Amazing Solitaire Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of

Solitaire, one player or lonely card game has great demand in this era even it is of the ’90s.

More and more people are playing this game and that’s the reason more strategies are developing.

If you are a beginner player and wanted to know some of the best strategies then this article is a perfect spot for you.

These strategies are applicable and work best for most of the solitaire types including Klondike, Freecell, and spider because the basics of all these types remain the same only the challenges and a few tasks are changed.

So without any further time wasting let’s get started, 

Draw Cards from The Deck to Have More Options:

In Solitaire, the main objective of the game is for the user to end up stacking all four suits in the foundations.

However, the columns allow the cards only to be stacked together if they are one number smaller in rank and are of the opposite color.

When it comes to playing solitaire, you have to try to expose as many cards as possible. 

When you expose as many cards as possible, you gain the ability to be able to stack them effectively.

Having said that, we can confirm that when you try out this unique strategy, the chances for you to win increase significantly. 

Start by Playing Aces and Twos Right Away:


This trick lines up efficiently with the one mentioned above. If you end up getting Aces and Twos can’t help you reveal more hidden cards.

When you get Aces and Two, you will have to try to use Aces and Twos right away. Aces and Twos can be beneficial for you if you make the right moves.

If you don’t use them the right way, they are just going to weigh you down.

But, As soon as you get them, you have to put them on the foundation. 

Make Sure that You Don’t Leave an Empty Space if You Have No King to Place There:

As it happens, you can only use King’s empty places. You cannot place any other card except for a king in Empty Spaces.

If you don’t have a kind to place in an empty space, then having a blank space is useless for you.

In order to make a good move that can result in winning you the game, you must hold your king.

In short, you must never empty a column if you don’t have a king, to begin with. That empty space is going to do you no good.

Play the Game Carefully:

When you have multiple kings, you can’t help but feel like you are in control! 

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that is when you need to be careful about the king that you are going to play.

This is so important for one reason only. When you are deciding what kind to play, think a few turns ahead.

Use the king to make a move that can help you by revealing most of the cards. Always remember, the game gets easier when you have most of the cards visible. Moreover, it gets significantly easier for you to stay in control of the game.

A red king is not going to work without a Black Queen, a red jack, a black 10, a red nine, and many others. Whereas, when you have a black King, you can stack it with a red queen, a blackjack, a red 10, a black nine, and so on.

To conclude, you must consider using the king card that has more cards that work with it. 

Move Cards from The Column that Has the Most Hidden Cards:

If you have the option to make moves with different varieties, then the best option would be that you start moving cards from the biggest pile with face-down cards.

This is because when you play from a bigger column, you have a higher chance of cutting it down.


We have discussed every point related to the best winning strategies of solitaire. Hope it will help you in game-winning.

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