Aquatic Snails: Types Of Aquarium Snails Available In Stores

Aquatic Snails and commonly known as Freshwater Snails and are amazing inhabitants for an Aquarium.

But they are not useless in an Aquarium they are used to clean the tanks and various aquarium lovers and hobbyists add them for this sole purpose to clean tanks and make sure that they are clean. 

As they work as algae eaters and they also help clean the tank from any uneaten food, that they also remove any debris or any dead plant matter that is present in the tank.

But in addition to that, they are much more than that as they have different behaviors which are fun to watch and they perform some intriguing tricks that can catch an eye.

But when you are out there buying an Aquatic Snail then they can sometimes enter your aquarium accidentally.

How? Well, either they are hidden on the plants and when you buy them for your aquarium they are inserted through them.

Or when you are buying fish so they are hidden in plastic bags that are stored in the aquarium itself, so they can also enter through that process in your aquarium.

Thus if this is the case and you have accidentally entered a Snail in your aquarium then those snails are simple pond snails that have made their way to your aquarium. They can be pests, why pests you wonder?

Because they can be harmful to your aquarium habitat as they would eat live plants in the aquarium, or lay-eggs and they have excessive reproduction rate thus they can take over your aquarium in no time.

If you are taking care of a pet snail then you need to make sure that when you are entering them in the water then there are no sudden shifts.

The water can be disturbed and it will be disturbed always if you have sudden shifts or abrupt changes in the water

Other than that, you have to make sure that you provide them with a calcium-rich diet as a calcium-rich diet is necessary for their growth of shells.

Types of Aquatic Snails:

Types of Aquatic Snails

Here are different types of Aquatic Snails that you can buy right now from the stores to use as a pet in your aquarium and they will also help you keep the aquarium clean from any algae or residue.

01- Assassin Snail:

Assassin Snail

No! It is not a killer snail or it could be. Assassin snail is a type of snail that is on a mission. Yes, the name is given according to its job.

As you know that snails reproduction rate is high and most aquarium hobbyists keep such types of snail to maintain the population of other snails in the aquarium. 

As an assassin snail will eat other snails such as Malaysian Trumpet snails, Pond Snails, and Ramshorn Snails to maintain the population of other snails in the aquarium. So, according to that, the name is given to its job.

02- Gold Inca Snails:

This type of freshwater snail is most popular when you want to put them as your pet and you can easily find them in various aquatic stores.

As being pets they can also be the perfect one if you want to keep your tank clean from algae or other residues. 

With the yellow shell, they add a vibrant contrast to your aquarium and they love perfect when blended with green water plants or black background.

When it comes to eating then this type of snail can be the eaters that you can’t even imagine as they eat ferociously and makes sure that you eat until they are full. 

Now: the question is that what do they eat? Do they love to eat soft prowl bite what I mean is that?

When there are any algae present that are soft on a hard surface they won’t hesitate to take a bite and finish it off. 

As we are talking about the consumption of these snails they would love to eat feeder tablets, pellets, fish flakes, and algae wafers, with that they can also eat blanched green vegetables. 

But every kind of living thing has a rebel and there are rebels present in such type of snails. What these rebels do is that they won’t hesitate to eat your live water plants for their fun.

This is what many hobbyists look for when they buy a Gold Inca Snail for pets. As if the snail is rebellious then it can harm their aquarium habitat and other fishes too. 

So, if you want a Gold Inca Snail then you should check whether it is rebellious or not, and do that you can keep them with resh water plants and check them whether they eat them or not. 

03- Ivory Snails:

Ivory Snails

If you are scouting an Aquatic Snail that can work with a community of aquariums.

This one would be the best fit as ivory snails are made to work with a community and they easily blend in an aquarium that already has several fishes and snail.

With that, the design of this snail is also exceptional as it provides you with a silky creamy white shell that can have an added touch to your aquarium. 

The food source of such snails is similar to those of Gold Inca Snails. How? Well, they would love to eat uneaten food, dead or decaying plant matter and soft algae that are present or stuck on hard surfaces. 

When it comes to supplements then you will be intrigued by this that they would love to eat any type of supplements that you provide them.

Such as fish flakes, algae wafers, tablets, pellets, and even some blanched green or leafy vegetables.

Thus most people prefer this type of snail because there are no rebels in this type they do what they are made wot do and they won’t create trouble in your aquariums.

04- Japenese Trap Door Snails:

This type of species of snails can be found on rare aquatic stores but if you found this type of snail then you shouldn’t be hesitant to buy them. They can make a perfect freshwater snail that you can keep as a pet in your aquarium. 

As the name is a mouthful to spell Japenese Trap Door Snails, their function or job is rather simple and they can add some beautiful touch to your aquarium.

Their job is to keep your aquarium clean thus they work calmly and in peace as they are not that aggressive when compared to other snails. 

What do they eat? Well, their food consumption is similar to other snails as they wipe out uneaten food, debris, and soft algae. The operculum provided in this type of snail works as a trap door. 

You might have heard that every creature has a defense mechanism, well this snail also has one and that is it’s opercular as it serves as a trap door thus if any danger would arouse this can hide the snail pretty easily.

So, one they work efficiently and in peace and secondly they have a proper defense mechanism to save themselves from any danger. 

05- Mystery Snail:

Mystery Snail

If you want a pet snail that is efficient and easily available in various aquatic pet stores then this is one that you should go with. Mystery snails are the most available snails that you can get right now. 

The shell that these snails have is mostly dark not that vibrant so if you want them as a display and beauty feature to add to your aquarium then forget it.

Because the shell is black and there are stripes that are of light and dark brown accent.

But if you want a more pleasant Mystery Snail then you can get one rare species in this type that snail has an ivory white shell and though it can’t enhance the beauty it can add a beautiful touch to your aquarium. 

But when it comes to the color patterns not the color variations but the color patterns of Mystery Snails then they are limitless and infinite.

Now moving to their diet they can be the best aquarium cleaners that you get right now. How? Well, they feed on uneaten food and dead or decaying plant matter.

Thus wiping all the dirty material out of your aquarium.

Such snails are also used to eating supplements such as bottom feeder tablets, pellets, algae wafers, and fish flakes. Have you ever watched a documentary on jailbreak? 

Well, I bet they have and they have learned the technique as they are extremely well-skilled when it comes to escape.

If there is a way out of the tank then it’s most likely that they have found it and they are preparing to escape it? 

So, my advice is that you should cover the tank and seal it to its extent so that they don’t escape. 

06- Nerite Snails:

This is counted as one of the most popular snails that are being used as a pet by various hobbyists. Nerite Snails offers you the feasibility to add beauty to your aquarium.

How? Well, they come in various different colors, with different shell sizes, on which there are different variety of textures, patterns, etc. 

They can be the best algae eaters among other snails as they love to eat algae from the aquarium this is their main course thus they also eat other stuff.

But when it comes to algae then they would prefer it over any other food source. 

Though the eating process is slow as they eat with small bites when it comes to eating algae then they travel the whole aquarium in search of soft algae collected on the hard surface. 

They are such fans of algae that they also dig a hole in the gravel of the aquarium to get to the source and built-up of algae and eat it. 

But the reproduction process of such types of snails is a bit messy as it is fast thus they lay an egg everywhere they can and they make sure that they grow.

07- Pond Snails: 

Pond Snails

These types of Snails end up in the tank by any sort of accident such as either they are stuck on the live plants or in the plastic bag in which you buy fishes.

These types of snails can be a mess as they can be pests side by side they are well-mannered pets. Pests in the sense that the reproduction rate is high and it can be bad for other lives in the aquarium. 

08- Rabbit Snails: 

This type of snail is most common when people are looking for beauty and cleaning the tank.

Rabbit Snails get the irony that they move extremely slow but when it comes to cleaning these snails are efficient cleaners and they keep your tank free from uneaten food and debris.

With that they can easily reproduce in freshwater thus you need to keep that in mind. 

09- Ramshorn Snails: 

Ramshorn Snails

Like pond snails, these snails also make their way to your tank by accident as they can be stuck on plants or plastic bags aside from pond snails.

As pond and RamShorm snails share a similarity between them thus they also are similar in one other thing that is reproduction as they are called pests in this case. 

With that, there are some positive similarities as well, such as they are excellent tank cleaners eating algae from the hard surfaces which is soft.

As well as they also love eating uneaten food sideline with other supplements.

10- Trumpet Snails: 

Trumpet Snails are the last type of snails on our list. And when it comes to entering your tank either you buy them deliberately or accidentally enter your tank like Ramshorn or Pond snails. 

Because of their cone-shaped shell, the efficiency of cleaning your tank from soft edible algae is great as they can easily eat them from hard surfaces for hours and hours.

With that adding this to their characteristics that they also are good diggers.


Here are the best and top valued types of snails that you can easily purchase from any Aquatic pet store.

All of these snails serve a similar purpose but when it comes to adding beauty then every snail has its own characteristic.

So, if you want a snail then you should check these types and consider your preference accordingly. 

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