Bamboo Shrimp: Complete Guide

Today we are going to provide you amazing and useful information about Bamboo Shrimps.

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Bamboo Shrimps are amazing creatures and look even more beautiful when they are with the right tank mates.

Perfect harmony creates a calm and beautiful environment in the tank of Bamboo Shrimps. 

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In this article we will provide you all the information regarding the Bamboo Shrimp along with all the related aspects of it, You will have a proper understanding of what a Bamboo Shrimp is and how it acts. 

You will get to know about the different appearances of the Bamboo Shrimps. It also has the details of the diet of a Bamboo Shrimp along with all its precautions. We have also listed the requirements of the bamboo shrimp. 

These requirements have all the essential details about their habitats and what they do to survive.

You will also be able to know about the tank mates that can live with the Bamboo Shrimps in a tank. 

This article also has details f the color change that happens in Bamboo Shrimp’s body.

You will have the right information to be careful in keeping it with the right tank mates. 

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What Is Bamboo Shrimp?

Bamboo Shrimp

A Bamboo Shrimp is one of the most exquisite and unusual creatures of the sea. The Bamboo Shrimp is also known as the wood shrimp because it stays in a hollow wood-like place. 

The Bamboo Shrimps are usually found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. They have the most abundant number in these areas. Otherwise, these amazing shrimps are spread all across Southeast Asia.  

They are also found in some areas of the Philippines too. This is why these shrimps are also called the Asian Filter Feeding Shrimps.

The natural habitat of these Bamboo Shrimps is free-flowing streams. They are also found in wet creeks too. These creeks are located in the general upland areas

These shrimps can grow big in open waters but they only grow up to 75cm if they are kept in a tank.

This is approximately equal to 3-inches which is a normal size in shrimps. As they are bred in tanks on a larger scale, smaller size is more abundant. 

They need a freshwater environment in the tank and if you want to add more fish they make sure those fish are friendly with Bamboo Shrimps. 

It is common for Bamboo Shrimps that they die when they are added to a new tank. The reason behind it is that they adapt slowly and die of malnutrition sometimes. 

If you want them to stay alive in the new tank and breed well then there are different methods to achieve that thing.

One of the most effective methods for changing the tanks of bamboo shrimps is the water drip method.

This method is effective because it familiarizes the shrimp with the new aquas environment. This allows the shrimps to adapt naturally and live in new tanks easily. 

The Appearance of Bamboo Shrimp:

Diet of the Bamboo Shrimp

One of the main things to know about Bamboo Shrimps is their appearance. The beautiful thing about these shrimps is that they come in different colors. It looks amazing and they blend in with the environment. 

The Bamboo Shrimps are small and grow up to 3 to 5 inches in almost 3 years. This is because of their nature of habitats and their survival instincts.

Another amazing thing is that the Bamboo Shrimps also consists of some feathery fans. They give an amazing look to their whole appearance.

  The Bamboo Shrimps also contains two long sensory antennas which are good at feeling anything around them. 

These antennas also work wonders while these Bamboo Shrimps are finding their prey. In some shrimps, there are more than two antenna-like feelers on the top of their head.

They also do the same thing as the other feelers.

The Bamboo Shrimps consists of compound eyes. It is very common for shrimps to have compound eyes as their anatomy is like that. They are on the top of their head before the antennas

Bamboo Shrimps have different colors and they differ in shades. They can be found between the shades of red to brown. There is also a white line on them too. 

The interesting thing about the Bamboo Shrimps is that the white line only appears on their skin when they are super happy.

The good thing is that this line work as an indicator and you can simply detect the mood of the Bamboo Shrimps. 

Diet of the Bamboo Shrimp:

As diet is important for every living creature on this planet, shrimps need a proper diet too. It is known that most of the shrimps do not grow to their required size because of malnutrition. This is the reason why they are weak creatures. 

Usually, they are good with the crushed fish flakes. These Bamboo shrimps also eat a mixture of algae powder too.

This not only helps them to survive but also strengthens their shell and provides the essential nutrients that they require for better growth. 

Sometimes they do not eat the food and the environment around them starts to become dirty. In this situation, you need to add some cleaner tankmates to your tank of water.  

Bamboo Shrimp Requirements:

Breeding of Bamboo Shrimp

Some people say that the bamboo shrimps are easy to keep but still, they require some serious effort and great care.

It is important to know all the requirements of the Bamboo shrimp to ease your process of taking care of the bamboo shrimps. 

The first and foremost thing is the tank The tan should be 76 liters or maybe more than that.

The Bamboo shrimps require that much water to sustain the feeling of their natural habitat.

You would also need to add some word sticks or bamboo sticks. These shrimps take the support of these bamboos to retaliate at the flow of the water.   

The pH of the water should be between 6.5 and 7.4 which is ideal for the bamboo Shrimps to grow.

The temperature of the water should be maintained to an optimal state to provide them comfort and a favorable environment. 

The bamboo sticks should be placed on the surface of the tank. This will give the bamboo shrimps a place to live and to hide from any kind of danger.

Breeding of Bamboo Shrimp:


As taking care of the Bamboo shrimp wasn’t hard enough, the next step is to breed them efficiently.

As they are small and can react to small things it becomes really difficult to provide them a suitable environment to breed

The baby shrimps start their life in the form of larvas. They are really small and need salty water to stay healthy and have better chances of survival.

They adapt to the salty waters and their growth rate speeds up. 

The Bamboo Shrimps are converted from larva to small baby shrimps in a very small portion of the time.

As the adult shrimp requires freshwater to survive you need to change their tank and transfer them into freshwater

This is essential to keep in mind that they are very vulnerable to changes which is why you should use the water drip techniques to make sure they stay alive and well

What Tankmates Should Bamboo Shrimps Have?

What Tankmates Should Bamboo Shrimps Have

Whenever you plan to but shrimps and place them in a fish tank, it is important to know which type of tank mates they prefer to have.

Two different things are essential for the tank mate of any species of shrimps and fish

The first one is to make those fish their tank mates that aid their growth process. This can happen with the types of fish that maintain a better environment in the tank. For this purpose choose the fish or other aquatic animals that are calm. 

These Bamboo Shrimps are vulnerable creatures. You should always keep them in proper groups.

As they are weak they tend to live in small groups. In this way, they feel safe from their surroundings

These shrimps are peaceful and never show aggressive behavior. So choose the tank mates of the Bamboo shrimp very wisely because they can die with the small change in their habitat. 

The second thing is to choose the tank mates of Bamboo Shripmps that can become their food. These include small aquatic animals.

You can also add small shrimps as their companions too. 

Bamboo Shrimp Color Changes:

Bamboo Shrimps are amazing creatures and it is really important to take good care of them. This task is very difficult because of the changes that occur in their body. 

Changing their color is an amazing quality of the shrimp. They change their color with time and even after mood swings.

Usually, the Bamboo Shrimps are found in two main colors that are brown and orange.

There may be changes in the shades of these colors and these variations alter the whole idea of the mood of Bamboo Shrimps. They may often appear in dark red or dark brown colors too.

The amazing fact about the Bamboo Shrimps is that they are not restricted to these two colors. They may also have green, orange, yellow colors too. 

These different colors create other variations with brown and red shades. The most common in them is the mixing of green and brown colors. 

These color variations happen all the time and if you witness any change in these colors then be relaxed because it is quite natural to happen. 

The Bamboo Shrimps also have a white line on their body. It is an indication of the mood of Bamboo Shrimps.

When the white line appears on them this means they are in a really good mood and when they have a bad mood the white line disappears. 

Bamboo Shrimps are very hard to take care of because they react to every change in their environment. As they are small and less resilient there is a high chance that they could die of any slight chance.

SO make sure you maintain their environment well and take care of them without great hindrance. 

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