operated by battery such as Cordless Drill, but nowadays, it is nearly possible that just about everything is being operated by a battery.

Fast forward to Battery-operated jigsaws. As you may know, Jigsaws usually are not considered like many other power tools which help you in cutting a piece of wood or drilling a hole, and Voila!

In many instances, the use of Jigsaw is intended for cuts that can take time and may result in the expenditure of more energy.

This decreases the battery life much faster. However, with the recent integration of Li-Ion Batteries, Battery Jigsaws have improved much more than the previous times.

These jigsaws come with a bigger battery capacity and also recharge rather quickly, allowing the users to use their jigsaws for a long period before they have to put it down.

Granted that the battery Jigsaws are rising to fame more quickly and they are improving a lot with passing time, but they still fall a lot behind as compared to the jigsaws that are operated by a cord.

Corded jigsaws usually cost less than getting a battery jigsaw and it is also going to be far too powerful as well.

Corder jigsaw also happens to be lightweight and allows you to go for as long as you like since there are no batteries that can run out.

However, if you want portability, then the battery jigsaws take the lead over Corded Jigsaws.

Moreover, Battery jigsaws also happen to be a better option when it comes to making complex cuts.

Due to this factor, Battery Jigsaws have more maneuverability to offer.

However, they do cost more than corded ones but you can always switch out the batteries in case they run out.

This costs much cheaper than getting a new corded one.

Now that we have laid out both aspects of Wired and wireless jigsaws, you must consider your intended use and your habits.

Consider all the reasons that give both of them an advantage over the other and you will be able to choose the best option for you.

What kind of Handle Do do You Want?

While the market is loaded predominantly with Top-handle jigsaws, it is also imperative that you know about Barrel Grips as well.

There are many options present on the market that come sporting a barrel grip for the people that fancy it.

Considering the differences between these two, A barrel grip and top handles must have identical features for a similar model.

The only difference that is between them is the method of holding the jigsaw.

Whether you choose Barrel Grip or D0Handle, it totally happens to be a matter of preference.

There are many users out there who like to use barrel grip since they feel that they are in more control over the blade of the jigsaw as their hand is lowered and located closer to the blades.

However, some people have contrary opinions to them and make a compelling point that for them, having a larger grip results in weary hands rather quickly.

Important Features that Matter:

Best Jigsaw

Now that you know about the important aspects of the Best Jigsaw, there are still some important features present in a Jigsaw that make it the best one around.

Having said that, here are those things:

1. The Orbital Action:

Orbital action, otherwise known as oscillating action, is used to determine how the jigsaw is moved when it is cutting.

This feature is precisely a reference along the cutting face of the blade and that there is no funky side-to-side function happening there.

Oscillating action keeps changing the path of the blade during the time of cutting.

A blade also has the capability to move straight up and down, meaning that there would be no orbital action either or it will move in a kind of a slow loop where it digs itself deeper into the material with each stroke that it delivers at higher orbital settings.

Now, there are different advantages a person stands to gain by using Jigsaws in these two different settings.

When you use the setting with no orbital action, you will be able to produce a cleaner yet more precise cut.

However, the speed is going to be dramatically slower as well.

Similarly, when you have the settings set too high, your jigsaw is going to cut more quickly but is bound to leave more tear-out on top of the wood.

2. The capacity of Bevel and Its Adjustment:

A bevel cut refers to any kind of cut where the blade is not placed perpendicular to the material being cut.

The option to be able to tilt the saw housing is an essential feature at times, surely.

There are some jigsaws present on the market that do a naturally better job than its competitors.

For example, there are some jigsaws that feature preset stops at common angle gaps and also come with a lever that accounts for quick adjustments.

Other than that, there are many JIgsaws that also come with scales.

These scales are usually easy to read and can help you make sure that you have positioned Jigsaw in the right place. Positioning and taking those intervals will help you avoid all the stress and fuss from some difficult cuts in your projects.

3. Variable Speed:

Although the Variable speed isn’t that big of a thing knowing about it can make a huge difference as it will vary your comfort and skill level.

Variable Speed happens to be a rather simple factor.

It allows you to adjust the speed at which the blade is operating depending on how much you are squeezing the trigger of the saw.

Now, A majority of people like to keep things the way they are and they like to operate the machine at its default settings, but for those who don’t mind getting a little custom, the ability to slow down and control the speed of the blade can help a lot, especially when dealing with a corner or a tricky curve.

Having said that, this feature is highly dependent on your preferences.

4. Laser Guide:

Sure, laser guides do sound cool and sound like a huge help, but A lot of people only find them useful when it comes to setting up for an initial cut.

As it happens, on curved cuts, having a laser guide is no help either.

Laser guides aren’t usually that accurate and also act as a distraction. However, having a laser guide can help you if you are in a dark environment.

5. LED lights:

LED lights happen to be a great alternative to Laser Guides. LED lights are usually a small light that is present on the saw.

This light turns automatically as soon as the user engages the trigger and shines the light at the precise point where needed.

Due to this, focusing on the cut-line gets a lot easier in dark environments.

6. Dust Blower:

When you use a jigsaw, it creates dust and that dust spreads all over the place and a person does not even notice.

In some cases, this also results in the cut line being covered in dust which makes it hard for the person to see the cut-line with a Laser or LED work light.

Due to this, the quality of your cut can be affected dramatically. Having said that, this is not much of an issue when it comes to making short wooden cuts as the project is usually concluded before the dust has the time to settle in.

However, for bigger cuts, this can be a serious issue. Now,  Having a dust blower can help you remedy this situation.

The name of Dust blower is quite literal as it does exactly what its name suggests. A dust blower is known for blowing away the dust that is piling up ahead on your cutting way.

This feature comes in essentially handy and goes well with features such as LED lights or lasers. However, there is a downside to it as well.

The power of the dust blower is proportional to the power of the speed of the motor, meaning that the dust may not be blown away that clearly if you are not operating the Jigsaw at full power.

Many Types of Jigsaw:

Types of Jigsaw

When it comes to choosing Jigsaws, you must know beforehand that there are different types of jigsaws available on the market and all of them differ from each other in some capacity.

To help you choose the best one for you, we have mentioned all types of Jigsaws available on the market with information about it.

This will allow you to do the math as we have also mentioned the reasons why a specific type is to be considered over other kinds of Jigsaws.

So, There are 4 types of Jigsaws commonly seen on the market which can be identified in the following way.

Straight-Reciprocating Jigsaws:

It is no secret that Jigsaws have been around for a while now. Having said that, some of the earlier types of jigsaws and some of the recent ones that you can fetch for a lower price are usually these types of jigsaws.

This type of jigsaw basically goes up and down and its path does not vary as in the direction of the cutting.

This would mean that these jigsaws cut rather slowly, but they are capable of making rather tight turns and are able to create curves.

These curves are rather unlike and cannot be made by either a table or a circular saw.

Orbital-Reciprocating Jigsaws: 

The operation method of these kinds of Jigsaws varies a little more than the kind of jigsaw mentioned previously.

These kinds of Jigsaws have a rather slightly forward motion to their blade stroke.

Didn’t get it? Okay, so we mean that the blades of these jigsaws shift their tilt forward when on the upstroke.

This allows them to be able to clear more wood more quickly as compared to a straight-reciprocating jigsaw.

In order to initiate circular-reciprocation, the operator will typically flip a switch located at one end of the saw into one of the commonly present four other positions.

Due to their way of application, these kinds of jigsaws are capable of cutting with less precision and they offer less maneuverability as compared to the previously mentioned models.

Using these kinds of Jigsaws is also going to create more tear-out (known as splintered wood that keeps chipping up along the cutline) on the top of the wood.

Top Handle Jigsaw:

These kinds of Jigsaws happen to have a tall and a rather large handle that is shaped like the Alphabet D.

Within this D-Shaped Handle, there is a basic finger trigger given inside the created hand loop.

Through this Hand loop and trigger, the user of this jigsaw is able to operate it.

The grip of this jigsaw is rather ergonomic as it is easier to wrap one’s hands around it.

However, this does cause an increase in the lateral leverage. Due to an increase in the lateral leverage, it is possible for the saw to be tipped and which may result in lesser accuracy.

But since this Jigsaw is easier to hold, operating this Jigsaw is rather easy and comfortable.

Barrel Grip:

This happens to be one of the most recent designs of jigsaws. These kinds of jigsaws are well-known for allowing the users to be able to keep their hands lower on the material that they are operating on.

Doing so actually happens to be bliss and helpful as the person is able to gain more control.

This also rules out any kind of possibility of tipping the saw, hence resulting in cutting of the wood or any other material in an inappropriate manner as the path of the blade is skewed.

These kinds of models are usually found to have thumb switches in place of the Finger triggers as seen on Top-Handle Jigsaws.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use my jigsaw to cut metal, stone, or laminate?

As long as your blade is sharp enough and your Jigsaw is strong enough, you will be able to cut through just about anything.

Will I need a specific saw blade for certain cuts?

It is not necessary for you to have a specific kind of blade for certain cuts. For difficult cuts, you can choose a different variable speed and you’re good to go.

Can I sharpen my jigsaw blade?

It is always better to replace the jigsaw blade as it is always a cheaper and a better option as well.

What size extension cord should I use?

This depends on how far away from your project is.

Generally, it is best for you to have a cable of average length so that you get both the distance and can also work hassle-free as well.

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Here goes our complete review of the best Jigsaw of 2021. We have tried to be as detailed as possible so that you are able to choose the best option for you.

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